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  1. 1. TigersBy Emily Aguilar
  2. 2. Tigers
  3. 3. My animal is a tiger
  4. 4. Where do tigers live?Tigers mostly in Asia where it ‘s cold so they have thick shaggy coats to protect them from the cold . When it starts to get warmer they start getting short coats.
  5. 5. What do tigers eat ?Tigers eat during sunset and dawn so they eat deer, birds ,monkeys ,wild pigs , bears and wild cattle eating up to 18 kilos of meat one time.
  6. 6. Tiger characteristics Almost all tigers have orange –brown or darkyellow with dark brown ,grey or black fur .This helps them to camouflage in forest,swamps and tall grass jungles so otheranimals can’t spot them .tigers also have sharpclaws and teeth to help them protectthemselves from predators or to kill their prey.They take very good care of their child .
  7. 7. Threats and predatorsThe tigers predators are wild cattle ,bears, and elephants and even people. People use the tigers for fur coats ,medicines and meat just for money .
  8. 8. Switching locationsIf I switch the tiger who lives in Asia to the South Pole I would call it Polar tiger . The Polar tiger would have fluffier fur cause of cold climate .The tiger would have sharper claws and teeth so it can be easier to catch fish in the half frozen water .Water proof fur so when the tigers ever go onto any platforms they can dive deep down to the water .The tiger will also have webbed feet so it could easier to swim. Also the tiger will have white fur so it could easily blend in to its environment.
  9. 9. Fun facts about tigersThere are six different kinds of tigersMother tigers take care of their cubs up to 3 years .Mother tigers can have up to 2 or 3 cubsTigers are excellent swimmers.
  10. 10. Where did you get this information
  11. 11. The End