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For anyone to really make their way through life, they have to find and follow mentors. With our modern Internet Age, you no longer have to take time out and travel to distant lands in order to sit at the feet of a Master and absorb their knowledge. Even the long-passed can reveal their secrets from their books and materials.

I've assembled a short list of books which have been proved time and again to hold the secrets to all health, wealth, success, and relationships. The path is there - you have only to walk it. Build your library today!

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Thriveleaning System - Spiritual Training Materials

  1. 1. Go Thunk Yourself - A SystemThrivelearning - Spiritual Training MaterialsA guide to some of the freedom, peace, and abundance materials we publish...Got Enough Freedom? Find out how much you already have at your fingertips... Read Freedom Is – (Period.) A Guide to Self-Help and Spiritual Training Materials:
  2. 2. Go Thunk Yourself!(TM) What do Napoleon Hill - author of Think and Grow Rich, Norman Vincent Peale - author of The Power of Positive Thinking, Dale Carnegie - author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, and Stephen Covey - author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People all have in common?They all THUNK the same way.These and other authors discovered the same basic secrets behind wealth, success, and fame.Each of these authors became wealthy, successful, and famous by applying these secrets.You can, too.This books simple 14-day program allows you to re-create your own life, just the way you want it to be!All you have to do is invest some time each day to read these simple chapters and do the exercises.You can learn these secrets and start taking control over your own life, to start achieving the riches,fame and success youve always dreamed of. Your Dreams CAN BECOME Reality! Get your paperback edition today!
  3. 3. An Operating Manual for Modern Living (book)Available in paperback and instant download.Once youre done with enlightenment, things can get funny. Life takes on a completely differentmeaning as you dont look at things the same way. In our modern world, this can be almost un-nerving- as you dont react to things as others do around you and have few or no pressures on you (only asmuch as you want, actually). So I set out to write a guide to modern living, but of course it didnt takethe usual approach. Because theres a Zen approach which beckons... And this book listens. Eachpiece is told in a Q and A style, as if the young student approches an elder Master with his questionsand is sometimes educated, sometimes teased, but always answered. Please enjoy this. Just throwyour mind away and listen with your heart.Get your Paperback edition today.Download your ebook instantly!Secrets to the Law of Attraction (book) AS FEATURED in the underground hit movie, " ", the Law of Attraction has quickly become a working tool in the everyones survival kit. You may not be aware of all the secrets that have been written through the ages about this Law. The Law of Attraction Classics series is composed from carefully selected bestselling authors who define and add to the theory and practice in using the Law of Attraction. The idea and purpose behind this series is to make these classics again available so that you can study and understand the principles at work in this Universe. This single volume was produced from excerpts out of this series for your immediate use. You can change your life using the Law of Attraction - but you have to know how to use it to do so... Sign up today for a free ecourse on the Law of Attraction. Get your hardback edition today!
  4. 4. (book) Does the dreamer dream? Or is the dreamer dreamed? Some hold that life is a dream and you awake to yet another. In this novel, a young man finds people trying to control his dreams - and his life. However, all are subject to the same rules they seek to break... This story combines elements of runaway sub-tropic adventure with advanced technology, as well as metaphysical super-realities, all rolled into a fast-paced narrative to keep you riveted in fascinated reading. Robert C. Worstell is more widely known for his many non-fiction books and publications based on his life-long research into self-help. This New Age novel is his latest work and continues explorations into the human condition. Download your ebook instantly! Get your paperback edition today! Freedom Is (period.) (book)Heres a new idea for you:All the Freedom, Happiness, and Peace you could ever want or need can already be found within you.The only things keeping these from showing up are the mental habits you have. And its just too easyto get rid of these.If you dont have all the wealth, abundance, loving relationships, good health, or anything else youwant in your life, you dont have to look further than your own thoughts.But these are directly solved. You can simply learn to control and quiet your own mind.Follow these authors: Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Charles Haanel, EarlNightingale, Max Freedom Long, Lester Levenson - as they show you how elementary it is to get allthese thoughts quieted. And then everything else you could possibly want simply starts showing up inyour life!For the first time, these teachers secrets have been assembled for your use.Will you take the offered hand?Get your paperback edition today!
  5. 5. Get Your Self Scam Free (e-book)How do you quit being a victim to every slick telemarketer out there? Is there anyway to see a scamand get out of their way? Ive been there and done that.There are reasons people have been trained into being dupes. And all these reasons can be un-trained as well - if you know how. I wrote this book based on the research I did to dig myself out of thehole I had been scammed into. I decided not to get mad or get even – just get my money backsomehow, write up what I had encountered, and then move on. And writing this book is part of movingon.While Ive put the bulk of this data into several blogs, ebooks, presentations, papers, and so on, Ivedecided to cobble it all together into a single book so that people can get this data without having togo through what I did. Our job here is not just getting our own lives free from scammers and rip offartists, but it’s making this planet we live on a bit safer place for everyone else.Buy this book today and get more freedom!Download your ebook instantly!Go Thunk Yourself, Revisited (book)Through all the books Ive studied and lectures listened to - as well as my own research and testsdown this line — it has become very clear to me that we each already have all the Freedom,Happiness, and Peace we could ever want. Its just sitting there waiting for us to recognize itspresence in our nature. Just waiting for us to let our own light shine.Thats the secret people have been looking for all this time, the one which the self-help gurus will sellyou unlimited books, CDs, videos, and personal consultation to help you find.But I think, like Dorothy with her slippers, you eventually find that youve had the solution all along.And also like Dorothy, you have to make the journey before you’ll believe it’s that simple.The trick is this one, simple datum:The only things holding you back are just those limits you have accepted.This book contains the extremely simple methods to letting your own Freedom, Peace and Happinessshine out to help your dreams become reality.Get your copy today!
  6. 6. The Secret Science Behind Miracles (book) Arriving in Hawaii in 1917, psychology-trained teacher Max Freedom Long was fascinated by tales of the kahunas and their ability to heal at a distance, walk on barely-cooled lava with bare feet, and even raise the dead. However, no native would tell him the secret behind these miracles - which were commonplace in the backwater areas he travelled to. Study as he might, he ultimately had to return to the States, unable to find out how this ancient belief- system could work these miracles. In 1935, he got inspiration from a dream and began to crack this code... And now the secrets are yours to learn - if you will walk in his footsteps. Two books are included from Longs pioneer work which has brought Huna to the Western world. These have been edited and republished in the hope that you and yours are able to continue his work and make miracles commonplace in our modern world again. Get your paperback edition today! Visit our for more information, books, and materials.Pages • Thrivelearning Guide • LinksSpiritual Training • Millionaire Mindset • Release Technique • Silva Method • Wake Up and Live! • Spiritual Training MaterialsOnline Business • Market Research • Social Network Marketing • Web Site Builder • Get a Winning Lawyer
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