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Las vegas thrifty ice cream

Scoops in Las Vegas proudly serves Thrifty Ice Cream. Thrifty Ice Cream is sold in all Rite Aid stores in California but it has become available to residents

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Las vegas thrifty ice cream

  1. 1. Las Vegas Thrifty Ice Cream
  2. 2. About Us  Thrifty cones will be made available throughout Nevada in stand-alone Thrifty Ice Cream parlors that are especially designed for the coming together of families and friends.  In our desire to serve you better, this new business venture will soon be a reality.  This well-loved ice cream brand reminds everyone about the happy childhood that they had.  Young and old alike simply fall in love with every taste of the Thrifty ice cream.
  3. 3. News & Updates  Thrifty cones soon will be available throughout the valley in stand-alone Thrifty Ice Cream parlors, thanks to a unique business venture from a seemingly unlikely source.  Ice cream, including bubblegum flavor, at a Thrifty Ice Cream store on Wigwam Parkway April, 2012.  Smarty’s gas station owner Pankaj Shah opened a Thrifty Ice Cream shop in 2012 near in the corner of North Pecos Road and Wigwam Parkway in Henderson.
  4. 4. Our Menu  Green Tea  Lemon Sherbet  Lime Sherbet  Medieval Madness  Mint Chip  Mocha Almond Fudge  Orange Sherbet  Peanut Butter Chocolate
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