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The Premier Real Estate Online Information Service

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  1. 1. INTRODUCTIONLack of proper information data on the Nigerian real estate sector ismaking it difficult to place Nigeria’s property on the right asset class. Thus,the need for an exchange platform that will make it easy for consumersand providers to access basic information both locally and internationallywithout recourse to quack, fraud or large expense.The need for adequate information data is largely inevitable.What the basic information thatforms a data? 6. Statistics1. News 7. Valuations2. Laws 8. Market reports3. Insights 9. Pricing4. Opinions 10. Books, Newsletters, Journals5. Forecast 11. Tips & Strategies
  2. 2. ABOUT3INVESTONLINE.COM is the primary source of undiluted real estateinformation, opinions, commentary and analysis for industryprofessionals, investors and consumers alike that promotes and stimulates adiscourse and awareness about Nigeria Real Estate. Led by a unique mix ofcompelling and independent journalism and experienced industrycolumnists, it will quickly become the largest media platform covering thereal estate industry in the Nigeria and Africa at large.3INVEST Ltd. is a real estate company established in 2007 for providingacquisition and investment service for average consumers looking to invest inNigeria’s most coveted real estate, and to manage both local andinternational sales and marketing campaigns for developers and privateportfolios. To acquire an edge in the market 3Invest has a real estate media,3Invest Intelligence that handles its BLOG “3REB”, Radio, “Real EstateON AIR” and now the premier real estate informationservice“3INVESTONLINE”.
  3. 3. BENEFITS OF USING 3INVESTONLINE.COM1. News – 3INVESTONLINE brings the latest real estate news in Nigeria, Africa and around the world.2. 3INVESTONLINE will assist you in bringing or selling a house (acquisition), investing and marketing your properties.3. 3INVEST Media provides a plat from for Real Estate information and a wide audience for real estate marketing4. Opinions from our various featured columnist on real estate related issues.5. Capacity building – It helps you build your career in Real Estate by offering trainings, seminars, study visits, further education.
  4. 4. BENEFITS OF USING 3INVESTONLINE.COM (cont’d)6. Upcoming Real events e.g awards, forums, exhibitions, conferences, property road shows.7. Provides best tips and information living: Home improvement, maintenance and repairs etc.8. Lists available real estate jobs and newly developed properties.9. Active participation through feedbacks, press, testimonies, endorsed survey etc.10. We have a store of real estate books reports, laws, magazines, newsletters from 3INVEST LTD.11. Provides you with basic information about 3INVESTONLINE
  5. 5. HOW TO PARTICIPATELog on, CLICK button and enjoy unlimited access to the future onReal Estate in Africa.
  6. 6. ADVERTISING ON 3INVESTONLINE.COMAdvertising on 3INVESTONLINE.COM presents a unique opportunityto speak to Nigeria’s real estate decision makers. The levels of affluenceand power in Nigeria are steadily climbing and 3INVESTONLINE.COMcan bring the best-known brands to our readers and advertisers in anentirely new market in the form of the growing class of wealthy andpowerful consumers. It is also economical and reaches specifically toniche visitors in the real estate sector spanning from secondary marketsto investments and loan servicing with specific messages to specificconsumers.Our readership and followership will represents a compelling audiencefor any real estate industry-advertising message, offering a uniquefollowership of decision makers that is far more engaged than in anyother medium.
  7. 7. OUR RESOURCES1. Radio2. Blog3. Content4. Social Media5. Large database6. Experienced Journalism7. In-house media and design division8. Featured industry veteran columnist9. Strategic alliance, syndication and integration
  9. 9. BENEFITS OF ADVERTISING WITH3INVESTONLINE.COM1. Capacity building2. Brand promotion and awareness3. Product exposure4. Increased traffic on site5. Positive revenue earnings6. Increased leads and customer baseIf you’re looking to reach real decision-makers in this industry, theresimply isn’t a better choice than 3INVESTONLINE.COM
  10. 10. ADVERT RATESTop position weekly – N58,000Side position weekly – N32,000Foot position weekly – N32,000Inside page weekly – N7,000Advertorial – N70,000Pre- Event coverage – N15,000Post- Event coverage – N30,000Event coverage – N50,000Press release – Free
  11. 11. Thank youWWW.3INVESTONLINE.COM…because information is the key that unlocks every home