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St. Paul Chamber of Commerce - Social Media


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Presentation given by Jeff Sauer to the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce entitled "the Do's and Don'ts of Social Media Integration"

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St. Paul Chamber of Commerce - Social Media

  1. 1. The  Do’s  and  Don’ts  of  Social  Media   Integration   Presented  by  Jeff  Sauer   to  St.  Paul  Area   Chamber  of  Commerce   April  27,  2011   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  2. 2. Agenda  ü  Who  uses  social  media?  ü  Why  use  social  media?  ü  Do’s  and  don’ts  for  social  media  ü  Platform  specific  recommendations   –  LinkedIn   –  Twitter   –  Facebook  ü  Questions?   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  3. 3. Who  Uses  Social  Media?   PEOPLE!   15,475,890  unique  visitors/month   23,573,178  unique  visitors/month   133,623,529  unique  visitors/month   Visits  data  from  March  2010  study  by  Web  Trends:  hIp://­‐top-­‐10-­‐most-­‐popular-­‐social-­‐networks.htm     Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  4. 4. Why  Use  Social  Media?  ü  Increase  awareness  ü  Reputation  management    ü  Customer  service  ü  Learn  about  your  customers  ü  Customer  feedback  ü  Improve  customer  satisfaction  ü  Client  engagement  ü  Targeted  marketing  ü  Relationship  building   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  5. 5. Do’s  and  Don’ts  for  Social  Media   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  6. 6. Why  Social  Media?   Social  Media  ü Who  should  use  it?        There  is  a  reason  for  just  about  everyone  to  use  social  media  ü What  is  the  value?    Connecting  people  and  businesses  ü When  will  it  go  away?    Most  signs  point  to  elements  of  social  media  staying  popular   for  years  to  come     Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  7. 7. The  DO’s  of  Social  Media  Engage  in  Social  Networks   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  8. 8. The  DON’Ts  of  Social  Media   Don’t  take  a  “one  size  fits  all”  approach   Personal   Primarily  Business  to  Consumer   Business   Primarily  Business  to  Business   Business  &  Personal   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  9. 9. The  DO’s  of  Social  Media  Integrate  Social  Media  with  Tradi]onal  Media   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  10. 10. The  DON’Ts  of  Social  Media   ?  Don’t  let  the  choices  overwhelm  you   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  11. 11. The  DON’Ts  of  Social  Media  Don’t  forget  to  measure  results   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  12. 12. Specific  Do’s  and  Don’ts  for   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  13. 13. LinkedIn  and  Social  Media  ü Who  should  use  it?        Every  professional  needs  to  be  using  LinkedIn  for  personal   career  growth.    Can  also  be  used  to  increase  company   awareness  ü What  is  the  value?    Stay  connected  with  professional  contacts.    Generate   opportunities  to  expand  career  and  generate  new  business   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  14. 14. The  DO’s  of  LinkedIn  Ask  for  recommenda]ons  and  gain  as  many  contacts  as  possible.    Mul]ple  recommenda]ons  =  instant  credibility!   Instant  credibility   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  15. 15. The  DO’s  of  LinkedIn  Take  advantage  of  all  func]onality  provided  by  LinkedIn  to  make  your  profile  more  engaging  and  stand  out  from  others   Presenta]ons   Sales  Collateral   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  16. 16. The  DO’s  of  LinkedIn  Update  your  status  with  professionally  related  informa]on  (TIP:  Link  Your  TwiIer  Account  to  make  this  easier)   LinkedIn  User   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  17. 17. The  DONT’s  of  LinkedIn   …Or  post  all  at  once  Don’t  double  post  the  same  informa]on…   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  18. 18. The  DO’s  of  LinkedIn  Join  groups  relevant  to  your  industry  and  interests   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  19. 19. The  DONT’s  of  LinkedIn  Don’t  allow  your  inbox  to  be  cluIered  with  group  updates   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  20. 20. Specific  Do’s  and  Don’ts  for   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  21. 21. Twitter  and  Social  Media  ü Who  should  use  it?    Those  looking  for  a  friction-­‐free  and  concise  communication   channel  ü What  is  the  value?    Real-­‐time  communication,  easy  to  pass  on  information  to   others  and  makes  people  more  accessible   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  22. 22. The  DO’s  of  Twitter  Find  efficient  ways  to  “Tweet”  and  share  what  you  know   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  23. 23. The  DO’s  of  Twi>er  Join  niche  topic  conversa]ons   Don’t  limit  to  just  one  community   Contribute  to  many  communi]es  for   maximum  coverage.     In  this  example,  our  message  goes  to:     •   Interac]ve  Marke]ng  Associa]on   •   Local  Social  Media  Coffee  Group   •   Well  Known  Marke]ng  Group     •   Charitable  Organiza]on   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  24. 24. The  DO’s  of  Twitter  Take  advantage  of  the  ease  of  conversa]on   Which  one  is  the  billionaire?   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  25. 25. The  DON’Ts  of  Twi>er   Don’t  be  shy  in  mee]ng  new  people   Industry  peer  met  at  a  for  twi4er  users  in  the  area   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  26. 26. Specific  Do’s  and  Don’ts  for   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  27. 27. Facebook  and  Social  Media  ü Who  Should  Use  It?    Brands  looking  to  engage  with  consumers  consistently  with  a   goal  of  1:1  Communication  ü What’s  the  value?    With  over  500  Million  registered  users,  it  is  one  of  the  most   visited  properties  on  the  web   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  28. 28. The  DO’s  of  Facebook  Create  a  page  on  Facebook  for  just  about  anything   Pages  for:     •  Companies   •  Community   •  Professional  Organiza]on   •  Networking   •  Hobbies   •  Other  Niches   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  29. 29. The  DO’s  of  Facebook  Integrate  Facebook  into  your  Website  with  Fan  Boxes  and  “Like”   BuIons   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  30. 30. The  DO’s  of  Facebook  Update  your  Facebook  status   regularly   Don’t  update  more  than  2x  per  day       Don’t  update  less  than  once  a  week,  your  fans   may  forget  about  you   Update  as  needed  for  special  occasions  and   ]me  sensi]ve  informa]on   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  31. 31. The  DO’s  of  Facebook  Create  engaging  messages  that  encourage  interac]ons  with   Facebook  fan  page   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  32. 32. The  DON’Ts  of  Facebook  Post  the  same  offer/status  all  of  the  ]me   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  33. 33. The  DON’Ts  of  Facebook  Don’t  over-­‐share   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  34. 34. More  Best  Practices  for    Social  Media   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  35. 35. The  DO’s  of  Social  Media  ü  Update  consistently,  but  not  too  often  ü  Start  with  people  you  know  in  real  life  ü  Share  useful  information  with  your  network  ü  Embrace  new  mediums  (like  mobile)  ü  Make  yourself  aware  of  privacy  rights  ü  Take  private  conversations  offline   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  36. 36. The  DON’Ts  of  Social  Media  ü  Don’t  overdo  it  ü  Don’t  waste  time  with  irrelevance  ü  Don’t  update  all  at  once  ü  Don’t  flood  your  followers  with  things  they  don’t   care  about  ü  Don’t  make  private  thoughts  public  ü  Don’t  abuse  it  ü  Don’t  wait  until  everything  is  perfect   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  37. 37. About  Three  Deep   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  38. 38. Three  Deep  Clients   Brands   38   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  39. 39. Three  Deep  -­‐  What  We  Do     Strategic  Services   Search  Engine  MarkeDng   Interac]ve  Marke]ng  Research   Paid  Search  Marke]ng   Customer  Rela]onship  Management   Search  Engine  Op]miza]on     Social  Media  Strategy   Website  Conversion   Sales  and  Marke]ng  Alignment   Landing  Page  Op]miza]on     InteracDve  MarkeDng   Technology  Services   Campaign  Management   CRM  Integra]on   Email  Marke]ng   Website  Development   Social  Media  Engagement   Database  Marke]ng   Repor]ng  and  Analysis   Web  Services   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  40. 40. Questions?   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  41. 41. Contact  Jeff  Sauer  Jeff  Sauer  Partner    Director  of  Interactive  Marketing  651-­‐777-­‐6601  180  E  5th  Street  Suite  910  St.  Paul,  MN  55101  @threedeep   Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information    
  42. 42. THANK  YOU!  Three Deep Marketing180 E. 5th Street, Suite 910 | Saint Paul, MN 55101651-789-7701 Confidential  and  Proprietary  Information