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Hong kong


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Hong kong

  1. 1. Huan Ying Guang Ying Hong Kong!by Howard Shen | on August 15, 2012Along with Paris, New York and Venice, Hong Kong is a world renowned tourist destination.Every person has their own choice on where to go, and Hong Kong is definitely a top pick.First, go the Victoria Peak through the Peak Tram and see the beautiful scenery of KowloonPeninsula with Hong Kong Island structure in the forefront. The best time to look at the view andgo to the place is during late nights where you can see a clearer view.
  2. 2. View From the Victoria PeakThe Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront is a perfect place to appreciate the stunning view of the HongKong Island skyline as you walk along the pedestrian only esplanade. You actually go thereanytime you want but the perfect time is after dark.The Ladies Market, nicknamed by the residents as Women’s Street or Ladies’ Street is a streetmarket bazaar that was plainly local shopping grounds before and was developed to be a place
  3. 3. where locals and tourists can hangout. Here you can purchase a veer of low cost items such aswatches, t-shirts, jeans and towels. The perfect time to go shopping is during the afternoon.Stanley is a site with a small town mood is you want to get away from the crowded Hong KongCity proper where there is the popular Stanley Market, restaurants and a mini shopping center. Afascinating landmark is the old building transferred there stone by stone from the Central districtand was then rebuilt. Stanley is comprised of fine restaurants along the sea. Expats who decide totransfer to Hong Kong choose Stanley. The perfect time to visit this small town for shopping isduring the day.
  4. 4. Repulse Bay is a well-known beach in Hong Kong because of its gradual slope of low water. Itbecomes teeming with visitors during the summer time.Mongkok is a crowded site jam packed with activities be it day or night. This is the perfectdestination if you need to purchase consumer electronics. You can also shop at the nice hotel andmall complex, the Langham Place and have high tea too.
  5. 5. Central District is the hub of embassies, consulates, business headquarters and major governmentbuildings in Hong Kong. You can experience riding Mid-level escalators up the hill and dropalong the path to have a meal.Another attraction is the Ocean Park, a theme park which is a home to many marine lives, andyou can also ride the different rides and cable gondolas and greet the pandas. Yes, Pandas arethere in the Ocean Park, I know you’re shocked. There is no best time to go, because anytimeyou’ll go there is the best time.
  6. 6. Disneyland is another popular tourist destination in Hong Kong. Need I say more?And the last on my list is the Sheung Wan District filled with buildings and shops that preservedsome parts of old Hong Kong. There are also many bird’s nest and shark’s fins there. Best timeto visit this place is in the morning .Like and Comment Below!
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