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Atkinson loa lesson02


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Atkinson loa lesson02

  1. 1. Secrets to the Law of Attraction – Ecourse Workbook from "Thought Vibration" - William Walker Atkinson - 1906 Lesson 2"The Universe is governed by Law - one great Law. Its manifestations aremultiform, but viewed from the Ultimate there is but one Law. We are familiarwith some of its manifestations, but are almost totally ignorant of certainothers. Still we are learning a little more every day - the veil is being graduallylifted."
  2. 2. Secrets to the Law of Attraction Ecourse Workbook from the minds of the thousands thinking along the same lines.Lesson 2 - Thought Waves We are largely what we have thought And Their Process of ourselves into being, the balance being represented Reproduction by the character of the suggestions and thought of others, which have reached us either directly by verbal suggestions or telepathically by means of LIKE a stone thrown into the water, such thought waves. Our general mental attitude,thought produces ripples and waves which spread however, determines the character of the thoughtout over the great ocean of thought. There is this waves received from others as well as the thoughtsdifference, however: the waves on the water move emanating from ourselves. We receive only suchonly on a level plane in all directions, whereas thoughts as are in harmony with the general mentalthought waves move in all directions from a attitude held by ourselves; the thoughts not incommon center, just as do the rays from the sun. harmony affecting us very little, as they awaken no response in us. Just as we here on earth are surrounded bya great sea of air, so are we surrounded by a great The man who believes thoroughly insea of Mind. Our thought waves move through this himself and maintains a positive strong mentalvast mental ether, extending, however, in all attitude of Confidence and Determination is notdirections, as I have explained, becoming likely to be affected by the adverse and negativesomewhat lessened in intensity according to the thoughts of Discouragement and Failure emanatingdistance traversed, because of the friction from the minds of other persons in whom these lastoccasioned by the waves coming in contact with qualities predominate. At the same time thesethe great body of Mind surrounding us on all sides. negative thoughts, if they reach one whose mental attitude is pitched on a low key, deepen his negative state and add fuel to the fire which is These thought waves have other qualities consuming his strength, or, if you prefer this figure,differing from the waves on the water. They have serve to further smother the fire of his energy andthe property of reproducing themselves, in this activity.respect they resemble sound waves rather thanwaves upon the water. Just as a note of the violinwill cause the thin glass to vibrate and "sing," so We attract to us the thoughts of others ofwill a strong thought tend to awaken similar the same order of thought. The man who thinksvibrations in minds attuned to receive it. Many of success will be apt to get into tune with the mindsthe "stray thoughts" which come to us are but of others thinking likewise, and they will help him,reflections or answering vibrations to some strong and he them. The man who allows his mind tothought sent out by another. But unless our minds dwell constantly upon thoughts of failure bringsare attuned to receive it, the thought will not likely himself into close touch with the minds of otheraffect us. If we are thinking high and great "failure" people, and each will tend to pull thethoughts, our minds acquire a certain keynote other down still more. The man who thinks that allcorresponding to the character of the thoughts we is evil is apt to see much evil, and will be broughthave been thinking. And, this keynote once into contact with others who will seem to prove hisestablished, we will be apt to catch the vibrations theory. And the man who looks for good inof other minds keyed to the same thought. On the everything and everybody will be likely to attractother hand, let us get into the habit of thinking to himself the things and people corresponding tothoughts of an opposite character, and we will soon his thought. We generally see that for which webe echoing the low order of thought emanating look. 5
  3. 3. From “Thought Vibration” by W. W. Atkinson And you find yourself unable to make progress or to succeed. And your effect upon others is You will be able to carry this idea more practically nil. You are led by, rather than leadingclearly if you will think of the Marconi wireless others, and are used as a human door-mat orinstruments, which receive the vibrations only from football by more positive persons.the sending instrument which has been attuned tothe same key, while other telegrams are passingthrough the air in near vicinity without affecting In some persons the positive elementthe instrument. The same law applies to the seems to predominate, and in others the negativeoperations of thought. We receive only that which quality seems to be more in evidence. There are, ofcorresponds to our mental attunement. If we have course, widely varying degrees of positiveness andbeen discouraged, we may rest assured that we negativeness, and B may be negative to A, whilehave dropped into a negative key, and have been positive to C. When two people first meet there isaffected not only by our own thoughts but have generally a silent mental conflict in which theiralso received the added depressing thoughts of respective minds test their quality of positiveness,similar character which are constantly being sent and fix their relative position toward each other.out from the minds of other unfortunates who have This process may be unconscious in many cases,not yet learned the law of attraction in the thought but it occurs nevertheless. The adjustment is oftenworld. And if we occasionally rise to heights of automatic, but occasionally the struggle is so sharpenthusiasm and energy, how quickly we feel the - the opponents being so well matched - that theinflow of the courageous, daring, energetic, matter forces itself into the consciousness of thepositive thoughts being sent out by the live men two people. Sometimes both parties are so muchand women of the world. We recognize this alike in their degrees of positiveness that they failwithout much trouble when we come in personal to come to terms, mentally; they never really arecontact with people and feel their vibrations, able to get along with each other, and they aredepressing or invigorating, as the case may be. But either mutually repelled and separate or else staythe same law operates when we are not in their together amid constant broils and wrangling.presence, although less strongly. We are positive or negative to everyone The mind has many degrees of pitch, with whom we have relations. We may be positiveranging from the highest positive note to the lowest to our children, our employees and dependents, butnegative note, with many notes in between, varying we are at the same time negative to others to whomin pitch according to their respective distance from we occupy inferior positions, or whom we havethe positive or negative extreme. allowed to assert themselves over us. When your mind is operating along Of course, something may occur and wepositive lines you feel strong, buoyant, bright, will suddenly become more positive than the mancheerful, happy, confident and courageous, and are or woman to whom we have heretofore beenenabled to do your work well, to carry out your negative. We frequently see cases of this kind. Andintentions, and progress on your roads to Success. as the knowledge of these mental laws becomesYou send out strong positive thought, which affects more general we will see many more instances ofothers and causes them to co-operate with you or to persons asserting themselves and making use offollow your lead, according to their own mental their new-found power.keynote. But remember you possess the power to When you are playing on the extreme raise the keynote of your mind to a positive pitchnegative end of the mental keyboard you feel by an effort of the will. And, of course, it is equallydepressed, week, passive, dull, fearful, cowardly. 6
  4. 4. Secrets to the Law of Attraction Ecourse Workbooktrue that you may allow yourself to drop into a low, great body of strong positive thought coming fromnegative note by carelessness or a weak will. those of your own plane of development. My aim will be to direct and train you in the proper use of thought and will, that you may have yourself well There are more people on the negative in hand and may be able to strike the positive keyplane of thought than on the positive plane, and at any moment you may feel it necessary. It is notconsequently there are more negative thought necessary to strike the extreme note on allvibrations in operation in our mental atmosphere. occasions. The better plan is to keep yourself in aBut, happily for us, this is counterbalanced by the comfortable key, without much strain, and to havefact that a positive thought is infinitely more the means at command whereby you can raise thepowerful than a negative one, and if by force of pitch at once when occasion demands. By thiswill we raise ourselves to a higher mental key we knowledge you will not be at the mercy of the oldcan shut out the depressing thoughts and may take automatic action of the mind, but may have it wellup the vibrations corresponding with our changed under your own control.mental attitude. This is one of the Secrets to theaffirmations and auto-suggestions used by theseveral schools of Mental Science and other New Development of the will is very much likeThought cults. There is no particular merit in the development of a muscle - a matter of practiceaffirmations of themselves, but they serve a and gradual improvement. At first it is apt to betwofold purpose: (1) They tend to establish new tiresome, but at each trial one grows stronger untilmental attitudes within us and act wonderfully in the new strength becomes real and permanent.the direction of character- building - the science of Many of us have made ourselves positive undermaking ourselves over. (2) They tend to raise the sudden calls or emergencies. We are in the habit ofmental keynote so that we may get the benefit of "bracing up" when occasion demands. But bythe positive thought waves of others on the same intelligent practice you will be so muchplane of thought. strengthened that your habitual state will be equal to your "bracing up" stage now, and then when you find it necessary to apply the spur you will be able Whether or not we believe in them, we are to reach a stage not dreamed of at present.constantly making affirmations. The man whoasserts that he can and will do a thing - and assertsit earnestly - develops in himself the qualities Do not understand me as advocating a highconducive to the well doing of that thing, and at the tension continuously. This is not at all desirable,same time places his mind in the proper key to not only because it is apt to be too much of a strainreceive all the thought waves likely to help him in upon you but also because you will find it desirablethe doing. If, on the other hand, one says and feels to relieve the tension at times and become receptivethat he is going to fail, he will choke and smother that you may absorb impressions. It is well to bethe thoughts coming from his own subconscious able to relax and assume a certain degree ofmentality which are intended to help him, and at receptiveness, knowing that you are always able tothe same time will place himself in tune with the spring back to the more positive state at will. TheFailure-thought of the world - and there is plenty of habitually strongly positive man loses muchthe latter kind of thought around, I can tell you. enjoyment and recreation. Positive, you give out expressions; receptive, you take in impressions. Positive, you are a teacher; receptive, a pupil. It is Do not allow yourselves to be affected by not only a good thing to be a good teacher, but it isthe adverse and negative thoughts of those around also very important to be a good listener at Rise to the upper chambers of your mentaldwelling, and key yourself up to a strong pitch,away above the vibrations on the lower planes of ----thought. Then you will not only be immune to theirnegative vibrations but will be in touch with the End of Lesson 2 7
  5. 5. From “Thought Vibration” by W. W. Atkinson ADDITIONAL RESOURCES FOR YOUR STUDIES This ecourse is sponsored by "Secrets tothe Law of Attraction" book - available and coming soon to These lessons come from the "Law ofAttraction - Thought Vibration" book - availableonly through Collect the whole Law of Attraction Classics Series – visit the Go Thunk Yourself Reference Library and find a vast library of self-help books for your use. 8