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  1. 2. Fast Branding is a strategic brand development process that we have developed especially for industry-changing business ideas.
  2. 3. Fast Branding delivers you a practical toolkit (strategic market position, name, logo, tagline, visual identity, sales messaging, website, sales toolkit, marketing collateral) that drives sales and value in your business.
  3. 4. Shaping your innovation in a way that meets a recognised market need and has global appeal. Communicating your future vision and market potential of your business to partners and investors. Persuading stakeholders to invest in you (customers, investors, funding bodies and partners) Changing existing customer behaviour and even breaking cosy supplier relationships. Crafting how you tell your story about the value that your innovation brings. Shifting the market battleground to where your innovation will make the competition irrelevant. Overcoming credibility issues as a new market entrant. Boxing clever with marketing resources than the big players. Entering the right market segment at the right time. Fast branding accelerates growth by:
  4. 5. We start with the end in mind: the four critical success factors for market innovators…
  5. 7. 1 Leadership in a new market space 2 Ownership of a core difference 3 A “sticky” way of explaining your value proposition 4 An integrated communications strategy that engages with your audience
  6. 8. Fast Branding takes you through a challenging and stimulating thinking and creative process. 3 4 2 1 Tell a Sticky Story Engage the market Create Core Difference Own a Market Space / Visualise the future of the business / Define the market space to be owned / Build a market leadership position / Develop your industry value curve / Express your value proposition / Model your value architecture / Shape your business case / Define your core difference / Elevate you above alternatives / Build central messaging themes across key audiences / Creative messaging model / Brand story / Brand language / Name / Trueline / Tagline / Logo / Visual branding system / Create brand gameplan / Apply to key touchpoints / Unite & align core functions / Equip sales teams & partners
  7. 9. That develops a multi-layered brand for you with emotional appeal, a solid business case and a compelling vision for customers, partners and investors.
  8. 10. <ul><li>No-one understands what it is </li></ul><ul><li>They can’t figure out why they should buy it - It doesn’t appear to solve an important problem that they have - It looks scary, complex and difficult to integrate into their daily lives - It’s too expensive - They’re comfortable where they are and can’t see a strong enough </li></ul><ul><li>reason for shifting to you </li></ul><ul><li>They don’t trust you - It’s too difficult to buy - You don’t seem to be the kind of people they like to buy from - And most importantly of all - they’ve never heard of you… </li></ul><ul><li>* Every innovative new product will have it’s own challenges. Breaking new ground is not easy. Part of the Fast Branding process is understanding what those challenges are and how to shape a holistic brand that prioritises and addresses them accordingly. </li></ul>Put simply, there’s no point in having a great product if*:
  9. 11. Here are some rapidly growing Fast Brands where we’ve had the opportunity to work with very dynamic teams on complex brand strategies:
  10. 12. ‘ Our brand is far more than our image, it’s our strategic market position.’ “ Through Fast Branding the Threesixty team extracted the intellectual capital from our CEO and technical team and transformed it into an offer with a real competitive edge. The brand had made our company vision real. It has defined our direction and now drives our product differentiation. There’s no doubt that it has been a key factor in our success milestones over the past 12 months - landing Europe’s biggest deal, building relationships with the top channel partners in the world and raising €3 million in second-round funding from ESB Modus Novus.” Paul Kelly, VP Sales & Marketing, Nualight
  11. 14. ‘ The team of Glanbia Nutritionals and Threesixty has delivered sales growth of a factor of four for Provon Revive.’ “ It was at the stage of commercialisation of Provon Revive that we employed Threesixty to advise on brand identity, positioning, route to market and event execution. The expertise the team brought to the Provon brand from competitor reviews, market gap analysis, visual identity generation, intuitive and e-commerce friendly web design was instrumental to the brand’s success.” Sorcha Tobin, International Marketing Manager, Glanbia Nutritionals
  12. 16. So if you have an idea, a big vision, and a drive to succeed Let’s talk! Simon O’Dwyer, MD [email_address] 00353 (0)56 7726400
  13. 17. A little footnote about us If you are an entrepreneur or marketing manager with an innovative new product to bring to market, we’re here for you. We work with corporate brands and new startups offering a market positioning, brand development and creative communications service. We’re at our best with challenger brands and new innovations. People who are taking on the status quo with pioneering ideas and breakthrough discoveries. Threesixty are entrepreneurs at heart and we thrive on the challenge of building globally significant brands. Our core ability is to work with you to take a very early concept and transform it into a living, breathing, stand-out brand that cuts through the competition and leads the market. Fundamentally, we help translate your big idea into a marketable brand that delivers hard growth. One of our big differences is the seamless strategic and creative service that we offer. We see branding as a strategic marketing tool and our creative team has a deep understanding of this. We’re proud to have won national and international awards for our brands, but the most important measure for us is the commercial success of our clients. Threesixty is plugged into innovation and emerging trends so we help your brand to stay relevant and ahead of the curve. We are experts in cleantech, functional foods, technology, sustainability and specialist lifestyle products so we can quickly understand and add value to your offering and business model. Building multi-layered messaging is an intrinsic part of our service and we are skilled in shaping and communicating complex messaging across all media. We have a track record of working with companies through scaling up and acquisition phases and if offered the choice of working with either David or Goliath, you’ll always find us packing the slingshot! Threesixty has a strong sustainable ethos that we live not only in our business, but in our daily lives. Our vision is to help the companies that we believe make the world a better place. We have a new economy model that is lean, creative and ethically-grounded and our aim is to be a catalyst for like-minded businesses. We’re always happy to talk about new ideas, even at the very early stage. And we’re very flexible about how we structure projects. After all, if you’re successful, so are we. If you think we can help, just drop Simon, our M.D., an email on or buzz him on 00 353 (0)86 2863640.