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  1. 1. Xin Chao Vietnam!by Howard Shen | on August 15, 2012When you come to Vietnam, you’ll see a whole new world. You will experience a lot of newthings and see impressive sights that will take your breath away. Just imagine a picturesquelandscape of rice paddies plus a water buffalo. You will be greeted by many friendly faces andbe engaged in conversations. Everywhere you look, you will find photo opportunities. You cantry new and exquisite local dishes as well as fresh, crispy and hot French baguettes, buy bargainsand witness the culture and tradition of the years.The Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) is a modern city in Vietnam which was once known by theFrench as Pearl of the Orient. The theme of the city is French and it houses colonial villas, wideboulevards and a vivid bistro society. It feels more cosmopolitan compared to Hanoi but the oldFrench colonial city is slowly fading due to developments of skyline.The Cathedral of Cao Dai religion and the primary tourist spot in Tay Ninh is the 140 m inlength and 40 m in width Cao Dai Great Temple. It was put up between 1933 and 1955 and issituated in Long Hua. It has four towers, each bearing a distinguished name- Bat Quai Dai, CuuTrung Dai, Tam Dai and Hiep Thien Dai.
  2. 2. Inside the temple, there is a colonnaded hall and sanctuary. There are festoons of dragons paintedin red, blue and white. The dome has 9 parts which resembles a starry night which representsheaven. Below it is a huge star-speckled blue globe [ainted with the Divine Eye, the officialCaodaism icon.
  3. 3. Phan Thiet is an attractive fishing village down the southeast coast and it is popular at present forit s pure powder sand, crystalline lucid waters and fascinating sand dunes. Although there is notmuch of amenities and food outlets, but this place is perfect for rest and relaxation and gettingout from the hassle of the city as well as for nature appreciation. Victoria Phan Thiet, BambooVillage and Coco Beach provide hut-inspired accommodations and there is a golf course in theNovotel Ocean Dunes Resort.
  4. 4. DaLat or the City of Eternal Spring is natural exquisiteness because of the fresh and cool air inthis mountainous site. You can witness a perfect alpine landscape of pine forests and serene lakesand rolling hills perfect for lovers, honeymooners and tourists.
  5. 5. The Hue is another Vietnam attraction which is the ancient royal capital of Nguyen Dynasty.What makes it a tourist spot are the beautiful tombs. There are several culture and history areashere such as Thien Mu Pagoda and several mausoleums of Nguyen emperors that are sits at thesurrounding small villages of Hue. It is tapped as a cultural heritage site by UNESCO.Hoi An is another world cultural heritage site comprised of a well-preserved town which is 600years old. It is a live architectural museum with an assorted combination of winding streets,ancient bridges and refurbished homes.
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