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Blueberries - A Super-Food For a Reason


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Blue berries are super fruit for a reason!

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Blueberries - A Super-Food For a Reason

  1. 1. ==== ====Get free e-books on a variety of topics from Affiliate Marketing to how to heal with crystals. ====Blueberries dont really look anything special. Yet they are quite delicious and versatile. In fact it isstrange to believe that such a small fruit is actually a superfood.In the interests of improving my health and that of my family Ive been doing some studying aboutsuperfoods, the pros, cons and benefits. Im also interested in how we can increase our use ofthese superfoods in our diet without blowing the budget. Consequently, Im not only learning allabout superfoods and their uses but how to grow them myself (wherever practical).So what makes blueberries a superfood?Blueberries are a superfood because they are packed with anti-oxidants and phytonutrientss. Whyare these important? Anti-oxidents help reduce free radicals in our bodies and are widely believedto help prevent heart disease and cancer. Phytonutrients are still undergoing research but it isknown that they also help to reduce free radicals. It is also the fact that they are rich inphytonutrients that means although they do not contain significant amounts of vitamins C or E thebody receives as much anti-oxident protection as if you had taken vitamin C and E. These littleblue berries also contain potassium (an essential mineral for strengthening blood vessels) andvitamin C. It is this richness in vitamins and minerals that makes them a superfood and topchoice for adding to a healthy diet. By adding blueberries to your diet you can help lower yourrisk of heart disease and cancer. Another amazing benefit is that they are also anti-inflammatory.Another amazing benefit is the effect that they have on our brain. Research has shown thatblueberries high quantities of phytonutrients help improve the communication between brain cellsand can delay the onset of dementia and aging.When choosing your blueberries you need to look for the darker coloured berries as the darker thecolour the more anti-oxidents they contain.Growing your own blueberries is relatively simple and will give you a fresh supply but the best partis you can also freeze them. Frozen and dried blueberries are just as beneficial to your health anddiet as fresh.So fresh, frozen or dried there really is no reason not to have blueberries in your home ready toadd to your diet every day.You do not have to eat blueberries by the handful. Instead you can add them to a range ofdelicious recipes. In fact adding blueberries to a smoothie has the added advantage of giving youadditional fruit portions and calcium. A very simple idea for a smoothie is to add 1 cup of
  2. 2. blueberries, to 1 cup of pro-biotic low fat natural yoghurt, half a cup of fruit juice (orange orpineapple are great) and a teaspoon of honey. Mix in a blender or smoothie maker and serve.Another delicious and simple way to add blueberries to your diet is to make blueberry muffins orfruity granola pots. Both of these dishes are great ways to get your children to eat blueberries.Do you need more information on how to live well, eat well and be well whilst sticking to a budget? offers articles, resources, hints, tips, recipes and more to helpyou get fit, lose weight and enjoy life.Article Source: ====Get free e-books on a variety of topics from Affiliate Marketing to how to heal with crystals. ====