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Resorts Around Bangalore


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There are more than 50 resorts around Bangalore. We have compiled a list of 31 of them which can be great in planning your team outing. Thrillophilia can conduct lot of team building sessions at these resorts.
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Resorts Around Bangalore

  1. 1. Resorts in Bangalore ForTeam Building ActivitiesBangalore
  2. 2. Did you know?50+ thrilling resorts near Bangalore
  3. 3. 1. GoldenPalms
  4. 4. “Talent winsgames, butteamwork andintelligence winschampionships.”― Michael JordanTeam activities by at Golden Palms
  5. 5. 2. RameeGuestline
  6. 6. “Alone we can do solittle; together wecan do so much”― Helen KellerTeam activities by at Ramee Guestline
  7. 7. 3.ConfidentAmoon
  8. 8. Coming together isa beginning.Keeping together isprogress.Working together issuccess.- Henry FordTeam activities by at Confident Amoon
  9. 9. 4. ClubMagnolia
  10. 10. “A team is more thana collection ofpeople. It is a processof give and take.”-Barbara Glacel & EmileRobert Jr.Team activities by at Clun Magnolia
  11. 11. 5.Eagleton
  12. 12. We must all hangtogether, orassuredly, weshall all hangseparately.- Benjamin FranklinTeam activities by at Eagleton
  13. 13. 6.WonderlaResorts
  14. 14. Teamwork is thefuel that allowscommon peopleto attainuncommonresults.Team activities by at Woderla Resorts
  15. 15. 7.ConfidentCascade
  16. 16. Teamwork dividesthe task anddouble thesuccess.Team activities by at Confident Cascade
  17. 17. 8.EmeraldIsle
  18. 18. A single arrow iseasily broken, butnot ten in abundle.- Japanese proverbTeam activities by at Emerald Isle
  19. 19. 9. ClubCabana
  20. 20. Inteamwork, silence isn’tgolden, it’sdeadly.- Mark SanbornTeam activities by at Club Cabana
  21. 21. 10. RoyalOrchid
  22. 22. “It is amazing howmuch people getdone if they donot worry aboutwho gets thecredit.”-Swahili proverbTeam activities by at Royal Orchid
  23. 23. 11.ManipalCounty
  24. 24. “Strength lies indifferences, not insimilarities.”- Stephen CoveyTeam activities by at Manipal County
  25. 25. 12.PrakurthiClub
  26. 26. One man canbe a crucialingredient on ateam, but oneman cannotmake a team.Team activities by at Prakurthi Club
  27. 27. 13. SilverOakFarm
  28. 28. It’s easy to getgood players.Getting them toplay together,that’s the hardpart.- Casey StengelTeam activities by at Silver Oak Farm
  29. 29. 14.Angsana
  30. 30. “The strength of theteam is eachindividual member.The strength of eachmember is theteam.”― Phil JacksonTeam activities by at Angsana
  31. 31. 15.Guhantra
  32. 32. A boat doesn’tgo forward ifeach one isrowing their ownway.-Swahili proverbTeam activities by at Guhantra
  33. 33. 16. ClarksExotica
  34. 34. No matter whataccomplishmentsyou make,somebodyhelped you.- Althea GibsonTeam activities by at Clarks Exotica
  35. 35. 17.BanerghattaJungleLodges
  36. 36. Light is the taskwhere many sharethe toil.-HomerTeam activities by at Banerghatta Jungle Lodges
  37. 37. 18.BheemeshwariJungle Lodges
  38. 38. Teamwork:Simply stated, itis less me andmore we.Team activities by at Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges
  39. 39. 19.Jaladhama
  40. 40. “None of us is assmart as all ofus.”-Ken BlanchardTeam activities by at Jaladhama
  41. 41. 20. GoldFinchRetreat
  42. 42. A major reasoncapable peoplefail to advanceis that they don’twork well withtheir colleagues.-Lee IacoccaTeam activities by at Gold Finch Retreat
  43. 43. 21.Anandadhama
  44. 44. There is no I inTeamwork.- UnknownTeam activities by at Anandadhama
  45. 45. 22.FantasyGolf Resort
  46. 46. Teamworkdoesn’t toleratetheinconvenienceof distance.Team activities by at Fantasy Golf Resort
  47. 47. 23. UrbanValley
  48. 48. “No member of acrew is praised forthe ruggedindividuality of hisrowing.”-Ralph WaldoEmersonTeam activities by at Urban Valley
  49. 49. 24.PyramidValley
  50. 50. “Never doubt thata small group ofthoughtful,committed peoplecan change theworld. Indeed, it isthe only thing thatever has.”- Margaret MeadTeam activities by at Pyramid Valley
  51. 51. 25. OldeBangalore
  52. 52. Collaboration, itturns out, is not agift from the godsbut a skill thatrequires effort andpractice.- Douglas B. ReevesTeam activities by at Olde Bangalore
  53. 53. 26.RamanShreeCalifornia
  54. 54. Wearing thesame shirtsdoesn�t makea team.- Buchholz andRothTeam activities by at RamanShree California
  55. 55. 27. TulipsResort
  56. 56. No one canwhistle asymphony. Ittakes anorchestra to playit.- H.E. LuccockTeam activities by at Tulips Resort
  57. 57. 28. GreenValley
  58. 58. Overcomingbarriers toperformance ishow groupsbecome teams.Team activities by at Green Valley
  59. 59. 29.HolidayVillage
  60. 60. “T.E.A.M =Together everyoneachieves more.”Team activities by at Holiday Village
  61. 61. 30. MangoMist
  62. 62. “Teams sharethe burden anddivide the grief.”-Doug SmithTeam activities by at Mnago Mist
  63. 63. 31. Ruppi’sResort
  64. 64. Build for your teama feeling ofoneness, ofdependence onone another and ofstrength to bederived by unity.-Vince LombardiTeam activities by at Ruppi’s Resort
  65. 65. Planning a Teamouting in Bangalore ?EXPLORE
  66. 66.
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