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17 day diet book


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17 day diet book

  1. 1. 17 Day Diet Book: Quick Results in just 17 Daysby Howard Shen | on February 27, 2012Anyone who involves into a weight loss program or diet either experiences boredom or plateaubut with the 17 day diet book, fun is always on your way. As Dr. Mike Moreno, author of 17 daydiet book said that yes each and everyone has to be accountable on his actions along withdiscipline but it doesn’t mean that you have to take out the fun.As you start flipping the pages, you’ll learn that life can be the same before you even started thisweight loss diet. No more excuses for weekend parties because you can totally go out on thoseday. Even a glass of beer or wine, yes you can still enjoy it.Inside The Pages of the 17 Day Diet BookTo give you an idea, 17 day diet book consist of a huge variety of menu and recipes as you gothrough each cycle lasting 17 days matched up with 17 minutes daily exercise. The sciencebehind it has been carefully planned to avoid the occurrence of plateau which means a 10-12pounds is estimated to be lost during the first phase.The whole meal plan being emphasized in the 17 day diet book will last to 68 days thus brokenin cycles for 17 days period for a more achievable and quicker result. The thing with the cycles isthe variation of carbohydrate intake wherein some cycles require low intake while others arehigher. This way, there is confusion to the body’s metabolism for plateau prevention.But the bonus of this 17 day diet book is the idea of bringing out meal plans that is closely likethe normal meals. Imagine preparing healthy meals in just 10 minutes plus the 17 day diet periodonly, it inspires you to go to the kitchen and prepare it yourself. Now who can’t do 17 days?
  2. 2. The Readers of 17 Day Diet BookBecause it is just 17 days, it is something that keeps the interest of the readers in following the 17day diet book throughout the period to see the results for themselves. In fact, a number of dietersalready lose 10-12 pounds in the first cycle. Indeed this is something motivational to get resultsas quick during the first few cycles.<a href=” Click here to view a short but weird video about Belly Fat Cure showing surprisingfoods and tips to lose abdominal fat P.S Who else wants to work with bestselling author andmake$700-$1,000/mo writing reviews like this spending 30mins a day. Click here“>You see, 17 day diet book introduces a different idea in regards to weight diet plan. Because ofits variation for every cycle, it applies to any lifestyle. Here is a word from the author himself tomotivate and get you started.From the Author o ‘I’m not going to ask you to probe your inner eater and uncover hidden emotional reasons for why you’re fat. But I am going to ask you to keep your portions down, cut your intake of fatty, sugary, salty foods, and move your butt. o ‘You won’t be faint with hunger or found in the kitchen at midnight, feeding on Froot Loops and tubes of cookie dough. You can do this, because anyone can do anything for 17 days.’ Click here to view a short but weird video about 17 Day Diet Book showing surprising foods and tips to lose abdominal fatP.S Who else wants to work with bestselling author and make$700-$1,000/mo writing reviewslike this spending 30mins a day. Click hereThis entry was posted in Weight LossTags: 17 day diet book
  3. 3. About The Author: Howard ShenI am a 2 Times Best Selling Author, as seen on CNN, CBS, ABC, FOX NEWS. I am a man whopassionately and ridiculously loves Freedom! I love to chill, blog about random stuff that benefitthe readers such as what I ate for my breakfast, and constantly seeking like minded entrepreneursto lock arms and fight the forces of evils. O, and about the breakfast... I like my eggs sunny sideup and break the yolk and mix with toasted toast...MMMMMM, yummy! I work from home, andcoach people on how to build online empire from their living room with nothing more than acomputer, an internet connection, 2 pairs of underwear, and an all out passion to win. I LOVE toEmpower People