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  1. 1. Hello Qatar!by Howard Shen | on August 14, 2012Qatar has an enthralling history manifested through its tourist destinations making it a visitedcountry. The attractions depict the country’s culture.1. The Kingdom of AladdinThe Kingdom of Aladdin is an entertainment site comprised of 18 and more plays that caters toall age groups. It is found in the West Bay area. Here you can find a manmade lagoon, cafeteria,theatre and rest house.
  2. 2. 2. The ZooThe Zoo is another Qatar attraction that is found 20 kilometers outside Doha down the SalwaRoad. You can also discover a collection of bird varieties, reptiles and animals. Here you canalso experience a small amusement park for kids.3. Khor Al Udaid BeachThis beach is found 78 kilometers from Doha. It is a lovely beach renowned for the beautiful 40meters sand dunes in particular areas.
  3. 3. 4. Al JassasiyaThis area is a succession of rocky hills opposite the northeastern coast of Qatar. It is an attractionin Qatar located in the middle of the Al Huwailah and Fuwairit village. The highlights of this siteare the prehistoric stone carvings which are well-preserved.5. Desert Safari
  4. 4. This Qatar attraction can give you pleasure as you tour the inland sea at the center of the desert.You can spend your time touring in the site and find 60 meters sand dunes. The experience isfun-filled and exhilarating; you also don’t need to worry because it is safe to tour in thisinexplicable Qatar desert.6. CornicheThis picturesque seven kilometers shoreline goes parallel with Arabian gulf and is a perfectdestination for jogging, strolling, and simply striding. The atmosphere is soothing and fresh andis a nice area to hold family picnics or get together.
  5. 5. 7. Oryx FarmOryx is the national animal of the country which is a unique and lovely animal. Its population issmall and this kind of animal cannot be found everywhere. Don’t miss the opportunity to see thisrare specie in the Oryx farm roving around the natural environment. You can find the Oryx farmat Shahaniya.8. Water Sports and CruisesAnother highlight in Qatar is the water sports and cruises in the Arabian Gulf. People lovesailing in Qatar and there are many exclusive firms that provide windsurfing and parasailing and
  6. 6. equipment rentals too. The perfect cruise to appreaciate the beauty of Doha is during the night,so you better have a sunset cruise. There are also Yachts accessible for rentals.9. Al Rumaila ParkThis park is situated inside Corniche on Doha. Al Rumaila Park has an open grassy site and asidefrom that, there are also places and establishments for shopping and eating. Rides are alsoavailable within the premises. Certainly, there are a lot of activities you can do in this place.10. Dahl El Hamam Public ParkDahl El Hamam Public Park is a lovely public park located in Khalifa Al-Shamatia. This Qatarhighlight has a lot of grassy areas, aside from that, there is a children’s playground and a widespace for walking and jogging.
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