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3com H3 C Solutions


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H3C product line..

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3com H3 C Solutions

  1. 1. 3Com H3C Enterprise Solutions<br />Switching Portfolio, September 2009<br />
  2. 2. Comprehensive End-to-End H3C Product Portfolio<br />IMC (Intelligent Management Center)<br />Resource Management (QoS / ACL / VLAN)<br />User Management (User access / Network Access Control / auditing / authentication and accounting)<br />Business Management (Network Traffic / Storage / Wireless / Security / Voice / Video / Application Optimization)<br />IP Communications<br />IP Video Surveillance <br />Unified Communications<br />IP Security<br />VCX Connect<br />IP Phones<br />VCX Enterprise<br /> ISC3000<br />VM8000<br />Defense in Depth Security<br />Unified Threat Management<br />VPN Firewall<br />Embedded Security<br />Security Operations<br />SecPath F100-A, F1000-S/A/E, F5000<br />SecPath U200 – S/M/A<br />SecBlade Modules<br />SecCenter<br />Data Center to the Edge Networking<br />Routing<br />Campus Core<br />Aggregation<br />Data Center<br />Access/Edge<br />WLAN<br />S5600 GE Series<br />S3600 FE Series<br />S5820X/ S5800 Flex Chassis<br />SR6600 Core Router<br />MSR Branch Router<br />WLAN <br />Controller<br />WLAN Controller<br />802.11n AP<br />S7500E Multi-Service Switch<br />S3100 FE Series<br />S9500ECore Switch<br />S5500 GESeries<br />S12500<br />Data Center<br />
  3. 3. H3C Core to Edge Portfolio<br />Data Center<br />Campus Core<br />Access Layer/Edge<br />Aggregation/ Building Core<br />3Com 5500 <br />3Com 5500G<br />H3C S12500*<br />S12500<br />3Com 7900E<br />3Com 4800G<br />3Com 8800<br />S5800G<br />3Com 4500<br />3Com 4500G<br />S5800G*<br />3Com 7900E<br />3Com 4210<br />3Com 5500G<br />3Com 4200G<br />S9500E<br />Next Generation Data Center<br />6.6 Tbps, up to 128 10G/864G non-blocking<br />Top of rack, high-density 10G<br />Unified fabric – LAN, SAN*, Server<br />40G/100G capability* and FCOE* support<br />Next Generation Network Core<br />Up to 48 10G/576G non-blocking<br />OSN Application Modules (inc. multi-core)<br />XRN® stacking between chassis<br />PoE and PoE+<br />Network Edge<br />Flexible stackable and mini-chassis<br />OSPF, BGP, OSN, PoE, Auto-voice VLAN<br />Fast Ethernet, Gig, w/10G uplinks<br />Aggregation Layer<br />Deployment flexible with chassis, mini-chassis and stackable<br />PoE, 10G, OSN (inc. multi-core)<br />IPv6<br />Single Operating System (Comware) / Single Management Platform (IMC)<br />High-Performance / Application Optimized / Secure / Efficient / Open Standards-based<br />3<br />
  4. 4. H3C Router Portfolio<br />IMC / Comware<br />Resource Management<br />User <br />Management<br />Service Management<br />Security <br />Management<br />Basic <br />Management<br />Configuration <br />Management<br />1.44Tb backplane bandwidth, Throughput up to 586Mpps <br />Core<br />SR8808<br />SR8812<br />SR8802<br />SR8805<br />1.44Tb backplane bandwidth, Throughput up to 586Mpps <br />Aggregation<br />SR6608<br />SR6604<br />SR6602<br />Branch<br /> Throughput up to 36Mpps <br />MSR20 series<br />MSR30 series<br />MSR50 series<br />220Kpps to 1.2Mpps <br />
  5. 5. SR8802<br />SR8805<br />SR8808<br />SR8812<br />Positioning of H3C MSR Series<br />10G<br />2.5G<br />SR6602<br />SR6608<br />SR6604<br />Ideal Branch Solutions<br />SR6616<br />GE<br />MSR 50<br />MSR 30<br />100M<br />MSR 20<br />
  6. 6. H3C Defense in Depth Security Portfolio<br />IMC / Comware<br />Resource Management<br />User <br />Management<br />Service Management<br />Security <br />Management<br />Basic <br />Management<br />Configuration <br />Management<br />Access Management<br />EAD<br />IMC<br />UAM<br />SecBlade Integrated Security<br />I PS<br />SSL VPN<br />FW<br />IPS<br />Load Balance<br />NetStream<br />SecPath<br />UTM<br />U200-A<br />U200-S<br />U200-M<br />SecPath<br />Firewall/VPN<br />F100-A<br />F1000-A<br />F1000-S<br />F1000-E<br />F5000-A<br />
  7. 7. Security Appliance Product FamiliesVPN Firewall and UTM<br />SecPath<br />Firewall series<br />Compare with…<br />Cisco<br /><ul><li>ASA5505
  8. 8. ASA5550
  9. 9. ASA5580-20
  10. 10. ASA5580-40</li></ul>Juniper<br /><ul><li>SSG5/20/140
  11. 11. SSG320/350/520/550
  12. 12. SRX 3k</li></ul>F1000-S: up to 1 Gbps<br />F1000-A: up to 1.5 Gbps<br />F1000-E: up to 8 Gbps<br />F100-A: up to 200Mbps<br />F5000-A5: up to 40 Gbps<br />SecPath <br />UTM series<br />Compare with…<br />Cisco<br /><ul><li>ASA5505/5510
  13. 13. ASA5510/5520
  14. 14. ASA5540/5550</li></ul>Juniper<br /><ul><li>SSG140
  15. 15. SSG320/350
  16. 16. SSG520/550</li></ul>U200-S: FW up to 200 Mbps, AV/IPS: 20 Mbps<br />U200-M: FW up to 400 Mbps, AV/IPS: 60 Mbps<br />U200-A: FW up to 800 Mbps, AV/IPS: 100Mbps<br />U200-E: FW up to 2 Gbps<br />
  17. 17. S5500G<br />S5800G/X<br />S5500G OSN|M (Intel CPU)Security & Remote Monitoring<br />SecBlade VPN Firewall<br />SecBlade Netstream, LB<br />S7500E/7900E<br />S9500E<br />SecBlade VPN Firewall, SSL VPN, Netstream, LB<br />SecBlade FW VPN, Load Balance, Netstream<br />MSR<br />MSR 30 MIM / MSR 50 FIC<br />Security & Remote Monitoring<br />SR66<br />SecBlade SSL VPN<br />SecBlade VPN Firewall<br />( Intel CPU )<br />( Multi-Core CPU )<br />Integrated Security Product Families<br />
  18. 18. H3C/3com Wireless Portfolio<br />IMC / Comware<br />Resource Management<br />User Management<br />Service Management<br />Security Management<br />Basic Management<br />Wireless Application<br />Wireless Management System<br />Wireless controller<br />WX2200<br />S7500EModule<br />WX5002<br />WX3024<br />WX5004<br />WX3010<br />WA2110-AG<br />WA 2620E-AGN<br />FIT/FAT AP<br />WA2220E-AG<br />WA2210-AG<br />WA2220-AG<br />WA 2610E-AGN<br />AP 3950n 3x3<br />AP 3850A & B/G<br />
  19. 19. Enterprise Network Management Intelligent Management Center (IMC)<br /><ul><li>Lower TCO
  20. 20. Business Continuity
  21. 21. Defense in Depth</li></ul>Customer Benefits<br /><ul><li>A fully-integrated management platform that full FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, Security ) functionality through a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) & modular design
  22. 22. A single common platform for which 3Com/H3C can rapidly introduce new technologies and products</li></ul>10<br />
  23. 23. Intelligent Management Center (IMC)<br />routers, switches, security, voice, wireless, storage, video <br />
  24. 24. Portfolio vs. Competition<br />
  25. 25. 13<br />Summary 3Com / H3C Advantages<br />Solution Comparison – 3Com /H3C Advantages<br /><ul><li>Best of Breed silicon and latest design
  26. 26. 3Com provides comparable or higher performance at each layer
  27. 27. No Charge advanced Routing and Feature Software
  28. 28. 3Com delivers lower power usage
  29. 29. Fundamentally lower cost of initial capital investment
  30. 30. Fundamentally lower cost of re-occurring maintenance costs</li>