Dragon Trail - China Travel Social Media marketing -April2010


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Dragon Trail - China Travel Social Media marketing -April2010

  1. 1. . com Follow me: LinkedIn: Thraenhart Twitter: @JensThraenhart Facebook: JensThraenhart E-Mail: Jens@DragonTrail.com JENS THRAENHART Get insights & trends: www.DragonTrail.com www.ChinaTravelTrends.com Gold Award Winner Twitter: @CnTravelTrends Product Innovation Join our Community: www.Community.ChinaTravelTrends.com Member of:
  2. 2. China Outbound Tourism 2010: Greater interest in in-depth travels by Chinese travellers: depth • The survey of the China Tourism Academy 2009/2010 shows that Chinese tour operators are increasing their range of products meeting products, the growing demand for more sophisticated travel offers from Chinese customers. • Niche market and special interest products gain opportunities to attract Chinese visitors visitors. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  3. 3. CHINA INTERNET USERS HAVE GROWN BY 1500% SINCE 2000 400 million Internet users in April 2010, representing 29% of the Chinese population Most engaged country online: 92 % contributed to social media 85% of online users approve Internet Censorship More bloggers in China than in Europe and USA combined Source: CNNIC; Trendspotting; Forester; iResearch DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  5. 5. China Internet Facts 400 Million Internet Users equals 29% penetration in China (USA has over 80 % penetration) ; 150 Mill new users in 2009; equals 330,000 new users per day or 14,000 per hour 5 DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  6. 6. China Internet Facts 30 Million people access the Internet only on their mobile phones DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  7. 7. The Internet has become the most popular medium for Chinese travellers seeking information about their trips Source: Nielsen China Outbound Travel Monitor DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  8. 8. Online Travel Research in China Source: Nielsen, 2009 DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  9. 9. Blogging: Asia leads Russia 2.4m Denmark 0.3m South Korea UK 9.7m Poland Netherlands 4.5m 1.6m 1.1m CANADA Germany Romania 1.6m 5.2m USA Switzerland 0.5m Hungary Czech 0.6m Japan 26.4m 0.5m France Austria 0.1m 0.4m Greece 0.3m China 14m 4m Spain Turkey 2m Pakistan 43m Italy 4.5m 0.97m Taiwan 3.4m 4.2m MEXICO 4.1m India Hong Kong Philippines 1m 2.4m % Write their own 8.7m blog 60%+ BRAZIL 40% -60% 7.6m Australia 1m 30%-40% <30% Source: Universal McCann, 2009 Source: Universal McCann Social Media Tracker DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM Active Internet Universe Estimates 16-54
  10. 10. Social Networking: everywhere South Korea Russia 9.4m 6.1m UK Netherlands 3.7m Poland 11m Denmark 2.7m 0.6m CANADA 4.2m Germany Czech 1.4m 0.8m Romania China Japan 8.2m Hungary USA France 4.2m Switzerland 1m Turkey 39m 12.4m 43m 0.9m Austria 0.6m 3.3m Greece Pakistan Spain Italy 0.5m 1.8m Taiwan 4.7m 3.9m 3.9m MEXICO India Hong Kong 5.1m 11.7m 1m Philippines 3m % joined a social network BRAZIL 70%+ 11.4m 60% -69% Australia 50%-59% 2.6m <49% Source: Universal McCann, 2009 DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM Universal McCann, Wave 3 2008 Source:
  12. 12. 13
  14. 14. THE CHINESE SOCIAL MEDIA LANDSCAPE 221 117 176 Blogs Million BBS Million SNS Million Diary: “About Me” Community: “About Topics” Network: “About Relationships” DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  15. 15. CHINA SOCIAL MEDIA DOMINATES THE US: Chinese netizens are more engaged in creating/sharing content Source: New 2008 Social Technographics data Source: Chinese Social Technographics Revealed, reveals rapid growth in adoption, 2008/10/20 2009/01/23 DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  16. 16. The Power of the Internet Community in China: Redefining the Brand/Consumer Relationship DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  17. 17. “Social Media is the most influential communications medium in modern China” Two-thirds of surveyed public affairs executives – thirds Edelman MediaRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM D Influence Survey, November 2009
  19. 19. P1 | SNS for the Affluent Class DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  20. 20. How influential it is. 56.3% of users said that they “got to know brands” through online channels. 58.7% actually made purchase decisions based on 81% of BBS and blog user-generated online info (compared to only 19% in U.S.). users check online word of mouth before Even when not making a purchase, 89.9% of users still pay attention to online word of mouth.* purchasing a product.* Travellers will search for destination information online (61% of leisure trips taken), and then turn to online travel discussion forums (48%) to fine-tune their plans. Nielsen China Outbound Travel Monitor, 2009 *Source: “Making Sense of Internet Word of Mouth.” CIC 2009. Making DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  21. 21. It’s all about converting Influencers into Advocates 23 DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  23. 23. Understand Principles Be useful Be live Videos: Youkou Social Images: Yupoo Spaces Platforms Social Space Micro-Blog: Sina Framework Bookmark: Zhuaxia SNS: RenRen Networks Active listening M&S assets Research & Listen Measure Plan/iterate Optimise assets Editorial On-site UGC Processes Content Widgets / tools Aggregation Outreach Moderation Curation Connecting APIs DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  25. 25. Blogger Relations: Influencer Marketing in Action DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  27. 27. Case studies of companies using Chinese social media: DESTINATIONS Switzerland DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  28. 28. The Switzerland Tourism Board in Beijing held a series of campaigns in China to attract more Chinese travellers, and to position Switzerland as the prime destination for Mountain Climbers. -IMAX film screening festival – invited infuencers and media - Invited a Celebrity Blogger to Switzerland DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  29. 29. - Wangshi, founder of Wanke Real Estate company. - Mountain Climber, He has blogs in Sina. and well known And Sohu. Look at the blogger in China. number of the readers. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  30. 30. Look at the clicks of a single post. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  31. 31. Case studies of companies using Chinese social media: AIR LINES Lufthansa DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  32. 32. Lufthansa Airline European Study Abroad Group [32,654 members]
  33. 33. Case Study: Lufthansa • Leveraging one of the top Chinese Social Networks, Renren.com to develop “Lufthansa Airline European study abroad group” • Lufthansa’s 13 individual Renren.com accounts – 12 accounts base on its flight destination in Europe (Lufthansa German, France, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, England, Finland, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium), plus a “Lufthansa study abroad” account which streams blog content to the main group. • For those 12 countries, each one has a brand ambassador – a student who is currently studying in that country People can country. easily go to those students’ Renren pages from Lufthansa country homepages and check out their European studying experience. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  34. 34. Case Study: Lufthansa 1. General group intro 2. Blog: all the blog articles are streamed from Lufthansa study abroad account’s blog, which introduces Lufthansa’s history, flight knowledge, and some promotional events. Some popular articles have been viewed around 500 times, and average ones have around 100 views. 3. Video: most videos are introduction of Lufthansa’s flight and server, the rest are (ambassador’s) European life experience. It seems that those experience videos are generally popular than the rest ones. One video introduces Venice has been viewed 3,148 times, but those Lufthansa info ones only got averagely 50 views. 4. Images: all seem to be advertising images, so haven’t got much feedback. 5. Forum: this is the most active section in the group. The forum has already built up 442 topics cover 4 areas (travel, visa, life, education), where students interacting with each other, asking study abroad questions and sharing personal experience. 6. Promotion & entertainment: on the sidebar, there are couple banners announcing discount information from Lufthansa. There is also an entertainment area where group members can play Lufthansa branded mini game, download Lufthansa ring tone, etc. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  35. 35. 13 Lufthansa individual destination account pages [total: 45,332 visitors, 8,903 friends]
  36. 36. Case studies of companies using Chinese social media: DESTINATIONS New Zealand DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  37. 37. NewZealand.com - Homepage Trip Planner Trip Planner Partner Product Placement Partner Product Placement DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  38. 38. NewZealand.com - Homepage Design Your Own Trip User Video User Feedback User Blogs DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  39. 39. Chinese Video Sharing Website Tudou.com
  40. 40. Expert Blogger Virtual Focus Group • Engage expert bloggers in a panel to get insights about product development, brand positioning, and service feedback • Great insight if “influencer’s followers” would accept a brand’s products and services. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  41. 41. Know How To Identify The Influencers Not all influencers are equal, so knowing your audience is vital to success. Insight into your customers’ social networks, online activities, and demographic data helps you improve targeting and engage people to find out what influences, and who is influential. Here’s a partial list of questions you need to answer: • What social networks are they using? Can you use these networks for seeding, provide badges to share, or leverage them in other ways? • How well-connected are your customers already? How can you help them connect to connected more people? • Which channels do they use to connect with others — email, instant messaging (IM), short message service (SMS), blogging, social networking sites? How can you integrate these channels into your program? • Where do your customers go to find new content, offers, and experiences? • What content formats do they prefer to use and share — video, flash, widgets? Can you provide content in these formats? DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  42. 42. Founded by international leading experts in social media, e-tourism and travel technology tourism STRATEGY SOCIAL MEDIA Dragon TECHNOLOGY Trail CONTENT Team E-MARKETING NETWORK DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  44. 44. 1. Insight: Social Voices Extracting brand sentiments from millions of consumer reviews across the Internet in China. We then turn that knowledge into action, shaping campaigns to increase awareness, revenues, and data capture. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  45. 45. 2. Relevant Chinese Website Presence Development Design Your Own Trip User Video User Feedback User Blogs DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  46. 46. 3. Chinese Social Engagement Automation 1. Online Trip Planning Application If travelers book your travel related product online, you have a great opportunity to engage them in pre-trip planning and post- trip sharing with a white label solution backed by advanced technologies and services. 2. Social Engagement Tools Besides maintaining your existing Chinese websites, we can develop custom social networks and communities, forums and blogs, online games, as well as widgets that encourages your consumers to engage with your content, and create a viral loop that spreads around and creates buzz. These tools are designed to achieve certain objectives, such as capturing data, increasing awareness, or referring leads and booking travel. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  47. 47. 4. Chinese Digital Marketing Campaigns Holistic Campaign Execution Complete digital campaign execution from planning to measurement, understanding the target market based on goals and budget, and focused on achieving the highest possible ROI (Return on Investment) and ROE (Return on Engagement). DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  48. 48. 5. Grass-roots Local Social Media Marketing roots Social Media Marketing If on our network of partner websites and blogs, or via platforms such as micro- blogging (i.e. Twitter), or writing on our own lifestyle cluster websites, blogs, and wikis, we ensure that your message gets out to the targeted audience, the “old- fashioned way”, by crafting customized messages and posting them manually. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  49. 49. 6. Influencer Marketing Influencer Marketing via Blogger Relations Leveraging extensive relationships with the Chinese celebrity blogging community, we organize highly targeted and specific Blogger Fam Trip Tours of Chinese bloggers to destinations globally, in order to tap into networks of influencers to increase brand awareness. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  50. 50. 7. Online Advertising Chinese Online Travel Advertising Leveraging our relationships to allow travel companies to place media on Chinese portals, travel and lifestyle websites, social networks, and blogs. Search Engine Marketing Bidding on relevant and competitive keywords on Chinese search engines, such as Baidu, Yahoo and Google China, are important to get traffic to the various websites and online campaigns. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  51. 51. 8. Affiliate Marketing Providing incentives for websites and bloggers to feature sponsored content and write stories about the brand’s products and services, are vital to get the word out and build strong relationships. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  52. 52. 9. Mobile Marketing We create mobile websites and applications specifically designed for a Chinese mobile foot print. Typical mobile websites contain 15-20 pages including animated photo galleries, one click direct dial to the travel suppliers and links to popular social media sites. Additionally, special coding to automatically detects and redirect visitors using Apple iPhones, Nokia, Android, and Blackberry devices, or other mobile platforms. To display the most appropriate website rendering, all seamlessly to the user. A customized Mobile Content Management System (M-CMS) enabling clients to easily modify their mobile website in real time. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  53. 53. 10. EXPO 2010 Marketing We provide an innovative way for countries, tourism organizations, and brands to get online exposure during the EXPO to either get their message out, or promote certain events during the EXPO period. Dragon Trail is managing the official EXPO 2010 hotel reservation website on behalf of the of the official hotel reservation provider for EXPO 2010. In addition, Dragon Trail has set up linked profiles on the major and minor Chinese social networks, blogs, micro- blogs, and web portals in order to disseminate content and drive traffic to specific branded EXPO web and mobile sites. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  54. 54. The first and only complete China solution for travel and tourism organizations A Consortium founded by COTRI & Dragon Trail, the publishers of ChinaTravelTrends.com Research Product Adaptation & Insight & Service Quality Win Experience Chinese Marketing & & Expertise Social Media Tourists Solution Local Sales & Knowledge Distribution DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM - CHINA-OUTBOUND.COM
  55. 55. . com JENS THRAENHART - Strategy GEORGE CAO - Technology Get insights & trends: Contact us for more Information: www.DragonTrail.com info@DragonTrail.com www.ChinaTravelTrends.com www.DragonTrail.com Twitter: @CnTravelTrends Twitter: @DragonTrail Join our Community: www.Community.ChinaTravelTrends.com Member of: