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  1. 1. Cheethas
  2. 2. They live in Africa the Middle eastand south America
  3. 3. They hunt during the day and notat night
  4. 4. The cheetahs run up to112 kmphalso 70mph but only for a shortDistonces of there weight
  5. 5. They hunt at day and sleep at nighthunting sleeping
  6. 6. The predators are Egles humanshyenas Linos
  7. 7. Threats to cheetahs are humansbecause we hunt them and eatthere meat
  8. 8. I will move a cheetah to theAntartica in the tepechers of 66f
  9. 9. The food it will eat is seals or anykind of animals with meat or asmall animals
  10. 10. •They will not run as fast eny moreand change color• It will eat dearing the day the predators are poler bears kinds of animals is in the habitat
  11. 11. I found all my facts is the nameof your animal and after is trivia