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Entering the Review Era - State of Search


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If you market to humans then reviews matter. This presentation covers the current trends in online reviews showing increasing demand for reviews. Today people expect to find reviews about everything. Are you prepared for the Review Era?

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Entering the Review Era - State of Search

  1. 1. Thomas Ballantyne – Bulwark Exterminating @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch
  2. 2. ?
  3. 3. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch It is 2005, I am apartment hunting. Not just for 1 apartment but for 20 to 30 apartments. I had to house over 100 door to door salesman and crew that summer. My boss suggested I pick up a phonebook and call some local realtors or apartment finders to help. UGHHHH… Slow. Difficult. Could I trust them since they were paid commissions? saved my insanity. Close to $1 Million in rental contracts signed that year all based on reviews from I used that site year after year. I handed that task off and to this day we still use that website to find apartments.
  4. 4. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch Thank You!
  5. 5. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch Online Reviews changed my world.
  6. 6. Get ideas and recommendations From others @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch Reviews are others sharing their thoughts and experiences on anything, verbally, written, or by example.
  7. 7. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch
  8. 8. #stateofsearch Story of Duncan Before YELP.. Travelling salesman becomes Pioneer Food Critic. Writes book for friends. Adventures in Good Eating (1935) Lodging for a Night (1940) Adventures in Good Eating at Home (1950s US Newspaper Columns) …Sharing recipes he collected from restaurants. Becomes Original Content Scraper Duncan Hines Bread (1952) 1st Food Critic
  9. 9. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch
  10. 10. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch The new #ReviewEra slipped in so easily because it is so natural. #stateofsearch - @Thos003
  11. 11. Mass communication changed forever when an individual could freely communicate with the masses. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch
  12. 12. o he bought it on ebay from a seller with no tings? It doesn’t take spidey-sense to figure this ut. Thos003 – Pest control guy jokes often include e amazing spiderman. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch
  13. 13. A Bentley College researcher found that sellers who have even a few positive reports are more likely than sellers who have no history to receive bids and to have their auctions result in a sale. Positively rated sellers also receive higher bids. September 7, 2006 #stateofsearch
  14. 14. Ebay Users with Higher Ratings Sell More and Sell for Higher. #stateofsearch
  15. 15. No Matter your business or product, human nature does not change. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch
  16. 16. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch = $$$$$
  17. 17. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch Do Basic Human Needs Get Reviews? Adventures in Good Eating (1935) Lodging for a Night (1940)
  18. 18. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch What about other Human Needs? Do they get reviews?
  19. 19. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch
  20. 20. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch
  21. 21. Bulwark Exterminating focused on local earch back in 2007. Bulwark since ocused heavily on reviews. Bulwark has earned over 4000 online reviews in the past 6 years. Phoenix pest control trend compared to Pest control reviews trend. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch
  22. 22. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch
  23. 23. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch People now expect to find reviews online… for EVERYTHING!
  24. 24. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch
  25. 25. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch Las Vegas Hotel Reviews
  26. 26. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch No MORE food? No MORE travel? A total of 39,727,022 people came to Las Vegas in 2012, representing an increase of 2.1 percent over the number of visitors in 2011. hotel-industry-statistic-new-attractions/
  27. 27. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch
  28. 28. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch Oct. 21, 2014 …reporting a 30 percent fall in third-quarter net income ..and traffic declines in every major region. About 2 year’s ago I heard McDonald’s after a bad quarter telling Wall Street they planned to do an advertising blitz to improve earnings. Ann’s Snack Bar 1615 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30317 VS Urbanspoon Rating: 91% - 334 votes
  29. 29. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch Reviews are most influential during the discovery phase. Businesses that are not well known stand to benefit the most from online reviews.
  30. 30. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch I don’t sell food. Tacos are sexy, my business isn’t.
  31. 31. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch
  32. 32. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch
  33. 33. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch
  34. 34. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch
  35. 35. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch Surprise Attack
  36. 36. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch
  37. 37. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch Surprise Attack 2 Your content sucks compared to reviews! Consumer reviews are significantly more trusted -- nearly 12 times more trusted -- than descriptions that come from manufacturers eMarketer, February, 2010
  38. 38. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch HOMEWORK Start with 7 Reviews
  39. 39. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch That’s great, but I am not an ebay user. How to Get More thumbs-up Don’t Suck ASK everyone Monitor Fix It
  40. 40. ?
  41. 41. @Thos003 #ReviewEra #StateofSearch “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” -Abraham Lincoln