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Biofield viewer 5 live part 2

  1. Biofield Viewer 5 Live Part 2 with Dr Thornton Streeter and his team at the Centre for Biofield Sciences A new era of ‘in person’ and ‘at a distance’ screening
  2. • In clinic camera preferences • Crucial requirement for camera is that it must attach to a tripod for establishing a standard for a series of images taken over time • Better camera means better images –we currently recommend Logitech series, as widely available at a good price globally The Biofield Viewer 5.0 live Camera
  3. Lighting for a Biofield image
  4. Take a set of images like this around the body Waistband to a few inches above the head Click “Chakra” to switch modes and press Spacebar to save
  5. Shadow limits • It is crucial to avoid shadows falling on the face or body when biofield images are being prepared. • In the same way a passport phot is rejected if a face can not be seen clearly so too must we reject images that fall outside the range for interpretation. • Dark images can also concern the client if they have seen any images online that would have been taken correctly
  6. Shadow and poor lighting limit interpretability
  7. Mentors along the Way
  8. Using a simple home projector to both illuminate and image the biofield simultaneously. This process is extremely immersive and allows both the healer or healers real time biofieldback With a mirror on the wall the healee can observe their own healing live The effect of this must not be underestimated as it improves the chances of this session being accepted and therefore integrated
  9. Image analysis with Image J
  10. So lets do it –let’s take some images and process them now live
  11. Thank you