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Arjuna Herbal Cardiac Tonic


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Arjuna Herbal Cardiac Tonic, Natural Herbal Remedies For High Blood Pressure, Hypertension,Know the Miracle Substance Becopa Monniera Extract for Memory Enhancement

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Arjuna Herbal Cardiac Tonic

  1. 1. ==== ====thanks for choosing to view My blog, Follow my blog to get updates on herbal cures. ====Arjuna (Kahu) or Terminalia Arjuna is known to be a dense tree with 28 meters of height. It hascone shaped long and round leaves and white bark with milky juice in it. It is highly used as amedicinal across the globe.It is an ancient tree which is also known as Nadisarjja in Sanskrit Vedas. Its bark proves to be acardiac tonic for all those patients suffering from heart diseases. For curing numerous heartdiseases it is advised that its decoction should be prepared with milk and water or simply withghee or butter and consumed over a period of time to have beneficial results.The bark of this tree is usually found enriched with calcium, magnesium, aluminium and tannins.This also has some crystalline compounds such as lactone, arjunetin, arjunine, sugars andessential oils. It is beneficial in removing stones or calculi from the urinary systems, helps inrelieving fever, arrests bleeding or secretion and heals wound, etc.This medicinal herb is useful in curing numerous health diseases like:Heart Diseases: This herb being a great stimulant is really useful in treating ailments like dropsyand cardiac failure. It is advised that the decoction made using the bark of this tree using milk andwater should be taken everyday empty stomach in the morning or the powdered bark in 3 Gmsquantity mixed with jaggery and milk should be consumed to have beneficial results.Asthma: It is considered to be a great Ayurvedic medicine for treating problems related to asthma.To cure this ailment perfectly well you need to go through one system and that is:You need to make a fine powder of the bark and store it in the well-corked bottle. Then on the fullmoon day you need to keep the fast for whole day and prepare a kheer using rice and condensedmilk. Later on you have to keep this dish under the moonlight for whole night. Then this poweredbark mixture should be sprinkled over the kheer during the early hours of the next day andconsumed right away. Make a note that you should not go to sleep for next 12 hours afterconsuming this dish to have effective results.Fractures: To treat various problems related to bone fractures it is advised that the one teaspoonof powdered bark should be consumed with honey for strengthening of the bones.Diarrohea: For curing diarrohea it is advised that the decoction prepared with this bark should beconsumed in 30 Gms quantity 3 to 4 times a day to have beneficial results.Acne: The bark of the tree proved as an effective remedy for acne. It is advised that the poweredbark mixed with honey should be applied over the affected area to have beneficial results.
  2. 2. Apart from this, the juice of fresh leaves of Arjuna tree can be used for treating earache. The ashof the bark can be useful in treating the scorpion sting. Furthermore, its decoction can be alsoused for cleaning problems like ulcers, syphilitic sores, etc.To find out exactly how I did Revitol Hair Removal Cream Reviews, visit my website about RevitolReview.Article Source: ====thanks for choosing to view My blog, Follow my blog to get updates on herbal cures. ====