Magic Tate Ball - A look inside Tate's most successful app


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In early 2011 Tate commissioned Thought Den to produce a playful mobile application that helped them democratise outside beyond the gallery walls.

Magic Tate Ball was the result and this presentation gives the inside line on our creative process, key decisions and the performance of the app between May 2012 and May 2013

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Magic Tate Ball - A look inside Tate's most successful app

  1. 1. Ben
  2. 2. @thoughtbenPlayful learning
  3. 3. @thoughtbenOld-school gamesSchool ground gamesFamily gamesBoard gamesPhysical gamesCard gamesOurinspiration
  4. 4. Playful ExperienceOutside the GalleryCasual Audience@thoughtben
  5. 5. 1@thoughtben
  6. 6. 2@thoughtben
  7. 7. 3@thoughtben
  8. 8. 4@thoughtben
  9. 9. v“Magic Tate Ball”
  10. 10. 2,500artwork‘tags’@thoughtben
  11. 11. Content Ouch
  12. 12. Design Making the ball
  13. 13. Design Artwork interpretation@thoughtben
  14. 14. Design Call to action@thoughtben
  15. 15. Design Other screens@thoughtben
  16. 16. Nokia Complete rebuild...@thoughtben
  17. 17. Launch Seeding Traditional PR Social Media@thoughtben
  18. 18. Launch Nokia takes the leadiOS2,226Nokia15,215@thoughtben
  19. 19. Launch FEATURED BY APPLE!!!
  20. 20. Launch iOS catches up110,000 so fariOS65,000Nokia55,000@thoughtben
  21. 21. @thoughtben"I absolutely love this app!…theyveproduced something that makes artaccessible in such an amusing way."Lucie84, via Apples AppStore"Amazing way of discovering andlearning more about art"Kosi0, via Apple’s AppStore"This is so addictive. Shaking iPadday and night"Favershambob, via Apples AppStore"Clever, funny and beautiful to use.Amazing."Cottonsox123, via Apples AppStoreManaging an audience..."Waste of time!!! It said I lived inSpain when I actually live inScotland!!!"Phylis the dog, via Apple’s AppStore"I would like to share some of theartwork by email or Twitter..."RockAmy, via Apple’s AppStore
  22. 22. @thoughtbenLinks“Capture The Museum” info, assets & links -“Magic Tate Ball” press page -“Magic Tate Ball” Guardian Culture Pros -“OUCH” the game -“OUCH” Guardian Culture Pros -“Zoom” overview -“Survival” download - /“Survival” press page - Thought Den work - Den discussion / analysis - you!
  23. 23. @thoughtben
  24. 24. @thoughtben