TJ Hughes, HPSU Industrial & Life Sciences Enterprise Ireland


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TJ Hughes, HPSU Industrial & Life Sciences Enterprise Ireland IDEAGEN Presentation

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  • Also large multinational presence. Home to 9 of the worlds top 10 medical technologies companies (or 16 out of the top 25). Johnson and Johnson, General Electric, Medtronic, Fresenius, Siemens, Philips, Boston Scientific (5 facilities), Covidien (5), Stryker (3), Zimmer, Abbott Diabetes, Abbott Diagnostics, Abbott Vascular, Baxter (2) Bausch & Lomb etc. Large cluster in Galway region which is known internationally.
  • TJ Hughes, HPSU Industrial & Life Sciences Enterprise Ireland

    1. 1. IdeagenTJ HughesHPSU18th September 2012Medical Technologies Sector
    2. 2. Enterprise Ireland works with… ….Internationally Trading A Large nd ID Companies Businesses throughout a (Exporting) the economy el Ir e Exporting SME’s is (HPSU’s) prr te En s BCE Micro Enterprises Domestic Market Businesses Large SME’s Micro Companies Businesses
    3. 3. Who we work with… High Potential Established Multinationals Start-up’s SME’s Entrepreneurs Manufacturing &starting companies Internationally Irish-based with an ability to Traded services food and natural compete in world resource companies that are companies markets employing overseas owned or ten or more controlled Potential Research Scaling Exporters Community Ambitious co’s Established SME’s Developing links with Irishwith the ability to currently focussed on enterprise, MNCs to supportscale & achieve the domestic market research collaboration, significant who have the ambition commercialisation of publicly success to export funded research, and access to FP7, ESA
    4. 4. Highlights 2011…
    5. 5. It’s about Jobs and Economic ImpactIRISH OWNED COMPANIES FOREIGN OWNED COMPANIESEMPLOYMENT = 145,983 EMPLOYMENT = 138,488SPEND IN ECONOMY = €17.0bn SPEND IN ECONOMY = €17.9bn IRISH GOODS €2.2bn PAYROLL PAYROLL €5.4bn IRISH €7.6bn GOODS €7.7bn IRISH SERVICES IRISH €8.2bn SERVICES €3.9bnSource: 2010 ABSEI, 2011 Forfás Employment Survey 100,000 Jobs by 2016
    6. 6. Indigenous Life Sciences• 250 Clients – 50% Medical Technologies• 20 new start-ups per year / MBO’s• Medical sub-supply, finished devices (e.g., cardio-, peripheral, orthopaedics, NOTES), diagnostics, specialist services, connected health• €1bn+ Sales, Exports €760m, Employment of 6,000 people• 9% export growth in 2011 & 8% employment growth
    7. 7. Top 15 EU employment centres forRegion medical devices Medical Devices European Share EmploymentVeneto, IT 21,269 4.32%Ireland, IE 20,360 4.13%Freiburg, DE 15,526 3.15%Lombardia, IT 15,005 3.05%Île de France, FR 11,158 2.27%Niedersachsen, DE 10,289 2.09%Emilia-Romagna, IT 9,860 2.00%Rhône-Alpes, FR 9,252 1.88% Figures forKarlsruhe, DE 8,565 1.74% 2007Oberbayern, DE 8,061 1.64%Danmark, DK 7,948 1.61%Tübingen, DE 7,740 1.57%Stuttgart, DE 7,614 1.55%Espace Mittelland, CH 7,155 1.45%Berlin, DE 7,133 1.45%
    8. 8. Evolution of Medical Technologies 1980’s 1990’s 2020• Silk & catgut suture • Dynamic monitoring 2 • E-Everything• Latex gloves • Titanium prosthetics • 0 Integrated Connected Health• Heavy Medical Equipment (beds) • Pulse oximetry Networks• Mechanical Respirators • Dissolving sutures 0 • Hospital to Home• Anaesthetic machines • Non latex gloves • 0 Regenerative Scaffolds & Stem • Cells Molecular diagnostics s • New Materials • D • BioDevices ru • Next generation g • Bespoke Biomedical Solutions el • ut Virtual Robotic Surgery in g st e nt sDesign, Development, Prototyping, Commercialisation, Manufacturing, • Supply H Chain, Services y br id pr Servicisation of Drug & Device Industry!!! o st Prevention/Wellness/Compliance h Healthcare Intelligence – Data Management / Data Analytics et ic s • M in i m al ly
    9. 9. Medical technologies where to start Aesthetics/Dermatology (108 emerging companies) • Biomaterials (298 emerging companies) • Biotechnology/Cell Therapy (304 emerging companies) • Cardiovascular (416 emerging companies) • Dental (52 emerging companies) • Diagnostics (367 emerging companies) • Drug Delivery (179 emerging companies) • Endocrine (160 emerging companies) • Gastroenterology (139 emerging companies) • Gynecology/Womens Health (142 emerging companies) • Imaging (203 emerging companies) • Neurology (254 emerging companies) • Oncology (283 emerging companies) • Ophthalmology (117 emerging companies) • Orthopedics (302 emerging companies) • Pain Management (83 emerging companies) • Patient Management/Monitoring (278 emerging companies) • Respiratory (139 emerging companies) • Spine (234 emerging companies) • Surgery (241 emerging companies) • Urology (158 emerging companies) • Vascular (240 emerging companies) • Wound Management (111 emerging companies) Source Life Science Intelligence
    10. 10. Global market dominated by USA, Western Europe and Japan but Emerging markets growing fast china, India, Brazil, Mexico•Drivers • Restraints •Patient Demographics •Regulatory •Care models focussed on •Complex Purchasing systems wellness and prevention •Reimbursement cuts and cost •Tele-health or connected containment health• Challenges • Opportunity •Escalating costs •New innovations that give better clinical outcomes and improved •End to end disease quality of life management is inefficient •Regulatory •Efficiency improvements •Investment
    11. 11. Pharma & Medtech models globally are under strain, therefore Ireland INC also has a problem11
    12. 12. Some hot areas• Transcather valves• Interventional treatment of Hypertension• Pulmonary Interventional tools• Regenerative medicine/organ replacement• Neuromodulation• Home dialysis• Robotics• Bioabsorable stents• Bionics• Non invasive body sculpting Source Frost and Sullivan
    13. 13. EI has significant fundsClient company approvals 2011 =€110m+Similar level of support in 2012Approx 1/3 of funding towards Start-ups = €35m Support for Third Level is Separate 13
    14. 14. Projects we invest inEligibleManufacture or internationally tradable serviceManagement control in IrelandHigh PotentialUsually based on technological innovationExport oriented10 employees within 3/4 yrs, Sales > €1m [but life- science is different!]
    15. 15. HPSU Investment Due Diligence - the Business Plan • Market Risks • Execution Risks • Financial RisksLevel of EI funding depends on exports, jobs & cash needEI Investment is in equity [CCRPs]Minimum of matching external fundingAverage initial investment €250k
    16. 16. FundingPre-SeedSeed Funds €124 million VC Funds €520 million
    17. 17. Development Process BC A B A C A BC B A C Stakeholder Engagement VitalABC & patients, regulatory bodies, Ethics Committees
    18. 18. Thank you