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Adding Some Color to Omnichannel Marketing


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Your audience visits multiple online locations everyday, so how do you use your audiences online behavior to increase sales of your product inside retail locations. That’s the challenge Behr Paint faces, in advancing their email marketing practices they have grown into omnichannel strategies that integrate their audience’s website behavior with automated email and media strategies.

Our presentation at the 2017 IBM Amplify National Conference shares how Behr has grown from adhoc email campaigns into behavior based, relevant campaigns designed for omnichannel marketing.

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Adding Some Color to Omnichannel Marketing

  1. 1. Adding Some Color to Omnichannel Marketing Dave Woodbeck Three Deep Marketing Eliza Cruz Behr #IBMAmplifyColor
  2. 2. How many contacts do you have in your CRM? #IBMAmplifyColor
  3. 3. What if the internet was your database? #IBMAmplifyColor
  4. 4. Dynamic company that actively embraces quality and innovation with top rated products in the interior paint, exterior paint and exterior stain categories. #IBMAmplifyColor • BEHR MARQUEE® (One-Coat Interior paint) • BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA® (Paint and Primer in One) • BEHR PREMUM PLUS® (Core brand) • BEHR PREMIUM DECKOVER® (Revives old wood and concrete) • BEHR PREMIUM® Granite Grip™
  5. 5. Behr’s Marketing Objectives. Create an immersive, rewarding experience for consumers to communicate that Behr has all the inspiration, expertise and product performance they need for any project from start to finish. Help consumers express their personality and create their dream home through color. Be the go-to for inspiration and color selection. #IBMAmplifyColor
  6. 6. Before color. • Standard email campaigns • Everyone treated similar • Channels operate as silos • No marketing automation • Measurement and consumer behavior was not part brands and campaign #IBMAmplifyColor
  7. 7. Craving a colorful treat. • Mature marketing practices • Behavioral marketing triggers • Advance personalization • Improve database segmentation • Evaluate database and provide quantifiable value on brands and campaign #IBMAmplifyColor
  8. 8. Let’s get to work! Set basic foundation in 2015. Focus for 2015 • Content calendar • Brand outreach • Simple behavioral marketing • Establish measurement model #IBMAmplifyColor
  9. 9. #IBMAmplifyColor
  10. 10. Content Calendar #IBMAmplifyColor
  11. 11. Establish a range of design concepts. #IBMAmplifyColor
  12. 12. Establish measurement model. #IBMAmplifyColor
  13. 13. Execute like crazy. 0 3.2 Million 0 #IBMAmplifyColor
  14. 14. Execute like crazy. 5,012,570 13,254,582 86,186 #IBMAmplifyColor
  15. 15. Welcome emails. #IBMAmplifyColor
  16. 16. Welcome sequence performance. Outstanding 3x better performance than broadcast. WOW – but really weird, ultimately this was some flaw in the marketing automation software and ultimately we switched to Watson. #IBMAmplifyColor
  17. 17. That was great, we want more! Personalization 1:1 marketing in 2016. • From measurement to value • Align content to consumer journey • Introduce personalization • Persona • Inspiration Amplify • Project Amplify • Rebate • Measure more and optimize more • …while continuing everything from 2015 The Color Run! #IBMAmplifyColor
  18. 18. #IBMAmplifyColor
  19. 19. Who is in our database? Are they valuable? #IBMAmplifyColor 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 3 3 33 4 4 4 5 55 5
  20. 20. Who’s in our database and are they loyal? #IBMAmplifyColor
  21. 21. Who’s in our database and are they loyal? #IBMAmplifyColor 52%
  22. 22. Enough nerdiness. Let’s get personal. #IBMAmplifyColor
  23. 23. Because a picture says a thousand words. #IBMAmplifyColor
  24. 24. Data for segmentation. #IBMAmplifyColor This is good segmentation data, perhaps even great, but we were still asking the question? ARE THEY THE RIGHT CONSUMERS!
  25. 25. #IBMAmplifyColor
  26. 26. Let’s all add color. Today’s presentation is interactive. It’s a tactile experience providing you with a similar experience as users received. Our hope is by you giving a little, you’ll get a lot. #IBMAmplifyColor
  27. 27. • Go to • Fill out the form • Get the email • Go to the Quiz • Take the Quiz Instructions #IBMAmplifyColor
  28. 28. Lead with your customers John Singer Sargent 31% Picasso 41% Van Gogh 5% Jackson Polluck 10% Pope Julius II 13% Survey Results
  29. 29. Assembling the pieces #IBMAmplifyColor
  30. 30. Consumer Inspiration
  31. 31. Capturing user behavior
  32. 32. Leveraging successful assets #IBMAmplifyColor
  33. 33. …While continuing everything from 2015. #IBMAmplifyColor
  34. 34. Marketing Automation IS the future. Move beyond what’s thinkable. • Internet is the new database • Journey Analytics • The Marketing Automation Mindset will RULE the world. #IBMAmplifyColor
  35. 35. Looking into the future. #IBMAmplifyColor
  36. 36. #IBMAmplifyColor
  37. 37. How far can we reach? #IBMAmplifyColor
  38. 38. Thank you! • We plan to write about today’s experiment. • You’re already part of the story by being here. • You can influence it by sharing. • Oh, we know this requires your time, so here’s the reward. #IBMAmplifyColor
  39. 39. Adding Some Color to Omnichannel Marketing Dave Woodbeck Three Deep Marketing Eliza Cruz Behr #IBMAmplifyColor