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Natural Herbal Remedies For High Blood Pressure, Hypertension


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Arjuna Herbal Cardiac Tonic, Natural Herbal Remedies For High Blood Pressure, Hypertension,Know the Miracle Substance Becopa Monniera Extract for Memory Enhancement

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Natural Herbal Remedies For High Blood Pressure, Hypertension

  1. 1. ==== ====thanks for choosing to view My blog, Follow my blog to get updates on herbal cures. ====High blood pressure or hypertension is a well known disease that has affected millions. Thedisease is often known as the silent killer as the persons suffering from it mostly remain unawareof it unless they face some serious consequences. The main culprit undoubtedly lies on themodern day life style and the unhealthy eating habits.The blood flowing through our body exerts a certain amount of pressure on the blood vessels andheart. If this pressure increases and not controlled the heart has to work more and the arteries canweaken leading to heart attacks, strokes which can be fatal in many cases. Initial symptoms ofhypertension start with dizziness, severe headaches and sometimes a feeling of nausea.Generally overweight and obese persons and those undergoing tremendous stress and tensionfall a prey to this disease. Sometimes genetic factors also count in inheriting hypertension.Natural Cures for HypertensionIt is always preferable to control the disease through natural remedies without the intervention ofdrugs. Drugs not only invite side effects, but the intake of drugs once started has to be continuedthroughout the life and one has to be totally dependent on them to control high blood pressure.There are many natural remedies one can opt for, few of which are listed below:1. Low sodium and a low fat diet must be followed by those suffering from hypertension.2. Garlic is most commonly used in cooking and is very helpful in improving the blood circulationby lowering the blood cholesterol and triglycerides. Chewing few cloves of garlic in the morningcan be beneficial.3. The bark of Arjuna tree helps in reducing blood pressure and heart rate.4. Herbs like Sankhapushpi and Ashwagandha protects the cardio vascular system andstrengthens the heart muscles.5. The leaves, flowers and berries of Hawthorn combat mild hypertension. It improves the functionof the heart and reduces the irregular heart beat.6. Extract of parsley leaves if taken regularly can be helpful in lowering high blood pressure. Theelements in the leaves help to maintain the capillaries, arteries in a healthy condition improving theblood circulation in the body.7. Taking juices of raw vegetables like carrots, spinaches that are rich in vitamins helps in keepingthe blood pressure in control. Taking a glass of juice separately or in combination in morning and
  2. 2. evening gives best results.Much emphasis should be on the change in life style and diet along with the natural treatments tocontrol this disease. Only adopting the natural cures will be not of great help if the basic diet andthe life style remain faulty.Know the benefits of Terminalia Arjuna Supplement as a heart tonic. Get Natural CholesterolSupplement to maintain healthy cholesterol.Article Source: ====thanks for choosing to view My blog, Follow my blog to get updates on herbal cures. ====