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Unlock The Archive - 3 ways digital can bring your content to life


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Here are three projects from the Thought Den back-catalogue that have presented art, culture and heritage archives in new and exciting ways.

Magic Tate Ball is a mobile app that choose you an artwork relating to your immediate surroundings.

Zoom is a gesture-based installation where children access hidden content by striking animal poses.

Survival is an HTML5 mobile game for iOS and Android that raises awareness of animal conservation by challenging young people to unlock a series of beautiful images.

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Unlock The Archive - 3 ways digital can bring your content to life

  1. 1. @thoughtbenBen the Archive!(or How Can Archives,and This Presentation Title,Be More Interesting?)
  2. 2. Playful learning“Survival” “Magic Tate Ball” “Zoom”
  3. 3. Families & KidsRaise awareness ofArkive’s archiveMobile game
  4. 4. @thoughtben1Like LOLcats, but with endangered animalsCreate & share!HTML5 + JS“LOLarkz”
  5. 5. “Guess Zoo?”@thoughtbenLike Guess Who, butwith endangered animalsSingle / Multi player2
  6. 6. @thoughtbenLike BopIt! but withendangered animalsPass it round the table!Unlockable contentHTML5 + JS3“Quizimal”
  7. 7. 35,000 so fariOS & Android15,000 downloadswithin 2 weeks
  8. 8. @thoughtbenUnlockable content...
  9. 9. @thoughtbenUnlockable content...
  10. 10. @thoughtbenGet your content ducks lined upHTML5 + JS: Wolf in sheep’s clothingClient + agency promo togetherSimplicity is hidden beyond thebrambles of complexity(test, test, test)
  11. 11. Casual AudiencePlayful ExperienceOutside the Gallery
  12. 12. @thoughtben1
  13. 13. @thoughtben2
  14. 14. @thoughtben3
  15. 15. @thoughtben4
  16. 16. v“Magic Tate Ball”
  17. 17. 2,500artwork‘tags’
  18. 18. @thoughtbenFind the stories...
  19. 19. Design refinements
  20. 20. Design refinements
  21. 21. Design refinements
  22. 22. @thoughtbenLaunch Seeding Traditional PR Social Media
  23. 23. @thoughtbenLaunch Nokia takes the leadiOS2,226Nokia15,215
  24. 24. Launch FEATURED BY APPLE!!!
  25. 25. @thoughtbenLaunch iOS catches up110,000 so fariOS65,000Nokia55,000
  26. 26. @thoughtbenContent is key: find the storiesLaunch: longer than you’d thinkWorking relationship needs trust &communicationUpdates: good (don’t throw the babyout with the bathwater)
  27. 27. Bringarchive to lifeInnovate &EngageBristolZooGardens
  28. 28. “Wouldn’t it be cool if...”You could strikea pose to unlockan animal!?
  29. 29. “Wouldn’t it be cool if...”There were some funky characters?
  30. 30. The pains of new tech...
  31. 31. @thoughtbenPeople don’t do what you expect them to
  32. 32. Getting physical leads to learning
  33. 33. Short & sweet saves the day
  34. 34. @thoughtben“Wouldn’t it be cool if...”New tech is hard but rewardingNobody does what you expect(test, test, test)Get physical (cognitive dissonance)Keep it short -> more on requestWordpress is a quick & easy CMS
  35. 35. Old-school gamesSchool ground gamesFamily gamesBoard gamesPhysical gamesCard gamesPlayfullearning
  36. 36. @thoughtbenPeople play what they knowAnd ‘play’ builds confidence
  37. 37. @thoughtbenBen you!
  38. 38. @thoughtbenLinks“Magic Tate Ball” press page -“Magic Tate Ball” Guardian Culture Pros -“Zoom” overview -“Survival” download - /“Survival” press page - Thought Den work - Den discussion / analysis -