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Paid Social Media: How to take your online marketing to a new level


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It’s never been more important to include paid social media as part of your digital marketing strategies. Consumers of nearly every demographic spend countless hours on social media every week. If you’re not advertising on social you’re seriously missing out.

Our Webinar teaches you how to enhance your social media campaigns with paid advertising. In most social media platforms, clicks are inexpensive and highly targeted.

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Paid Social Media: How to take your online marketing to a new level

  1. 1. | Paid Social Advertising 1 Three Deep Marketing Paid Social Advertising
  2. 2. | Paid Social Advertising 2 Who am I and why are we here? Carie Otto Paid Media & Optimization Strategist Three Deep Marketing Why are we here? To see how social media may impact your business in 2016 and beyond.
  3. 3. | Paid Social Advertising 3 The Plan for Today • Social Media Trends • Social Content Strategy & Advertising • Diverse Targeting Options • Ad Choices • Case Study • Questions
  4. 4. | Paid Social Advertising 4 Social Media Advertising
  5. 5. | Paid Social Advertising 5 Facebook The social platform that refuses to give up.
  6. 6. | Paid Social Advertising 6 Facebook – Users by Geography
  7. 7. | Paid Social Advertising 7 Facebook – Ad Revenue by Geography Facebook accumulated $4.3 billion in ad revenue (in one quarter!).
  8. 8. | Paid Social Advertising 8 Facebook Revenue by Format Mobile isn’t going ANYWHERE!
  9. 9. | Paid Social Advertising 9 LinkedIn Membership
  10. 10. | Paid Social Advertising 10 LinkedIn
  11. 11. | Paid Social Advertising 11 Twitter at a Glance
  12. 12. | Paid Social Advertising 12
  13. 13. | Paid Social Advertising 13 Margot Bloomstein Content Strategy
  14. 14. | Paid Social Advertising 14 Kristina Halvorson, CEO & Founder of Brain Traffic, 1st edition of Content Strategy for the Web “Content strategy guides planning for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content.”
  15. 15. | Paid Social Advertising 15 Various; See Notes Content Marketing
  16. 16. | Paid Social Advertising 16 Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute “Create valuable, compelling and relevant content on a consistent basis and build an audience over that time in order to see some profitable customer action.” AdAge
  17. 17. | Paid Social Advertising 17 Content Marketing is particularly hot, and has been since 2011.
  18. 18. | Paid Social Advertising 18
  19. 19. | Paid Social Advertising 19 Not all Targets are Equal
  20. 20. | Paid Social Advertising 20 Facebook will recommended a CPC bid based on competition for the target audience. Basic Targeting on Facebook (& Instagram) Category Example Demographics Women Minneapolis/St. Paul DMA 24-45 Interests Parenting Behaviors Baby products Data Income > $40K
  21. 21. | Paid Social Advertising 21 Advanced Targeting on Facebook
  22. 22. | Paid Social Advertising 22 Targeting Options on LinkedIn LinkedIn will determine a recommended CPC bid for your audience. Category Example Demographics MSP DMA Age 25-55+ Company Select Industries 500+ Employees Job Senior Level Skills Marketing
  23. 23. | Paid Social Advertising 23 Targeting on Twitter Twitter will generate a recommended CPC bid based on your target audience. Category Example Demographics Males U.S. Behavior Sports fans Interests Basketball Keyword March Madness NCAA Bracket College Basketball
  24. 24. | Paid Social Advertising 24 You WILL PAY for Your Target Audience Consider your audience. Can still represent a steep discount over search networks. Use in combination with search. Platform Experienced Average CPC Facebook $0.50 - $1.50 LinkedIn $4.00 - $9.00 Twitter $1.00 - $2.00
  25. 25. | Paid Social Advertising 25 Not all Ads are Created Equal
  26. 26. | Paid Social Advertising 26 Facebook Ad Formats Standard Carousel Video
  27. 27. | Paid Social Advertising 27 Instagram Ad Formats Photo Ads Video Ads Carousel Ads
  28. 28. | Paid Social Advertising 28 Remember that target audience we defined for facebook? It triggered this ad experience:
  29. 29. | Paid Social Advertising 29 Interactive ads are well worth it! Carousel ads drove 2-3X higher CTR. More clicks for same exposure. Increased Relevance Score ~3 points.
  30. 30. | Paid Social Advertising 30 LinkedIn Ad Types Ads that appear in the newsfeed have MUCH higher CTR.
  31. 31. | Paid Social Advertising 31 Twitter Ad Types
  32. 32. | Paid Social Advertising 32 “Discounts” for quality ads Ad networks give ads quality or relevance scores based on the advertising trifecta. Advertisers Users Ad Networks
  33. 33. | Paid Social Advertising 33 Case Study
  34. 34. | Paid Social Advertising 34 Recipe Website: Social Media Case Study PRIMARY GOAL .Share fun, fresh, relevant content with those who like recipe Facebook page and core target markets. SECONDARY Encourage sharing of this content socially to extend reach. TERTIARY Drive engaged website traffic. Drive in-store purchases.
  35. 35. | Paid Social Advertising 35 Content Strategy
  36. 36. | Paid Social Advertising 36 Content Marketing
  37. 37. | Paid Social Advertising 37 Content Marketing Promote posts to four key audiences: Parents of young children Empty Nesters Current Likes Young Adults
  38. 38. | Paid Social Advertising 38 32% 33% 10% 25% People Reached Parents (28-44) Empy Nesters (45+) Current Facebook Likes Young Adults (18-27) 20% 40% 26% 14% Total Engagements Parents (28-44) Empy Nesters (45+) Current Facebook Likes Young Adults (18-27) Results Empty NestersEmpty Nesters
  39. 39. | Paid Social Advertising 39 1/1/15 2/1/15 3/1/15 4/1/15 5/1/15 6/1/15 7/1/15 8/1/15 9/1/15 10/1/15 11/1/15 12/1/15 1/1/16 2015 Page Likes and Engagement Daily Page Engaged Users Daily: The number of people who engaged with your Page. Engagement includes any click or story created. (Unique Users) Daily New Likes Daily: The number of new people who have liked your Page (Unique Users) Lifetime Total Likes Lifetime: The total number of people who have liked your Page. (Unique Users) Facebook purged inactive or deleted accounts from page likes in March December 1, Facebook Paid Campaign Started December 31, Facebook Paid Campaign Stopped Results
  40. 40. | Paid Social Advertising 40 1-Jan 31-Jan 2-Mar 1-Apr 1-May 31-May 30-Jun 30-Jul 29-Aug 28-Sep 28-Oct 27-Nov 27-Dec Total Reach The number of people who were served any activity from your Page including your posts, posts to your Page by other people, Page like ads, mentions and checkins. Daily Paid Reach Daily: The number of people who saw a sponsored story or ad pointing to your Page. (Unique Users) Daily Organic Reach Daily: The number of people who visited your Page, or saw your Page or one of its posts in news feed or ticker. These can be people who have liked your Page and people who haven't. (Unique Users) October 15, Organic Facebook Campaign Began December 1, Paid campaign on Facebook Began December 31, Paid campaign on Facebook Ended Results
  41. 41. | Paid Social Advertising 41 Results - Pinterest 2015 Pinterest Follower Growth Facebook Ads started Pinterest cleaned out many spam accounts early in November
  42. 42. | Paid Social Advertising 42 Results - Pinterest 1/1/2015 2/1/2015 3/1/2015 4/1/2015 5/1/2015 6/1/2015 7/1/2015 8/1/2015 9/1/2015 10/1/2015 11/1/2015 12/1/2015 1/1/2016 2015 Clicks to Website from Pinterest Clicks Visitors Facebook Ads started
  43. 43. | Paid Social Advertising 43 Results  At the Business Level Huge lift in engagement across multiple channels. Spike in web traffic from social sites. Content reached target audiences. Does the core target audience need to be redefined based on learnings?
  44. 44. | Paid Social Advertising 44 How do I get started?
  45. 45. | Paid Social Advertising 45 Free To Explore Facebook Advertising • Facebook for Business: • Power Editor: LinkedIn Advertising • Linkedin Ads: Twitter Advertising • Twitter Ads:
  46. 46. | Paid Social Advertising 46 Three Deep Marketing manages $7+ million in paid media spending annually All campaigns are managed by certified paid media strategists with proven success
  47. 47. | Paid Social Advertising 47 QUESTIONS?