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USMA Webinar May 2012


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USMA Webinar May 2012

  1. 1. WELCOME! The webinar will begin shortly. Audio Dial In: US & Canada toll-free 1-650-429-3300For international dial in numbers please visit: Access code: 739 623422 For Program Information: Contact Email:
  2. 2. Donald Strauss, Program Chair ª  Why did I choose AULA? ª  What is my vision for the USMA program?
  3. 3. Webinar Outlineª  About AULAª  About the USMA Programª  How to Applyª  Questions
  4. 4. Program ObjectivesThe USMA Program endeavors to educate graduates who have:•  Systems Thinking Orientation•  Environmental Literacy•  Practitioner Skills•  Social Justice Perspective
  5. 5. About AULA Overview Programª  Interdisciplinary MA in Urban Sustainabilityª  Strong emphasis on scholar-practitioner model/ putting theory into practice: •  Required full year of fieldwork •  Capstone project in second year ª  Low-residency model: •  4 residencies in first year •  2 residencies in second year •  Online instruction between residenciesª  36 units, two full-time years
  6. 6. Program Benefitsª  Education designed to develop leadersª  Los Angeles serves as a laboratory for the creation of a sustainable urban community ª  Strong fieldwork component ª  Interdisciplinary approachª  Problem solving, facilitation & conflict resolution trainingª  Low-residency schedule
  7. 7. Year One ª  Total of 21 units Ø  Semester 1 : q  9 units core coursework + 1 unit fieldwork planning Ø  Semester 2: q  9 units core coursework + 2 units fieldworkª  Total of 4 residencies •  6-day residencies at Antioch campus, April & Oct •  4-day residencies held offsite, January & July
  8. 8. Year Twoª  Total of 15 units Ø  Semester 1 : q  3 units fieldwork + 3 units capstone planning, 1 unit elective Ø  Semester 2: q  6 units capstone project, 2 units electiveª  Total of 3 residencies •  6-day residencies at Antioch campus, April & Oct •  Final residency at end of program to present capstone project
  9. 9. Sample Program ScheduleOct  2011   Jan  2012   April  2012   July  2012   Oct  2012   April  2013   Oct  2013  Urban Urban Capstone CapstoneSustainability Ecosystems Planning Project (6u)(6u) Thinking (6u) (3u)Research Sustainable Elective (1u) Elective (2u)Methods Economies(3u) (3u)Fieldwork Fieldwork FieldworkPlanning (1u) (2u) (3u)6-day AULA 4-day offsite 6-day AULA 4-day offsite 6-day AULA 6-day AULA 6-day AULAresidency residency residency residency residency residency residency (present capstone)
  10. 10. “The Urban Sustainability program at AULA has completelytransformed my world, by exposing me to people, ideas andexperiences that would never have otherwise been possible.” - Cynthia Hubach, M.A., Urban Sustainability ’13
  11. 11. Program Tuition 2011/2012 Program Tuition 36 total units/$1,040 per unit *Approximately $150 in additional fees: technology, student services, and optional parking fee.
  12. 12. How to Click   “Applying”  
  13. 13. Visit  and  learn   more!  Financial  Aid   available   Download  and   fill  out!  
  14. 14. Simple 5-Step Process1. Complete an online application 2. Submit the $60 application fee 3. Forward transcripts to AULA 4. Submit your admissions essay 5. Submit 2 recommendation forms
  15. 15. Questions?