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Atkinson loa lesson16


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Atkinson loa lesson16

  1. 1. Secrets to the Law of Attraction – Ecourse Workbook from "Thought Vibration" - William Walker Atkinson - 1906 Lesson 16"The Universe is governed by Law - one great Law. Its manifestations aremultiform, but viewed from the Ultimate there is but one Law. We are familiarwith some of its manifestations, but are almost totally ignorant of certainothers. Still we are learning a little more every day - the veil is being graduallylifted."
  2. 2. From “Thought Vibration” by W. W. Atkinson The man who just as steadily believes he is going to fail will invariably fail. How could he help it? There is no special miracle about it. Everything Lesson 16 - Law, Not he does, thinks and says is tinctured with the thought of failure. Other people catch his spirit, and Chance fail to trust him or his ability, which occurrences he in turn sets down as but other exhibitions of his ill luck, instead of ascribing them to his belief and SOME time ago I was talking to a man expectation of failure. He is suggesting failure toabout the Attractive Power of Thought. He said himself all the time, and he invariably takes on thethat he did not believe that Thought could attract effect of the auto-suggestion. Then, again, he by hisanything to him, and that it was all a matter of luck. negative thoughts shuts up that portion of his mindHe had found, he said, that ill luck relentlessly from which should come the ideas and planspursued him, and that everything he touched went conducive to success and which do come to thewrong. It always had, and always would, and he man who is expecting success because he believeshad grown to expect it. When he undertook a new in it. A state of discouragement is not the one inthing he knew beforehand that it would go wrong which bright ideas come to us. It is only when weand that no good would come of it. Oh, no! There are enthused and hopeful that our minds work outwasnt anything in the theory of Attractive the bright ideas which we may turn to account.Thought, so far as he could see; it was all a matterof luck! This man failed to see that by his ownconfession he was giving a most convincing Men instinctively feel the atmosphere ofargument in favor of the Law of Attraction. He was failure hovering around certain of their fellows, andtestifying that he was always expecting things to go on the other hand recognizes something aboutwrong, and that they always came about as he others which leads them to say, when they hear of aexpected. He was a magnificent illustration of the temporary mishap befalling such a one: "Oh, hellLaw of Attraction - but he didnt know it, and no come out all right somehow - you cant down him.argument seemed to make the matter clear to him. It is the atmosphere caused by the prevailingHe was "up against it," and there was no way out of Mental Attitude. Clear up your Mentalit - he always expected the ill luck. and every Atmosphere! There is no such thing as chance. Lawoccurrence proved that he was right, and that the maintains everywhere, and all that happensMental Science position was all nonsense. happens because of the operation of Law. You cannot name the simplest thing that ever occurred by chance - try it, and then run the thing down to a There are many people who seem to think final analysis, and you will see it as the result ofthat the only way in which the Law of Attraction law. It is as plain as mathematics. Plan andoperates is when one wishes hard, strong and purpose; cause and effect. From the movements ofsteady. They do not seem to realize that a strong worlds to the growth of the grain of mustard seed -belief is as efficacious as a strong wish. The all the result of Law. The fall of the stone down thesuccessful man believes in himself and his ultimate mountain-side is not chance - forces which hadsuccess, and, paying no attention to little setbacks, been in operation for centuries caused it. And backstumbles, tumbles and slips, presses on eagerly to of that cause were other causes, and so on until thethe goal, believing all the time that he will get Causeless Cause is reached.there. His views and aims may alter as heprogresses, and he may change his plans or havethem changed for him, but all the time he knows in And Life is not the result of chance - thehis heart that he will eventually "get there." He is Law is here, too. The Law is in full operationnot steadily wishing he may get there -he simply whether you know it or not - whether you believefeels and believes it, and thereby sets to operation in it or not. You may be the ignorant object uponthe strongest forces known in the world of thought. 42
  3. 3. Secrets to the Law of Attraction Ecourse Workbookwhich the Law operates, and bring yourself all that is to be had in the thought world. The best issorts of trouble because of your ignorance of or there, so be satisfied with nothing less. Get intoopposition to the Law. Or you may fall in with the partnership with good minds. Get into the rightoperations to the Law - get into its current, as it vibrations. You must be tired of being tossed aboutwere - and Life will seem a far different thing to by the operations of the Law - get into harmonyyou. You cannot get outside of the Law, by with it.refusing to have anything to do with it. You are atliberty to oppose it and produce all the friction youwish to - it doesnt hurt the Law, and you may keep End of Lesson 16it up until you learn your lesson. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES The Law of Thought Attraction is one FOR YOUR STUDIESname for the law, or rather for one manifestation ofit. Again I say, your thoughts are real things. Theygo forth from you in all directions, combining with This ecourse is sponsored by "Secrets tothoughts of like kind - opposing thoughts of a the Law of Attraction" book - available atdifferent character - forming combinations -going and coming soon to Amazon.comwhere they are attracted - flying away from thoughtcenters opposing them. And your mind attracts thethought of others, which have been sent out bythem conscious or unconsciously. But it attractsonly those thoughts which are in harmony with itsown. Like attracts like, and opposites repelopposites, in the world of thought. If you set your mind to the keynote ofcourage, confidence, strength and success, youattract to yourself thoughts of like nature; people oflike nature; things that fit in the mental tune. Your These lessons come from the "Law ofprevailing thought or mood determines that which Attraction - Thought Vibration" book - availableis to be drawn toward you - picks out your mental only through Lulu.combed-fellow. You are today setting into motionthought currents which will in time attract towardyou thoughts, people and conditions in harmonywith the predominant note of your thought. Yourthought will mingle with that of others of likenature and mind, and you will be attracted towardeach other, and will surely come together with acommon purpose sooner or later, unless one or theother of you should change the current of histhoughts. Collect the whole Law of Attraction Classics Series – Fall in with the operations of the law. visit the Go Thunk YourselfMake it a part of yourself. Get into its currents. Reference Library and find aMaintain your poise. Set your mind to the keynote vast library of self-help booksof Courage, Confidence and Success. Get in touch for your use.with all the thoughts of that kind that are emanatingevery hour from hundreds of minds. Get the best 43
  4. 4. Additional Resources for your use: Secrets to the Law of Attraction AS FEATURED in the underground hit movie, "The Secret", the Law of Attraction has quickly become a working tool in the everyones survival kit. You may not be aware of all the secrets that have been written through the ages about this Law. The Law of Attraction Classics series is composed from carefully selected bestselling authors who define and add to the theory and practice in using the Law of Attraction.The idea and purpose behind this series is to make these classics again available so that you can studyand understand the principles at work in this Universe.This single volume was produced from excerpts out of this series for your immediate use.You can change your life using the Law of Attraction - but you have to know how to use it to do so... Law of Attraction: Thought Vibration First in the Law of Attraction Classics series, this is the first in several books describing and detailing the Law of Attraction - the central point behind the underground hit "The Secret". William Walker Atkinson was a key author and editor behind the popular New Thought Movement during the late 1800s well through the 1930s. Three of his classics are included in this single volume, •Thought Vibration •Practical Mental Influence •The Secret of Success Each of these gives more detail to how the Law of Attraction is used. He says, "We speaklearnedly of the Law of Gravitation, but ignore that equally wonderful manifestation, THE LAW OFATTRACTION IN THE THOUGHT WORLD." And goes on to give in short chapters exactly how toapply this Law to your life.
  5. 5. Books in the Go Thunk Yourself Reference Library: Secrets Between Your Ears There is a way to re-program yourself to achieve the greatness you know is there. Contained in this volume are three masterworks: "Wake Up and Live!" by Dorothea Brande, "The Secret of the Ages" by Robert Collier, and "Self-Mastery and the Practice of Autosuggestion" by Emile Coue and C. Harry Brooks.Within this text are the simple techniques (known and used by Napoleon Hill, author of"Think and Grow Rich") that will make it possible to acquire any amount of money,degree of happiness, and quality of health you desire. Getting Rich, Being Well, Being Great If you are familiar with the perennial bestselling classic, The Science of Getting Rich, you may or may not know that Wallace D. Wattles also wrote two other works which were meant to be following texts. You can be rich, but you can also be healthy and you can also be great. Read this book and you can be well on your way to getting everything you want in life. By reading and comparing these three books in one volume, you will see how there are basic, underlying laws and principles at work in this universe - and you can put them to work for you. The Complete Thomas Troward Collection Thomas Troward is perhaps the single most influential writer in self- help. This is a collection of his complete works, with a combined table of contents and easy-to-read format. A reference no professional or casual student of self-help should be without. View more resources at http:/