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Prepaid legal scam


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Prepaid legal scam

  1. 1. The Reason Behind Prepaid Legal Scamby Howard Shen | on March 7, 2012Among the emerging MLM companies is Prepaid Legal services also known LegalShield thatstands out but what about the Prepaid Legal scam? It’s different because it is more like aninsurance company composed of legal service providers. But as part of the MLM industry, it isjust another company the same with rest involving with scams that are spreading around thecorner.Before The Prepaid Legal ScamIf you have already heard rumors regarding prepaid legal scam, then forget about it for themeantime and listen to this. For only less 30 dollars, you get the access already to a line ofattorneys and lawyers and that includes the discounts. What it covers are a variety of legal eventslike letters, buying a house or a car, wills or any problems you encounter with insurancecompanies.The good thing here is the benefit and the big savings you can get by just joining in the companybecause when incident or issues arises, you can freely access Prepaid Legal Services. When youtalk about other services, that would sum up to an outrageously big amount of money and rates.
  2. 2. Prepaid Legal Scam: The Other Stuff You Need To KnowOn the other hand, you might be expecting big from Prepaid legal services like tort litigationespecially criminal cases. But in terms of general legal services, yes you can get it. You PrepaidLegal Services can’t exactly be everything but it’s recommended as mentioned if you seek forgeneral legal advicesThen here we come when smokes start to fire for the so called Prepaid legal scam due tomisinterpretations of the retention rates which greatly affects everyone’s decision in joining. Is itbecause of the ration that 9 out of 10 fail with the company? Well, let’s find out.The Prepaid Legal Scam: 2 Reasons#1 Lack of KnowledgeAs much as you want to succeed to almost every aspect in an MLM business, you just can’tachieve that just by joining because first and foremost you need knowledge for that. That’s why9 out of 10 fail because of the lack of knowledge.#2 Being DependentI can’t blame you if you depend on your upline because as starters you listen to almost anyoneinvolved in the company. However, problem is, you get what they get and that as well includestheir mistakes and failures.A very good example is dealing first with FFL, friends and family line or to any person withinonly a couple of foot distance who are already considered as prospect. You promote thenorientation and other social networking gatherings, telemarketing and of course the old andalways important flyers.Those are the two and thus difficulty arises and problem occurs for they themselves do not knowhow to face such tactics. Especially when rejection comes, starters tend to affect their self-confidence and self-esteem. Days after, you might already see some leaving and that’s the timealso when you start hearing stuffs regarding Prepaid Legal scam.So if you are serious in growing your MLM business on a fast track, I suggest using theEmpower Network as a tool. It’s a simple proven 3 step system that works since day 1 of theInternet.Empower Network also provides complete easy to follow, step by step watch over the shouldertraining that guarantees you to drive massive traffic to your website and generate leads ondemand and even help you generate money right off the bat to offset your expenses.Plus, it is the perfect solution to help you and your team get started–regardless of yourexperience and no technical skills required. Watch the free video here!
  3. 3. This entry was posted in MLM, Network MarketingAbout The Author: Howard ShenI am a 2 Times Best Selling Author, as seen on CNN, CBS, ABC, FOX NEWS. I am a man whopassionately and ridiculously loves Freedom! I love to chill, blog about random stuff that benefitthe readers such as what I ate for my breakfast, and constantly seeking like minded entrepreneursto lock arms and fight the forces of evils. O, and about the breakfast... I like my eggs sunny sideup and break the yolk and mix with toasted toast...MMMMMM, yummy! I work from home, andcoach people on how to build online empire from their living room with nothing more than acomputer, an internet connection, 2 pairs of underwear, and an all out passion to win. I LOVE toEmpower People