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Biofield Viewer Advanced Interpretation 2018/9


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The latest Biofield Viewer interpretation slideshow for researchers investigating the anatomy and physiology of the human biofield

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Biofield Viewer Advanced Interpretation 2018/9

  1. 1. Interpretation of Biofield Viewer images Dr. Thornton Streeter Thornton Streeter DSc
  2. 2. 1st Dimension • Element Earth • Geometry Point • Chakra Base • Anger/fear • Flight or Fight • Unconscious • The Potential world
  3. 3. 2nd Dimension • Element Water • Geometry the line • Chakra Naval, Hara • Pleasure, sexual energy • Relationships • Subconscious • The Emerging world
  4. 4. 3rd dimension • Element Fire • Space • Solar Plexus • Willpower • Self awareness • Pre-conscious • The Material World
  5. 5. 4th dimension • Air • Time • Heart • Love • Sharing • Conscious • The Magical World
  6. 6. 5th Dimension • Aether • Space/Time • Throat • Truth • Tendency communication • Super Conscious • The Miraculous World
  7. 7. 6th Dimension • Element Chi/Prana • Geometry Space/Time • Chakra Brow • Insight • Intuition • Hyper Conscious • The Psychic World
  8. 8. 7th Dimension • Element Vacuum/Void • Geometry Cosmic • Chakra Crown • Ecstacy • Atonement • Christ Conscious • The Divine World
  9. 9. Biofield viewer image interpretation covers the systems of the body. Our reference is ‘the energy associated with digestion or respiration etc.l
  10. 10. ORGAN PROJECTIONS ANATOMICAL CORRESPONDENCES: 1 – Lung & Diaphragm 2 – Heart 3 – Liver & Gall Bladder 4 – Esophagus 5 – Stomach 6 – Pancreas 7 – Gall Bladder 8 – Small Intestine 9 – Ovary 10 – Colon 11- Appendix 12- Urinary Bladder 13 – Kidney
  11. 11. NERVE BASED ANATOMICAL CORRESPONDENCES: C2 – Various areas of Head C3 – Side & Front of Neck, supplies the diaphragm C4 – Upper Back of Neck, supplies the diaphragm C5 – Middle of Neck & Upper Parts of Arms, supplies the diaphragm, supplies the shoulder muscles and the muscle to bend our elbow. C6 – Lower Parts of Neck, Arms & Elbows, bending the wrist back C7 – Lower Part of Arm & Shoulder, straightening the elbow C8 – Lower Part of Arm & Shoulder, bends the fingers T1 – Hands, Wrist, Fingers & Thyroid, spreads the fingers T2 – Heart, Heart Valves & Coronary Arteries T3 – Lungs, Bronchial Tubes, Pleura and Chest T4 – Gall Bladder & Common Duct T5 – Liver & Solar Plexus T6 – Stomach & Mid-back Area T7 – Pancreas & Duodenum T8 – Spleen & Lower-mid Back T9 – Adrenal Glands T10 – Kidneys T11 – Ureters T12 – Small Intestine & Upper-lower Back L1 – Ileocecal Valve & Large Intestine L2 – Appendix, Abdomen & Upper Leg, bends the hip L3 – Sex Organs, Uterus, Bladder & Knees, straightens the knee L4 – Prostate & Lower Back, pulls the foot up L5 – Sciatic Nerve, Lower Legs, Ankles & Feet, wiggles the toes Sacrum – Hip Bones & Buttocks, pulls the foot down, bladder, bowel and sex organs and the anal and other pelvic muscles Coccyx – Rectum & Anus
  12. 12. Biofield Viewer Image Interpretation  Focal Point  Symmetry  Shielding (Congested Energy)  Leaking Energy x)  Significance of Colors  Clarity of Colors  Color Banding and Intersections  Artifacts  Entities
  13. 13. Focal Point The focal point is the most important and prominent area, which draws your attention. In this case, it is the throat chakra
  14. 14. Symmetry
  15. 15. Symmetry: Butterfly Effect
  16. 16. Shielded Energy Throat Solar Plexus
  17. 17. Shielding Pooling at chest Pooling in cardiac region
  18. 18. Stages of Shielding
  19. 19. Venting Energy This man has had a heart by-pass operation. Note the disturbance in the field in the heart area. The biofield image from the other side confirms that there is an energy imbalance in the heart area. 00004_010999
  20. 20. Shielding/Venting Case Study This man had a heart attack 15 years ago. Note the disturbance in the field in the front heart area. 020999_001 The Navel Chakra is leaking energy. The Solar Plexus Chakra is leaking energy.
  21. 21. Significance of Colours
  22. 22. Clarity of colours
  23. 23. Colour Banding and Intersections This man had a slipped disc. Note the red leakage of energy intersecting the green band. The back image confirms the energy imbalance. Note the line of red energy along the spine. 040999_001
  24. 24. Spirits and entities
  25. 25. NERVE BASED ANATOMICAL CORRESPONDENCES: Trigeminal 1 – Sensation Upper & Front Head Trigeminal 2 – Sensation Middle Face/Head & Chewing Trigeminal 3 – Sensation Lower Face/Head & Chewing C2 – Various areas of Head C3 – Side & Front of Neck, supplies the diaphragm C4 – Upper Back of Neck, supplies the diaphragm C5 – Middle of Neck & Upper Parts of Arms, supplies the diaphragm, supplies the shoulder muscles and the muscle that we use to bend our elbow. C6 – Lower Parts of Neck, Arms & Elbows, bending the wrist back
  26. 26. Chakra Viewer
  27. 27. Vyana moves from the core out to the periphery and pervades whole body – detect activity in the area surrounding the body – Corresponds to the Belly Second Chakra Udana moves primarily up from the throat up to the head – Corresponds to the Throat Fifth Chakra and Forehead Sixth Chakra Prana moves down from the base of the throat to the navel (the pranic center or kanda) and energizes and all the vayus. It also moves up from the navel to the throat - Corresponds to Heart Fourth Chakra Samana moves from the periphery of the body into the core.- Corresponds to Navel Third Chakra Apana moves from the navel down to the floor of the pelvis– Corresponds to Root First Chakra
  28. 28. Dermatome Emotional CORRESPONDENCES: C2 – Muddled, Instability, Non-thinking, Non-emotive, Paranoia, Up & down C4 – Muddled, Instability, Non-thinking, Non-emotive, Paranoia, Up & down C7 – Muddled, Instability, Non-thinking, Non-emotive, Paranoia, Up & down T1 – Low self-esteem, Grief, Fear T2 – Grief, Anger, Frightfully overjoyed T3 – False pride, Shame T4 – Resentment T5 – Low self-esteem, Fear, Anger T6 – False pride, Shame T7 – Muddled, Instability T8 – Grief, Fear, Anger, Frightfully overjoyed T9 – Low self-esteem, Grief, Muddled, Instability T11 – Muddled, Instability T12 – Frightfully overjoyed L2 – Grief L3 – Grief, Non-thinking, Non-emotive L5 – Dogmatically positioned, Paralyzed will, Lost, Vulnerable, Non-thinking, Non-emotive Sacrum – Non-thinking, Non-emotive Coccyx – Non-thinking, Non-emotive
  29. 29. 12” Busy body 14” - 18” Busy mind Guilt or shame driven overdoing or Frustrated non-doing Outer edge Bottle fed PTSD Thick energy from edge of field all the way to the head on both sides - 3rd Eye Concussion 3rd Eye & crown chakras Person has not allowed him/herself to feel/express sadness 8” Worried about the future 10”-12” Mother10”-12” Father 26” Adrenal26” Adrenal 6” - 8” In a relationship with a lot of arguing Feeling that we don't have enough time to do everything. “Faith is knowing you have enough time to do everything you have to do”. Must be fully present in the present moment to be in relationship With the divine. Get outside barefoot. A lot of energy just off left shoulder if depressed or frequently sad. Lack of early support from mother? Inability to nourish oneself properly or making bad choices that don't support our well-being. Slavery yoke
  30. 30. 3D Biofield
  31. 31. Image analysis with Image J
  32. 32. Biofield Viewer interpretation Chak. V Front top Focal Point: Heart Chakra, sadness, grief Environmental exposure Symmetry 8/10 Points of interest: Thickening of bands at torso. Pooling in cheeks and brow Outer field: silver and orange are strong positive colors, well balanced in this image. Image Alignment: good
  33. 33. Chak. V Back top Focal point: Pink rings and pooling mid back Symmetry: 6/10 Points of interest: Banding at arms and shoulders indicative of issue at spine, waist balanced. Outer Field: Yellow indicative of thoughtfulness, yet sometimes overthinking. Image alignment good, cropped from original Biofield Viewer interpretation
  34. 34. Chakra Viewer Front Close Focal Point: Pooling rear right teeth and into lymphatic system. Symmetry 4/10 Bright brow centre Stressed eyes, recommend eye test. Alignment good Biofield Viewer interpretation
  35. 35. Brow Chakra interactions shown live with Biofield Viewer
  36. 36. Live healing session with Biofield Viewer
  37. 37. Transformation and healing witnessed with Biofield Viewer 3.5
  38. 38. The future of preventative healthcare is supported by non- invasive screening: Biofield Viewer, Multiscan Pro, Thermal Imaging
  39. 39. Med Fit –Paradigm Shifter