6 Types of Lawsuit Complaints


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6 Types of Lawsuit Complaints

  1. 1. Types of Lawsuit Complaints ...( From our "How to Win" Step-by-Step Self-Help Course ) Click ... or Call Toll Free 866-LAW-EASY (866-529-3279)Know the 6 types of lawsuit complaints.Every lawsuit starts with a complaint.Click the image to download full-size PDF chart!See how easy it is? 1. The plaintiff in the chart sues Defendant A and Defendant B. 2. Defendant B counter-claims against Plaintiff. 3. Defendant A cross-claims against Defendant B. 4. Defendant B counter-cross-claims against Defendant A. 5. Defendant A files a third-party complaint against Third Party Defendant. 6. Third-Party Defendant counter-claims against Defendant A.Thats all there is to it!See how easy it is?Lawsuits are "ridiculously easy-to-understand" once the Jurisdictionary step-by-step self-help courseshows you how the parts fit together.If you have a lawyer, youll know what your lawyer should be doing!If you dont have a lawyer, youll know what it takes to win!The course offers many diagrams just like this plus charts, sample forms, simplified explanations, andpractical tactics that give you power to win ... with or without a lawyer!Its not rocket science.Its straight-forward once you see the step-by-step procedures and how theyrecontrolled by a simple set of rules an average 8th grader can understand.Everyone knows a baseball game has at least 9 innings.Everyone knows the visiting team is first to bat.Everyone knows the batter goes back to the dugout after 3 strikes.Its simple.Its baseball.
  2. 2. Its America!Lawsuits are just as easy as baseball, once you see them with the explanations and examples thecourse provides.Not many people know how simple lawsuits really are. My profession has kept this knowledge secretfrom you on purpose!It shouldnt be that way!Now YOU can know how to win ... with or without a lawyer!JurisdictionarySee what users are saying: Using the outlines and motions found in your course, I now have the power to protect myself and my family. ... C. Jones Every pro se litigant NEEDS this information ... all of it! ... M. Bock Thanks so much for developing the Jurisdictionary Course. I would be out of luck without it.... Mary B. Jurisdictionary WORKS! Won against a powerful attorney. Even the other attorneys in the gallery were talking about it. ... K. Anderson The opposing party dismissed their case against me. Thank you for the knowledge and insight you provided through your course. ... Gerald C. ... Tucker, Georgia The best investment I ever made was your self-help law course. My $250 investment gained me a $216,000 return! I sued my former employer for violating my software copyright. I presented my case to more than a few lawyers, but all turned me down. They were too frightened to take on a big and powerful corporation. After nearly giving up, I found your course. Winning my case gave me confidence that you are right. We can win, if the law is on our side, regardless of how powerful our opponents may be. Our liberty really is in the law in the first place. Your course gives the common man power he would not otherwise have. ... Patrick D. You present a simple, straightforward process for litigation. Thank you! ... Raymond Z. I cant thank you enough. Everything about your course was amazing. You made this course for ME. ... Ron P. Your course is helping very much. It does an excellent job of describing the "big picture" and builds a clear framework of how the whole thing works and hangs together. ... Kate F. I have been using your program for four years and have won every case. Keep up the amazing work! ... John M. ... Phenix City, Alabama
  3. 3. Ive been helped dramatically while listening to your audios. I play them in the background FULL TIME, and in the middle of doing something else something you say makes me do something differently or include something that may have slipped my mind. ... Al H. Thank you for your guidance and the time and effort youve put into the American Dream. ... Andrea M. ... Brunswick, MaineA Guide to the Thrivelearning System - Links and ResourcesSpiritual 1. Find your inner peace - Use Release Technique 2. Learn how to remain calm under stress - Use Silva Life System 3. Thrive financially with your Millionaire Mindset - Learn from T. Harv Eker 4. Simply Wake Up and Live! - Dorothea Brandes classic. 5. Get a library of proven, workable materials - Spiritual Training MaterialsBusiness 1. Do market research for products which can factually earn you online income - Chris Maltas Worldwide Brands 2. Master social network marketing - Charles Heflin’s Synnd 3. Get a site builder and web host with decades of experience -Ken Evoys Site Build It! 4. Find the simplicities to protecting yourself legally – Dr. Frederick Graves Jurisdictionary 5. Get and stay scam free from here on out - Get Scam Free (book and online course)Additional Thrive Learning Sites: ThriveLearning System MaterialsThrive Alliance • Napoleon Hill - Law of SuccessBest Education Guide • The Complete Genevieve BehrendBusiness Startup Resources in Wisconsin CollectionThrive Cafe - Seattle • Dorothea Brande - Wake Up and Live!Organizational and Personal Effectiveness • The Complete Thomas Troward CollectionThrive Learning Management System • Robert Collier - Secret of the Ages • Max Freedom Long - Huna: The Secret Behind Miracles • Earl Nighingale - Strangest Secret Video • Higgins and LaTourette - Remote Viewing and Influencine • John LaTourette - Silva Ultramind • Serge Kahili King books • Release Technique books