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Email marketing will make money for your business.

Building a valuable list, Segmenting it, using competitive calls to action and copy writing that sells are all skills of a smart electronic direct marketer. This presentation covers different types of hosted email systems you can use in your business, creating templates, beating SPAM filters and creating best practice email marketing that will help you sell your products and services.

For the beginners you will come away with great ideas you can start your own campaign with and for the more experienced marketers you'll discover ways to optimise and drive results from email.

Oh – and by the way – social media maybe the new and shiny digital media - but email still reigns supreme.

This presentation was originally delivered in a face to face workshop presented by Todd Wright from Threesides marketing. Todd has been managing Email marketing campaigns and strategy for over 8 years, manages 35 client email campaigns each month and has been published on Email marketing best practice in NETT magazine.

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Email Marketing Essentials - ACT Digital Enterprise

  1. 1. Email Marketing Essentials
  2. 2. “Email still holds its place as a channel that offers a strong ROI, with two-thirds (66%) of in-house marketers rating email as having an “excellent” or “good” ROI. Only search engine optimisation comes any higher (75% rate as “excellent” or “good”). – 2013 Email Marketing Census
  3. 3. About this presentation This presentation was originally presented as a face to face 2 hour training workshop as part of the ACT Digital Enterprise Training workshop series. The session was presented by Todd Wright from Threesides Marketing in Canberra.
  4. 4. Housekeeping
  5. 5.
  6. 6. We help these people with their email marketing: Capital Region Farmers Market – Centenary of Canberra - DDCS Family Lawyers - Destination Marketing Store - Get it Done in Young - Old Bus Depot Markets – RGT - Shoalhaven Holidays - Tallagandra Hill Winery - Threesides - Visit Balranald - 3infun - ACT Exporters Network - ACT RUC Club - Batemans Bay Beach Resort - Canberra and Capital Region Tourism Awards - Canberra and Capital Region Truffle Festival - Canberra Furnished Accommodation - Canberra Home Builders - Canberra Wines - Cataldo's Salon - Country Guesthouse Schonegg – CountryLink - Developing Agents - Durras Lake North holiday Park - Eurobodalla Coast Tourism - Freedom in Action - gallerytwentyseven - col ellis photography - Hands Across Canberra - Jane Brown Pearls - Jonny Cosmopolitan - Just Cuts Canberra - Lantern Thredbo Apartments – Newcast - Ondina Communications - PCA People - Pleasurelea Tourist resort & Caravan Park - Ride Canberra - Sportsmans Warehouse - The Country Store - The Long Paddock - Tourism Snowy Mountains - Trevs @ Dickson - Young Tourism
  7. 7. Your name, business, and one email newsletter you receive regularly
  9. 9. Your customer Website LOCAL Listings LINKS connections SEARCH SEO/SEM Online SALES DIRECT marketing SOCIAL Media
  10. 10. 10 Things you need to know 1. Setting your goals 2. Develop a schedule 3. Find a system 4. Capture your audience 5. Create your content 6. Design your email 7. Testing 8. Sending 9. Monitoring 10. Being awesome
  11. 11. Jargon Open rate Click throughs Subscribers Bounces Hosted system Analytics
  12. 12. Silverpop email marketing metrics benchmark study Dec 2012
  13. 13.
  14. 14. 1. Set your goals
  15. 15.  Sales  Updates  Promotion  Engagement  Brand building  Promoting products or services  Highlighting achievements  Invitations  Catalogue Understand your goals
  16. 16. 2. Develop your schedule
  17. 17. Develop a send schedule  Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly  Scheduled or ad-hoc  Find the time that’s right for your business Too little = Marketing to strangers Too much = Email burnout and unsubscribes
  19. 19. 3. Choose a hosted email system
  20. 20. Choose a hosted email system >> Campaign Monitor (Pick of the bunch) Mailchimp Constant contact Vertical Response Vision 6 Silver Pop (Enterprise grade) Threemail (threesides CM)
  21. 21. Hosted email editor demo
  22. 22. White listed servers Auto list management Built in templates Mobile compliant SPAM compliant Coded properly Integrated analytics No big emails or attachments Save massive headaches for your IT people (Trust me!) Why go hosted?
  23. 23. Costs D.I.Y. Assisted Account Setup costs – account, lists, settings, analytics Your time – learning + doing Included with template costs Template design Use a pre-designed template $800 - $1300 ($500 template only) Content development Your time and skills $50-$150/hr Send costs 1-5c / subscriber average 1-5c / subscriber average Website integration Your time and skills $50-$150/hr Strategy and planning Your time and skills $50-$150/hr
  24. 24. Should I send emails from my website system? Before you ask the answer is NO!
  25. 25. 4. Find your audience: List building
  26. 26. Website opt-in form Competitions Surveys Trade shows / Expos Sign up and win Business cards (with Permission) Social media forms and links Build and they will read...
  27. 27. Be one with your audience.
  28. 28. 5. Create your content
  29. 29. Clear call to action Relevant information Balanced content Good images Short messages with a read more (Click to read) In paragraph links Call to action in the top section of the email Create your content
  30. 30. Headline (linked) Link in first sentence Scannable text Close with a call to action Clear image (linked) Writing a good article
  31. 31. 6. Design your template
  32. 32. Start with a pre-designed template Customise to match your website Keep it consistent with your brand Make it mobile responsive Make it SPAM law compliant Integrate analytics Alt Tag images (image blocking) Design your template
  33. 33. 1. Unsolicited commercial electronic messages must not be sent 2. Commercial electronic messages must include accurate sender information 3. Commercial electronic messages must contain a functional unsubscribe facility 4. Emails must be double opt-in 5. Emails must contain Australian Contact address details Look it up! Industry code of practice - library/Marketers/spam-code-of-practice SPAM Act 2003 – SPAM COMPLIANT EDM
  34. 34. 7. Test your newsletter
  35. 35. SPAM test Design test Link test Subject line test (A/B test) Customer test Test your website and telephone Test your newsletter
  36. 36. 8. Send your newsletter
  37. 37. Send it right now? Schedule it – find the best day and time Be available on the end after you send – get your staff ready Send your newsletter
  38. 38. 9. Monitor your stats
  39. 39. Open rates Click through rates Website activity Bounce rates Unsubscribe rates Complaint rates Browser usage Monitor your stats
  40. 40. 10. Become an Awesome EDM’er
  41. 41. List Segmentation Auto responder welcome emails Customised preference centre Retargeting Automated email learning series Develop EDM plan +12 month schedule Implement ongoing list building Test, test and test some more Calculate your return on investment Become an Awesome EDM’er
  42. 42. Threesides – Keep in touch