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Leads Rule: 6 Secrets to Creating High Converting Leads Online


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Slides from the Leads Rule Webinar presented by Dan Derosier, Vice President of Sales at Three Deep Marketing on July 22, 2015. Learn the six strategies that are essential to high performance lead generation programs.

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Leads Rule: 6 Secrets to Creating High Converting Leads Online

  2. 2. | LEADS RULE Seminar 2 Leads Rule Agenda • A few digital industry stats around lead generation • Learn how websites can generate more visitors • Create a digital presence where potential buyers are searching • Teach you how to convert prospects into customers • Understand ways you can dominate in local search • Provide methods for nurturing your not-so-hot leads
  3. 3. | LEADS RULE Seminar 3 Digital Marketing Objectives For B2B Companies
  4. 4. | LEADS RULE Seminar 4 Digital Marketing Objectives For B2C Companies
  5. 5. | LEADS RULE Seminar 5 Paid Media Local Social SEO Buy Lists or Leads Display Facebook Ads Content Marketing YouTube Ads Content Strategy On-Page YouTube Facebook Other sites Twitter Guest Blogging In Search In Display In Stream Reviews Directories Google My Business Lead/List Aggregators Content Networks Retargeting Demographic or Interest Based Ads Optimized, consistent biz info Social integration Ensure consistent, correct biz info in all directories Identify vital review sites Incentivize within reason Provide content to relevant blogs Quick, brief announcements Sharing of images, videos, and special offers Other channel-specific campaigns (Instagram, Pinterest) Facebook announcements Special offers for FB fans Video Testimonials & Optimization Form & Function Metadata/URLs User Experience Content Strategy Company Story Blogging Customer Stories Outreach & Content Placement Social Amplification Your Digital Presence PPC Google Bing Mobile
  6. 6. | LEADS RULE Seminar 6 Effective Strategies to Lead Generation Success Local Websites Landing Pages Inquiries Leads Customers PaidSEOLearned how websites can generate more visitors Understand ways you can dominate in local search How to create a digital presence where potential buyers are searching Teach you how to convert prospects into customers Provide methods for nurturing your not-so-hot leads Give you ways to perpetually improve your programs through measurement and ROI 1 2 4 3 5 6 Your Digital Presence
  7. 7. | LEADS RULE Seminar 7 Learn how websites can generate more visitors LEADS RULE POINT #1
  8. 8. | LEADS RULE Seminar 8 Search Engine Optimization FACT: 79% of search engine users say they always/frequently click on the natural search results.
  9. 9. | LEADS RULE Seminar 9 Search Engine Results Product Listing Ads (PLAs) Paid Search Organic Search
  10. 10. | LEADS RULE Seminar 10 Don’t Start With More Content, Fix Your Website Foundation SEO Pyramid 2- Develop relevant and engaging content and promote 1- Start here as most sites are not optimized!
  11. 11. | LEADS RULE Seminar 11 Review and Fix Foundational SEO First Title Tag: Should be descriptive and unique to each page – Written in the native language of target market. URL: Accurate and descriptive, should clearly show page hierarchy – no dynamic elements (?, #, =, etc.) H1 heading: Calls out main topic of the on-page content – only one per page. (Ideally should target a non-branded keyword phrase) H2 headings: Further describe sub-sections of the page – each page can have many. Alternative image text: Accurately describes image and is in line with page theme.
  12. 12. | LEADS RULE Seminar 12 Your Proven SEO Process Website Assessment Fix The Foundation Content Audit/Strateg y Content Marketing  Ask a qualified agency or use online tools like Screaming Frog to assess your current website  Fix any low hanging technical SEO challenges that a basic assessment uncovers to gain search-ability improvements  Use keyword research to inform what your target market is searching for and what new content is needed  Write original, relevant, engaging content and optimize it so search engines can find it  Have a SEO plan, prioritize it and measure against your business goals
  13. 13. | LEADS RULE Seminar 13 Create a digital presence where potential buyers are searching LEADS RULE POINT #2
  14. 14. | LEADS RULE Seminar 14 ACQUISITION FACT: Studies show that web users predominantly click on the top four results for any particular search, and then move on.
  15. 15. | LEADS RULE Seminar 15 Are you getting enough website traffic? FACT: Website traffic and conversion rates are the top measures of marketing success for marketers. B2C companies get 2+ to times as much traffic as B2B firms This is a general guide and every industry is different
  16. 16. | LEADS RULE Seminar 16 Search Engine Results Paid Search Paid SearchOrganic Search
  17. 17. | LEADS RULE Seminar 17 Organic Search May Not Find A Contractor Might be Time to Consider Paid Media
  18. 18. | LEADS RULE Seminar 18 • Increased conversion rates • Reduced cost per inquiry • Increased lead flow • Improved payback Paid Media Should Be Driven to a Dedicated Landing Page or Micro-Site
  19. 19. | LEADS RULE Seminar 19 Research CPC and Estimate CPA Before You Start A Paid Media Campaign CPA Calculation x $5.00 Average CPC @ 3% Total Conversion Rate = $167 Cost per Acquisition MARKET AD IMPRESSIONS 100% SHARE OF AD IMPRESSIONS 80% CLICK-THROUGH 2.0 % CONVERSION 3% AD SPEND BUDGET FILTER 167,000 AD IMPRESSIONS (Our Share) 3,340 CLICKS or VISITS 208,750 SEARCHES (Market) 100 CONTACTS (Forms + Calls) Raw Inquiries $5.00 CPC Cost Per Click $167 CPA Cost Per Acquisition
  20. 20. | LEADS RULE Seminar 20 CONVERSION FUNNEL – RAW INQUIRIES APPOINTMENTS SET 60% APPOINTMENTS ISSUED 75% DEMOS 75% SALES CLOSED 35% 40 11 22 88 Nurturing opportunities less disqualified 100 INQUIRIES 60 APPOINTMENTS SET 45 APPOINTMENTS ISSUED 34 DEMOS 12 SALES Continue to Estimate Your Sales Funnel from Your CRM System 15
  21. 21. | LEADS RULE Seminar 21 Your Digital Presence • Don’t focus on Cost Per Click • Focus on Cost Per Acquisition • Determine if ROI for paid media Calculate a Return on Investment to See if Paid Media Makes Sense for your Business
  22. 22. | LEADS RULE Seminar 22 Create a digital presence where potential buyers are searching  Discover – Understand CPC and estimate CPA as a baseline. Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that is helpful.  Calculate your CRM sales funnel to determine if a return on investment is likely.  Build – Create your ad campaigns across selected media with aim to meet goals.  Implement - Launch campaigns on Google first, collect data, begin to see success before launching on other search engines and social media.  Optimize – Monitor and make changes to the campaigns to drive better results.
  23. 23. | LEADS RULE Seminar 23 Teach you how to convert prospects into customers LEADS RULE POINT #3
  24. 24. | LEADS RULE Seminar 24 Conversion Optimization Am I converting enough traffic? FACT: Forrester Research indicates that the average conversion rate – that is the ratio of orders (inquiries) to overall site visits – is 2.9 percent.
  25. 25. | LEADS RULE Seminar 25 Conversion Optimization Am I converting enough traffic? 1,600 visits x 52 = 83,200 x 2.9% conversion = 2,413 inquiries per year FACT: Conversion rate and website traffic are the top measures of marketing success for marketers. By doubling your conversion rates, you cut your cost per inquiry in half!
  26. 26. | LEADS RULE Seminar 26 Conversion Optimization Guideline For Landing Pages 4 BUYING MODALITY CHECK COMPETITIVE Bottom line UVP "Best" evidence Learn/achieve challenges SPONTANEOUS Personalization, Guarantee Time-savers / Tools Hot trends / Urgency HUMANISTIC People/Others-focused People photos Stories & Reviews METHODICAL Process steps Factual details Timing expectations WHAT ARE THEY OFFERING? WHO IS THE COMPANY? WHAT IS THE CALL- TO-ACTION? DO THEY APPEAR CREDIBLE? Desktop Mobile
  27. 27. | LEADS RULE Seminar 27 EXISTING WEB PAGE STANDALONE LANDING PAGE Conversion Optimization In Action
  28. 28. | LEADS RULE Seminar 28 Teach you how to convert prospects into customers Your Digital Presence
  29. 29. | LEADS RULE Seminar 29 Teach you how to convert prospects into customers  Review your online marketing and sales funnel and determine where you have conversion challenges  If using paid media, focus conversion on those landing pages first and then popular organic website destination pages  Identify the primary "buying modality" of your audience segments  Audit marketing content and messaging to account for all four buying modalities  Reframe communications (written, spoken) to leverage all buying modality influences  A/B test, measure results, pick a winner & optimization again
  30. 30. | LEADS RULE Seminar 30 Understand ways you can dominate in local search LEADS RULE POINT #4
  31. 31. | LEADS RULE Seminar 31 LOCAL SEARCH FACTS: • 1 in 5 searches on Google are related to a location • 45% of local searches have a purchase intent • 50% of all local searches are on mobile devices
  32. 32. | LEADS RULE Seminar 32 Search Engine Results Paid Search Paid Search Organic Search Local
  33. 33. | LEADS RULE Seminar 33 Arvig – Ada and Walker Name Address Phone
  34. 34. | LEADS RULE Seminar 34 Local Search 1. Google+ 2. Foursquare 3. Facebook 4. Yelp 5. Superpages 6. Infogroup 7. Localeze 8. Yellowpages 9. Factual 10. CitySearch 11. Best of the Web 12. Bing 13. Yahoo 14. Hot Frog 15. Acxiom 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
  35. 35. | LEADS RULE Seminar 35 Local Search Ecosystem The local search ecosystem is a complicated one.
  36. 36. | LEADS RULE Seminar 36 Your Proven Local Search Process Fix the NAP Focus key directories Get reviews • Research Listing - review all your current listings with tools such as MozLocal • Fix the NAP - Improve consistency, eliminate duplication and inaccurate listings • Focus on key directories - like Google My Business, YELP, Yellowbook, BING, Yahoo Local and for all locations owned or important (retailers, dealers or franchisees) • Get Reviews – Reviews are a critical aspect of being found with local search. Ask your customers for them. Research Listings
  37. 37. | LEADS RULE Seminar 37 Provide methods for nurturing your not-so-hot leads LEADS RULE POINT #5
  38. 38. | LEADS RULE Seminar 38 Provide methods for nurturing your not-so-hot leads Email D-mail Email Phone • “79% of marketing leads never convert to sales. Lack of lead nurturing is a common cause of poor performance.” – MarketingSherpa
  39. 39. | LEADS RULE Seminar 39 Nurturing Begins with Rapid Response, Inquiry Qualification and Consistent Follow-up Lead360 Study
  40. 40. | LEADS RULE Seminar 40 Inquiry, Lead Flow and Nurture Process • Build a best in class corporate-driven lead generation programs dealing with sales reps or independent contractors • Create a repeatable process to turn more online inquiries into qualified leads • Increase sales opportunities for reps or dealers by following industry best practices • Provide reps or dealers with tools to receive track and reconcile leads, without learning a new CRM system • Measure online results all the way through the sales cycle to track product sales, recoup marketing costs, etc. • Provides a recording and reporting platform for better business decision-making CRM Portal Dealer sets an appointment with the homeowner(s) CRM DB Email/Phone Dealer drives order via distributor or manufacturer installs products & updates homeowner record. Portal Dealer 1 or Rep 1 Dealer 2 Or Rep 2 Qualified Lead Lead Nurture Campaign
  41. 41. | LEADS RULE Seminar 41 CONVERSION FUNNEL – RAW INQUIRIES APPOINTMENTS SET 60% APPOINTMENTS ISSUED 75% DEMOS 75% SALES CLOSED 35% 22 11 22 100 INQUIRIES 60 APPOINTMENTS SET 45 APPOINTMENTS ISSUED 34 DEMOS 12 SALES Measure Sales Yield By Stage and Nurture The Leads That Don’t Initially Close 15 This CRM report indicates that 18% of inquiries are disqualified and if 12% did close, 70% need some form of lead nurturing to qualify 18 12
  42. 42. | LEADS RULE Seminar 42 Where Does Lead Nurturing Fit In the Marketing Funnel? 35% • Most companies send all the inquiries directly to their to their sales reps or dealer networks without capturing information and qualifying them first.
  43. 43. | LEADS RULE Seminar 43 Provide methods for nurturing your not-so-hot leads  Create an automated repeatable nurture process for inquiries that didn’t initially convert into an appointment, demo, etc.  Develop responsive email templates and relevant content for multiple messages (mobile email viewing)  Establish a nurture campaign with ‘x’ messages over ‘y’ period of time based on the typical buying cycle  Use nurture campaigns to encourage happy new customers to write reviews on multiple review sites  Drive incremental newly qualified leads back to your sales channel Email D-mail Email Phone
  44. 44. | LEADS RULE Seminar 44 LEADS RULE POINT #6 Give you ways to perpetually improve your programs
  45. 45. | LEADS RULE Seminar 45 Which channel makes the biggest positive impact on revenue revenue? (cont.)
  46. 46. | LEADS RULE Seminar 46 Alignment and Measurement Are Critical to Understand How to Improve Your Programs Identify business objectives and align goals to each Define KPIs for each objective Set targets for each Configure your online reporting tools to measure and report
  47. 47. | LEADS RULE Seminar 47 What Types of Things Should You Measure? • Website Visits • Traffic Sources • Conversion Rates • Lead Volume / Quality • Cost per Acquisition • Return on Ad Spend • Revenue by Channel • Customer Lifetime Value Leverage free tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  48. 48. | LEADS RULE Seminar 48 Measurement and Reporting
  49. 49. | LEADS RULE Seminar 49 Measurement and Reporting Start with what you know and can measure Local SEO Paid Units – 490 TOFU Top of Funnel MOFU Middle of Funnel BOFU Bottom of Funnel
  50. 50. | LEADS RULE Seminar 50 LEADS RULE SUMMAR Y Get started or get left behind
  51. 51. | LEADS RULE Seminar 51 Your LEADS RULE Summary and Roadmap  Website can generate more visitors by fixing foundational SEO and then focus on adding relevant content. Start with a SEO scan.  Leverage paid media so you are found more frequently when potential buyers are searching. Use Google keyword planner & estimate CPC.  Convert more prospects into customers with focused landing pages by using the 4 buying modalities and respond rapidly to any inquiry.  Fix the NAP, clean up data for directory consistency and it’s important to add customer reviews to dominate with local search  Centralize and qualify all inquiries, distribute qualified leads only and create a triggered nurture campaign for your not-so-hot leads  Align your online goals with your business goals, set-up tracking with Google Analytics and measure constantly to know what’s
  52. 52. | LEADS RULE Seminar 52 • Improved conversion rates by 2x or more • Increase lead flow by 25% or more • Reduced cost per inquiry by 20% or more • Better measurement to understand ROI Our Lead Generation Success
  53. 53. | LEADS RULE Seminar 53 About Three Deep Marketing • 48 person digital marketing agency in St. Paul, MN • Manage $5+ million in paid search spending annually • Manage 30+ million in consumer database records • 240 million opt-in emails sent in prior 12 months • Certified in popular CRM tool, • 6 Google Adwords and 3 Bing Certified Professionals • 12 Google Analytics Certified Professionals • Appointment setting contact center for online conversion • Inc. 5000 Fast Growing Company Award five consecutive years • Multiple Best Company to Work Awards in Minnesota
  54. 54. | LEADS RULE Seminar 54 eBook location • Get a FREE lead generation assessment for qualified businesses • Score your effectiveness • Outline growth opportunities Send your request to: • Download Free eBook
  55. 55. | LEADS RULE Seminar 55 Three Deep Marketing 180 E. 5th Street-Suite 910, St Paul, MN 55101 (651) 789-7701 Thank You!
  56. 56. | LEADS RULE Seminar 56 Which Channel Has The Biggest Impact on Revenue?
  57. 57. | LEADS RULE Seminar 57 Which channel makes the biggest positive impact on revenue revenue? (cont.)