Ideagen limerick report


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Ideagen limerick report

  1. 1. Theme: Environmental Trading – newcommercial opportunitiesLocation: Kemmy Business SchoolUniversity of LimerickDate: Tuesday 23rd November 2010 © DOLMEN 2010
  2. 2. AGENDA Welcome: Enterprise IrelandLECTURE 6.00: Introductions – who is here & why?ROOM 3 short - Presentations: Stephen Nolan, Green IFSC Paul Harris BOI Global Markets Prof Frank Convery, UCD very short Q&A Ideagen Exercises – explained formatLOBBY 7:15 Ideagen Exercises - ACTION Brainstorm Ideas Grouping Ideas Developing Value Propositions Tea & Coffee – Networking –LECTURE 8.15 Presentations & FeedbackROOM longer Q&A session 9.00 The End – NETWORKING / View facilities © DOLMEN 2010
  3. 3. SPE AKERS Prof Frank Convery UCD Author of ‘Pricing Carbon’ instrumental in driving EU policy in this new area. Stephen Nolan, Project Manager, Government’s Green IFSC Team Paul Harris, Head of Natural Resources Risk Management, Bank of Ireland Global Markets © DOLMEN 2010
  4. 4. Ideagen process 1. Ideas: Idea gathering Group Ideas 2. Develop Opportunities: Map Opportunities Select Opportunities Share Opportunities 3. Business Feasibility: Develop the Business potential Rate your business feasibility! © DOLMEN 2010
  5. 5. Idea GroupingEach of the six teams, groupedthe ideas they had generated andthen select one to developed intoa “value proposition” template © DOLMEN 2010
  6. 6. rdIdeas Boa Title: Cooling Card •Website voluntary carbon market info •Farming market •Credit card/ Air miles model, Carbon H/C credit card •Energy Efficiency •Farmers’ trading platform •Loyalty card→ “Big” products first, eg. Utilities. • Micro transactions. © DOLMEN 2010
  7. 7. rd Ideas Boa Title: Trading CarbonPricing carbon makes new markets.Worldwide model-online interface. Building industry corporationheating credits or trading with self –sufficiency.Markets-for trading carbon-price on carbon- opportunity.Persistence & determination.CO2 tax in Ireland.Trading carbon credits for flight tickets-micro initiative- banking &trading on lifestyle. Worldwide model-Power sector pay & heavy industry pay carbon tax. online interface.Trading “bank” mandatory for all businesses large or small-GUI for Building industryonline activity. corporation heating credits or trading withCarbon in rubbish dumps all over the world-resource self –sufficiency.-pay the poor for different recyclable items for their sorting labour.Make carbon trading a practice of the “common man”-SUL technology-web based labour, spend voluntary market credits on flights, Trade “bike miles” for “car miles”. © DOLMEN 2010
  8. 8. rdIdeas Boa Title: Trading Carbon Green IFSC concept Airline leasing suppliers in Ireland. •Metric for Carbon quantity Carbon Markets •Create energy, grow fish, exclude large Compliance fish. Emissions headings •Sq mile fish, sanctuary with win a farm, Voluntary market “Crusty’s” invisible in grid. D.I.V.O.R Dublin International Voluntary Offset Registry. Get CC for lifestyle choices carry credit card with credits earned from life style -create values for life style. Manu ordinary people make a movement. Parallel currency. © DOLMEN 2010
  9. 9. rdIdeas Boa Title: Green Gas Farms •Farm Carbon Capture-Need carbon credits forestry & green crops. •Electric powered farm •Develop GM grass which doesn’t make cows fart! •Solar panels on sheds •Potty train cows to capture methane •Methane capture from cow. •Forest sequestration •Carbon capture for grassland •Carbon neutral farming •Smart meters for farms •All adopt a “fruitarian” lifestyle •Rumination cycle of cattle. House during “expulsion” & capture. •Non soil disrupting Crops- Willow, Elephant grass, orchards. © DOLMEN 2010
  10. 10. rdIdeas Boa Title: Carbon Storage - credits •‘Virtual’ storage , marketing trading. •Smart grids •Storage futures •Micro energy storage •Tax relief on carbon credits towards-pensions. •Money, fed back in to clean-tech industries. •Selling back to the grid. •Local domestic storage. •Tax relief scale longer term=greater return. •Buying credits ‘individual’ tax relief. •‘SSIA’ tupe carbon investments. © DOLMEN 2010
  11. 11. rdIdeas Boa Title: •Domestic solutions. •MRV- Monitoring Reporting •Self financing Verification. •Smart homes •Carbon credit union. •Smart cities. •The wisdom of the crowds. •Smart planet •Awareness of decisions/impact. •In real time •Data centres-Carbon credits. •Fractional credits •Energy boom •Ambient influence •Supporting the individual •Carbon currency •Group MRV © DOLMEN 2010
  12. 12. dIdeas Boar Carbon saving Trading •Improve/implement •Reduce cost of business •Efficiencies within Heavy Industry→ Efficiencies within agriculture→ Reduce cost of business •Efficiencies within heat market→ •Levy- Financial systems development. •Non-Fossil fuel emissions. •Climate change finance •Structure software •Financial services→ •Professional services→ Structure software •Administration services→ •Carbon trading companies. •Smart technology. © DOLMEN 2010
  13. 13. rdIdeas Boa Title: alternatives carbon credits•Recycling of waste (oil) for more efficient use. •Wind turbines•Use of biomass •Futures market•Willow farming, wood pulp •Long term swap•Developing poster efficiency machinery market•Pricing-expand wind/wave energy •Brokers.•Models of this •Using energy•Educating end user, not abusing system. expended/geotherma•Teach people to adjust –monitoring -consulting l•Specialised-people planting –water wastage. •Software quality•Due diligence fraud. regulations.•Reverse activity-measure goodness trading•Build wind turbines•Private farmers subsidies•By-Product Methane-to make heat•Hub of Europe edge of Atlantic wave→ Wave wind farms by coast.•Connection to grid-problem © DOLMEN 2010
  14. 14. rtunitiesDevel op Oppo © DOLMEN 2010
  15. 15. ing ity MappOpportun Title: Measuring Farming Compliance The ideas Describe the concept Customers •Farmer-stop-shop Repeat Business Identify what is the target -Methane •Consulting for this market? Who is the customer? gas→Heat→Energy. -Education- Repeat -Carbon Business -Adaption- •Farmer/Agriculture. Accounting •To help farmer to •Regions of Agriculture. -Carbon improve efficiencies store→Peat bog -Provide services -Foresters -Trading -Wind turbine -Energy crops → Willow→ Wood pulp What are the benefits? •IFA •Farmers mindset changes •Lower cost of farming- -Micro generation efficiency -Anaerobic digest(grass) •Profits -Wind turbines(macro •Company profitability generators) •Easier return © DOLMEN 2010
  16. 16. ing ity MappOpportun Title: Green Gas Farms The ideas Customers •Advice to farmers & Describe the concept Identify what is the target policy makers. market? Who is the customer? •Carbon Neutral farming. •Set a side •Farmers •Beef -Understand What are the benefits? •IFA -Rumination cycle •Reduce methane 30% •Gov. Agencies -Capture CH4 Agriculture for Ireland. •Smart metering •CH4 for heat •Other crops •Training •website © DOLMEN 2010
  17. 17. ing ity MappOpportun Title: Managing storage infrastructure What are the benefits? Customers Describe the concept Identify what is the target What problems does it market? Who is the customer? solve? •Fund management •Stop importing oil •Storage infrastructure •Irish State •Project-invest clean- tech © DOLMEN 2010
  18. 18. ing ity MappOpportun Title: Cooling Card – trading cc What are the benefits? Customers Describe the concept What problems does it Identify what is the target •Air miles solve? market? Who is the customer? concept/Green Shield •Education, engagement, •Ideally, everyone. card. •First: Tesco Market access, eg. •Positive/negative •Micro transactions: Social Farmers. carbon price on every networks. •New route to market for transaction/purchase. carbon credit. •Links carbon disclosure •Democratising the project level to the carbon market: broaden public. and deepen the market. © DOLMEN 2010
  19. 19. ing ity MappOpportun Title: The ideas Customers Describe the concept Identify what is the target •The wisdom of the •Social networking. market? Who is the customer? clouds carbon credit •Ambient tech & mobile tech •Households union. •Bundle fractional credits. •Sell. What are the benefits? •Save money, make money, Save the world. © DOLMEN 2010
  20. 20. ing ity MappOpportun Title: Trading Energy Efficiency The ideas Customers Describe the concept Identify what is the target •Making CT simple. •Business reporting market? Who is the customer? - Profitable emissions. •Business & Organisations - Incentivising CT •Mandatory carbon in Ireland & everyone. - National Cap & trade SP reduction method •Consumer land. system. -Empower man in the street •Macro & Micro -By lifestyle choice - approach. Provide cc for activer Form of currency. © DOLMEN 2010
  21. 21. ATIONS PRESENTEach teampresented theirvalue propositionto the industryspeakers - whogave feedback andrated each in termsof commercialviability andmarket desirability. © DOLMEN 2010
  22. 22. t happe ns nextWha • Complete and return the participant follow up sheet to your EI Regional Development Executive • Join the IDEAGEN LinkedIn group Keep up to date on latest from IDEAGEN by • Following on Twitter •Becoming a fan on Facebook © DOLMEN 2010
  23. 23. T he End Thank you Sean McNulty © DOLMEN 2010