Ideagen environmental trading briefing


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Briefing for IDEAGEN UL

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Ideagen environmental trading briefing

  1. 1. Briefing Note: Environmental Trading This IDEAGEN Event, to be held on the 23 rd November in University of Limerick is about carbon emissions and what is happening now they are capped, trading commenced and prices set. The event’s objectives is twofold, first to inform, with short but informative keynote presentations from policy formers and key market players and then all present to network and work at identifying some of the key new business opportunities and current “problems & challenge” to be solved that Energy Trading can offer indigenous Irish businesses. These maybe around service and support opportunities within the financial services sector due to the emergence of a growing carbon credit market but can relate to issues around transport, construction, energy usage, new green energy activities, their measurement, tracking, recording, etc! The European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme is the world’s largest market for carbon and the most significant multinational initiative ever taken to mobilise markets to protect the environment. This is the world’s first cap-and-trade programme for greenhouse gases, by far the largest environmental market in the world and will be the prototype for a global policy regime, based on emissions trading. It will be an important influence on the development and implementation of trading schemes in the US, Japan and globally. Speakers: Prof. Frank Convery, UCD author of Pricing Carbon – The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme will be a presenting what he sees as the opportunities for Irish indigenous businesses. Currently in Ireland a special Government task team - Government's Green IFSC Steering Group has been set up to drive this sector and its potential spin off for indigenous industry and Stephen Nolan, who leads this team will be presenting his view of these opportunities. Together with Paul Harris, Head of Natural Resource Risk Management, Bank of Ireland Global Markets will also give a short presentation on his experience and the practical hands-on challenges and opportunities of trading emissions. Paul has over twenty five years trading and structuring experience. He is currently responsible for the structuring and delivery of a range of hedging solutions and investment products for both fossil fuels and renewable energy. Paul is also a member of Government's Green IFSC Steering Group, Paul chair's the Expert Carbon Group. He has a particular interest in forestry-based carbon products, carbon-backed securities and weather derivatives. Event Format: This IDEAGEN is for entrepreneurs and related researchers to get behind the headlines and get a better understanding of how new commercial business opportunities and support services and possible activities can be developed around this emerging sector. The second part of this event is a proactive brain storming event where entrepreneurs will be matched with researchers who have expertise/ knowledge in this sector. A set process will be applied to enable these teams to generate outline value propositions to explore how to solve / exploit a range of these opportunities & challenges and results shared with all participating in the event. Theme: Environmental Trading Location: Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick Date: 23 rd November 2010 Time: 5.30pm to 9pm Booking: Application to attend this event has to completed on-line at and numbers are restricted to 15 entrepreneurs and 15 researchers attending.