CSD Sealing Systems - Fireproof, Gastight & Watertight Seals For Cable & Pipe Entries Ducts


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CSD Rise Multi Cable & Pipe Sealing System - Features :

Simple and effective : RISE Duct Seals are a multi-cable and pipe transit sealing system providing an effective and simple solution to all fire, gas and water tight duct sealing requirements.

Few Components : RISE Duct Seals system consist of only two components - 1) rubber insert sleeves used to guarantee cable separation and as a backing for the sealant layer, 2) FIWA sealant, a high quality silicone based, fire resistant, water repellent sealant which makes the duct seal system quick and easy to install.

Water and Gas Tight : RISE Duct Seals provide high elasticity and bonding strength which resists movement, shock and vibration providing a stable duct seal. RISE rubber insert sleeves are applied to provide cable separation and a backing for the application of the FIWA sealant. 60mm RISE sleeves are adequate for water and gas tight duct sealing.

Fire, Water and Gas Tight : RISE Duct Seals using rubber insert sleeves at a length of 160mm and applying FIWA sealant to both faces of the opening will provide a fire tight duct seal.

Flexible and Versatile : RISE Duct Seals can be used in vertical and horizontal ducts. RISE rubber insert sleeves cling to the cables without sliding down and falling out of the penetration. The high adhesion and viscosity of the duct sealant means it will not run or drip when applied overhead.

Adding and Removing Cables : RISE Duct Seals allow the installing of additional cables - it is a simple matter of coring into the soft rubber of the sealant to a depth of 20mm and passing the additional cables through the opening created. The duct sealant is then applied around the new cable to re-seal - there is no need to disassemble the transit system.

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CSD Sealing Systems - Fireproof, Gastight & Watertight Seals For Cable & Pipe Entries Ducts

  1. 1. CSDSealingSystemsOnshoreThe most advanced product rangeof fireproof, gastight and watertightsealing for cable and pipe entries.Safety. Reliability. Ingenuity.OnshoreThemostadvancedproductrangeoffireproof,gastightandwatertightsealingforcableandpipeentries.
  2. 2. Contents.1ChallengeSealing cable and pipeentries through fire ratedwalls and floorsSealing cable and pipeentries in zoned areasUpgrading to latest firestandard from BS476to BSEN1366Watertight sealing ofducts even when ductsare distorted or oversizedWatertight sealing ofducts with large powercables, trefoil cables andcables passing throughat an angleSealing cables throughtransformer bund wallsSealing against dieseland petrolWater-tight sealing earth-ing stripPrevent rodent ingressSolutionRISE Multi Cable and pipe sealing systemACTIFOAM FIRESTOP Cable and pipefire stopping systemNOFIRNO Fire stopping for cable and pipe entriesSlipsil seals for cable and pipe entriesRISE Multi Cable and pipe sealing systemSlipsil seals for cable and pipe entriesRISE Multi Cable and pipe sealing systemACTIFOAM FIRESTOP Cable and pipefire stopping systemNOFIRNO Fire stopping for cable and pipe entriesSlipsil seals for cable and pipe entriesRISE Multi Cable and pipe sealing systemRISE Multi Cable and pipe sealing systemRISE Multi Cable and pipe sealing systemACTIFOAM FIRESTOP Cable and pipefire stopping systemSlipsil seals for cable and pipe entriesRISE Multi Cable and pipe sealing systemSlipsil seals for cable and pipe entriesRISE Multi Cable and pipe sealing systemRISE Multi Cable and pipe sealing systemACTIFOAM FIRESTOP Cable and pipefire stopping systemNOFIRNO Fire stopping for cable and pipe entriesSlipsil seals for cable and pipe entriesPages6-1314-2738-4228-376-1328-376-1314-2738-4228-376-136-136-1314-2728-376-1328-376-136-1314-2738-4228-37Whatever the challenge,we have the solution...RISE, ACTIFOAM, SLIPSIL and NOFIRNO are registered trademarks of Beele Engineeringof the Netherlands.Safety. Reliability. Ingenuity.Introduction 2Onshore capabilities 3-5RISE Multi Cable & Pipe 6-13Sealing SystemACTIFOAM Firestop Cable 14-27& Pipe Fire-Stopping SystemSLIPSIL Seals for Cable & Pipe Entries 28-37NOFIRNO Fire-Stopping for Cable 38-42& Pipe Entriescsdsealingsystems.co.ukTel: +44 (0)191 490 1547Fax: +44 (0)191 477 5371Email: northernsales@thorneandderrick.co.ukWebsite: www.cablejoints.co.ukwww.thorneanderrick.co.uk
  3. 3. csdsealingsystems.co.uk2 3Introduction.An experienced partnerCSD Sealing Systems have spe-cialised in fireproof, gastight andwatertight sealing systems in theUK for over 18 years.With close links to CSD Internationaland Beele Engineering in the Nether-lands, a company with over35 years experience of developmentand production in this field, ourclients can be assured of first classproducts and first class service,whatever their industry.Customer focusedAt CSD, we realise the importanceof keeping to budgets andtime-scales, and that is why we havedeveloped systems which requirefew components and materials,and are guaranteed to lower costsof both inventory and installation.Certified systemsCSD products have beenextensively tested by all major world-wide classification societiesand independent institutes, andare proven to ensure the higheststandards of quality, safety,reliability and durability.Onshorecapabilities.An advanced product rangeWhatever the project, CSD offerthe most comprehensive and cost ef-fective range of sealing systems de-signed to seal cable and pipe entriesto reduce the risk of explosion, wateringress or spread of fire, protectingassets and personnel.With a range that is expertly de-signed, CSD products are ideallysuited for numerous environments,both on and offshore. Rubbergrades will protect for the life ofthe structure, even in salt laden at-mospheres or when exposed to se-vere weather conditions and UV.With products retaining extremelyhigh levels of protection and agetested to ensure no deteriorationin performance in excess of 50 years,CSD Sealing Systems offer the idealsolution to any high risk environment.“CSD Sealing Systems providean advanced product rangeto suit all conduit sealing appli-cations. CSD productshave been installed in a wide va-riety of projects both on and off-shore throughout the world.”Safety. Reliability. Ingenuity.
  4. 4. csdsealingsystems.co.uk4 5OffshoreOffshore platforms are ahazardous environmentand therefore require thehighest levels of safety.CSD Sealing Systems havebeen supplying offshore en-gineers with specialist seal-ing solutions for over20 years, protecting againstthe demanding situationsand ensuring the fireproof,gastight and watertightducting of all pipe and cablepenetrations.NavalNaval vessels are amongstthe most advanced shipsin the world and as such re-quire the most progressivesealing solutions. The fullrange of CSD productshas been extensively testedunder the most extremeconditions, to prove theirsuitability for surface shipsand submarine applications,offering a lightweight,space-efficient solution andguaranteeing the highestlevel of safety for naval ves-sels and their personnel.MarineCSD Sealing Systems isa market leader in cableand pipe sealing systemsfor the marine industry. Safe,cost-effective, flexible sys-tems are the key in the con-struction of all seagoingvessels today, and the rea-son why CSD productshave been specified and in-stalled by many leadingworldwide shipbuilders toprovide solutions that offerthe highest standards ofquality, safety and reliability.WaterCSD have been marketleaders in sealing cableentry ducts within the waterindustry for several years.Our range of products aredesigned to suit the specificneeds of the water industry,where resistance to gasessuch as methane, as wellas long term and high levelsof protection against explo-sion risk is a specific andunique requirement. Withproducts designed for sim-ple installation, effectivelong term sealing of cableand pipe entries is assured.Across manyindustries.Civil ConstructionCSD products have been in-stalled in a wide varietyof civil construction applica-tions. Whateverthe project, CSD offer themost comprehensive andcost-effective range of seal-ing systems designedto prevent the spread offire, fumes, smoke, gasesand water helping to savelives as well as buildingsand equipment.PharmaceuticalDue to the advanced de-signs of our products, theyare ideally suited for ensur-ing safety in a clean roomenvironment dayafter day. A wide rangeof rubber grades meanswe offer sealing solutionsagainst even the most ag-gressive chemicals.Also, the materials weuse will guarantee nofibre migration throughoutthe building.PetrochemicalWith products designedto increase the levelof fire safety and with ex-tremely high levels of pro-tection against jet fire, thespread of explosive gases,coupled withstraight forward installationand maintenance, CSDSealing Systems offerthe ideal solution to thishigh-risk environment.Power Generation& DistributionUsing the latest polymertechnology and with a widerange of solutions, CSDproducts are guaranteedto resolve any sealing chal-lenges across thepower generation industry.Whether it is the high riskenvironments such as Nu-clear Power Stations, wheresafety is the number onepriority, or in arduous envi-ronments such as offshorewind farms, CSD have along running pedigree insupplying products thatguarantee safety and pro-tection of life and assetswith seals that will continueto perform for the lifetimeof the structure.Safety. Reliability. Ingenuity.Tel: +44 (0)191 490 1547Fax: +44 (0)191 477 5371Email: northernsales@thorneandderrick.co.ukWebsite: www.cablejoints.co.ukwww.thorneanderrick.co.uk
  5. 5. csdsealingsystems.co.uk8 9Benefits.Benefits.“The RISE Transit System isquick and flexible, making iteasier to achieve an effectivegas and watertight seal.”Complieswith ATEXregulationsEnsuresDSEARcomplianceCost-effectiveUp to four hours fire pro-tectionWIMES compliantHigh levels of gasand water tightnessEase of re-entry foradding cablesFew componentsNo frame requiredSuitable for trefoilcablesAge tested – 50 yearsResistant to methane,hydrogen sulphideand chlorineResistant to submersionin petrol, diesel andtransformer oilsQuick and easy to installThe RISE Duct Seal has been exten-sively tested, not only in-house at thetechnical laboratories of CSD Interna-tional in the Netherlands, but also byindependent experts TNO RubberTechnologies, and witnessed by inde-pendent approval bodiessuch as Lloyds Register. Our test pro-gramme ensures all of our productsmeet the rigorous quality standards ofour customers in a wide range of in-dustries, and guarantees our prod-ucts will be effective against thespread of fire, gases or waterin the most arduous environments.Our products are proven to showno deterioration in effectivenessin excess of 50 years.Lloyds Register witnessed– up to 2.5 bar pressure testTNO Efectis Laboratory – Age Testing to 50years with no deterioration in perform-anceBSEN1366-3 European Fire Test– 4 hour fire protectionDef Stan 02-711 Low Smoke Index (for-merly NES711)Def Stan 02-713 Low Toxicity Index (for-merly NES713)ISO 4589-3 – High Temperature IndexISO 4589-2 – High Oxygen IndexComplies with ATEX regulationsEnsures DSEAR complianceExtensive testprogramme.In-house fire testing and pressure testingat CSD International’s laboratories.Safety. Reliability. Ingenuity.
  6. 6. csdsealingsystems.co.uk10 11Installation layout.Onshore application.Step 1Thoroughly clean the inside ofthe duct and cables, use an appropri-ate degreaser to removethe dirt, dust or oil to allow theFIWA (or NOFIRNO) sealant tobond. Apply a RISE insert sleeveof the relevant diameter aroundeach cable to ensure all cablesare separated.Step 2Fill the remaining free space withspare RISE insert sleeves, usuallyof sizes 27/19 and 18/12. Packsleeves tightly, then adjust toallow a 20mm gap from the frontof the transit.Step 3Apply a 20mm layer of sealantto the face of the transit. Beginin the most difficult area andwork outwards. A slight overfillis recommended. Ensure sealantis applied between all cables.Installation.Fireproof, gastightand watertightUsing the RISE insert sleevesat a length of 160mm and apply-ing FIWA sealant to both faces ofthe opening, will provide a firetight seal. When exposed to heator flame, the advanced rubbersused within the system will resistheat and flame, assuring totalconduit sealing protectionagainst fire, heat,20mm layer FIWA (orNOFIRNO) sealant60mm RISE insert sleeves• Certified PressureResistance – 1.5 bar2 x 20mm FIWA (orNOFIRNO) sealant layers160mm RISE insertsleeves Type FRR/LEHF• Certified PressureResistance – 2.5 bar• 4 hours fire protectionRISE insertsleevecablecablecablecable20mm 60mmRISE insertsleeveFIWA sealant20mm thickFIWA sealant20mm thick20mm 160mm 20mm*wall/floor thicknessminimum 180mmfor F180FIWAsealant20mmthickRISEInsertsleeveGastight and watertightThe elasticity and high bondingstrength of FIWA sealant offersa flexible seal, which resistsmovement, shock and vibration,as well as high pressure. TheRISE rubber insert sleeves areapplied to provide cable separa-tion and a backing for the appli-cation of the FIWA sealant. Forgastight and watertight applica-tions, our standard 60mm RISEsleeve is sufficient.Safety. Reliability. Ingenuity.Tel: +44 (0)191 490 1547Fax: +44 (0)191 477 5371Email: northernsales@thorneandderrick.co.ukWebsite: www.cablejoints.co.ukwww.thorneanderrick.co.uk
  7. 7. csdsealingsystems.co.uk12 13Installation.Step 4Using a damp cloth, press thesealant down and betweenthe cables. Ensure a sufficientamount is applied and it makesgood contact with all surfaces.Step 5Using your hand (nitrile glovesare recommended), make sureenough sealant is between thecables and has been appliedto the required depth and thensmooth to finish. Wet the handsto prevent the sealant sticking.Step 6Take a final check with a torchto ensure sufficient sealant hasbeen applied between the cables.Sealant layer cures on averageat a rate of 2mm per day.Step 1Adding extra cables isa straightforward job.Cut away the sealantlayer at both sides ofthe penetration with aplastic knife or a hollowpunch in a taperingshape as shown above.This creates a goodfoundation for the sealantmass to be applied later.Step 2Pull the cable throughone of the empty fillersleeves with an inner di-ameter more or less corre-sponding to the outerdiameter ofthe cable.Refill the opening in thesealant layer at bothsides of the penetrationwith sufficient sealant.Step 3If the empty filler sleevesdo not fit the cable tobe ducted, a numberof these insert sleevesmust be removed fromthe penetration.Install a fitting insertsleeve (with some fillersleeves if necessary) inthe open space in thepenetration.Step 4Pull the cable through thefitting insert sleeve thathas now been installed.Refill the openings cut inthe sealant layer at bothsides of the penetrationwith sufficient sealant.The sealant is presseddown firmly andsmoothed with adamp cloth.Adding a cable.Standard RISE kits – order table.NOTE: RISE can be used to suit ANY size opening. If the above standardselection does not suit your requirements please contact us.TOOLS REQUIREDINSTALLATION KITS AVAILABLE• High ratio sealant gun• Disposable nitrile gloves• Cloths• Long nose pliers• Water spray• Wooden 20mm depth gauge• Wire brush• Degreasing agentREQUIREMENT SIZE ORDER CODEGASTIGHT/WATERTIGHT 3 X 50MM DUCTS RISEDUCT3X50WGGASTIGHT/WATERTIGHT 100MM DUCT RISEDUCT100WGGASTIGHT/WATERTIGHT 125MM DUCT RISEDUCT125WGGASTIGHT/WATERTIGHT 150MM DUCT RISEDUCT150WGGASTIGHT/WATERTIGHT 200MM DUCT RISEDUCT200WGGASTIGHT/WATERTIGHT 250MM DUCT RISEDUCT250WGFIREPROOF, GASTIGHT AND WATERTIGHT 3 X 50MM DUCTS RISEDUCT3X50FFIREPROOF, GASTIGHT AND WATERTIGHT 100MM DUCT RISEDUCT100FFIREPROOF, GASTIGHT AND WATERTIGHT 125MM DUCT RISEDUCT25FFIREPROOF, GASTIGHT AND WATERTIGHT 150MM DUCT RISEDUCT150FFIREPROOF, GASTIGHT AND WATERTIGHT 200MM DUCT RISEDUCT200FFIREPROOF, GASTIGHT AND WATERTIGHT 250MM DUCT RISEDUCT250FSafety. Reliability. Ingenuity.RISE Finishing Kit(includes water spray, cloths, nitrile gloves, depth gauge)RISE Full Installation Kit (includes all tools)
  8. 8. Seefollowingpage
  9. 9. Flexibility and simplicityACTIFOAM is designed for fireproofducting of cables in building and in-dustrial applications. The ACTIFOAMsystem combines flexibility and sim-plicity with outstanding fire protectionproperties. Closed cell foam rubbersheets can be sized to suit any varietyof service types passing through anysize wallor floor opening.Two designs, one purposeCSD’s frame design is combined withACTIFOAM to create an extremelyhigh level of fire resistance, in a for-mat that is simple to install and easyto regularly disassemble - ideal forapplications where routing or re-rout-ing of cables is common place.Outstanding performanceThe purpose of ACTIFOAM technol-ogy is to ensure that duringa fire the rubbers, thermoplasticsand compounds used for the sealwill produce such an amount offire retardant material that major de-formations or displacementsin the services or structure are effec-tively accommodated.As a result, the penetration will remainfire tight. The higher the temperature,the more fire retardant material willbe produced.Tested to the limitACTIFOAM is an expanding rubberthat fills any cavities or gaps in con-structions, offering a perfectfire seal.ACTIFOAM has been extensivelytested to guarantee low smoke andlow toxic gas production, to such ahigh level; it has been approved foruse in areas where low smoke andlow toxicity products are a life savingnecessity. ACTIFOAM provides upto 2 hours fire protection and 2 hoursinsulation in accordance with thenew BSEN1366-3 (will soon becomemandatory).A seal against water,gases & cold smokeACTIFOAM is a closed cell rubberso it will not absorb moisture, makingit suitable for use outdoors or inharsh environments. In addition,with the application of CSD’s FIWA(or NOFIRNO) sealant, the systemprovides a seal against water, gasesor cold smoke, to pressures in ex-cess of 1.5 bar. ACTIFOAM reallyis the seal for all applications andall environments.“…combines flexibilityand simplicity withoutstanding fireprotection properties.”Features.Cable and Pipe Fire-Stopping System.csdsealingsystems.co.uk14 15Safety. Reliability. Ingenuity.
  10. 10. csdsealingsystems.co.uk16 17Ducting of additionalcables is very simpleLower maintenancecostsAesthetic finishEasy to in-stallHigh levels offire resistanceNo fibre migrationAge tested in excessof 50 yearsRemainsmechanically intactThermal protectionLowest smoke and toxi-city materialsLong term protectionagainst fire and heatSuitable for outdoor environmentsOffering 2 hour fire protectionfor both integrity and insulation, ACT-IFOAM has been tested in accor-dance with the most stringent firetest procedure, BSEN1366-3(will soon become mandatory). Withthe addition of a FIWA (or NOFIRNO)layer, the system also becomesgastight and watertight.BSEN1366-3 European Fire Test– 2 hour fire protection (will soonbecome mandatory)Lloyds Register witnessed– 1.5 bar pressure testTNO Efectis Laboratory – Age Testing to 50years with no deterioration in performanceDef Stan 02-711 Low Smoke Index (for-merly NES711)Def Stan 02-713 Low Toxicity Index (for-merly NES713)ISO 4589-3 – High Temperature IndexISO 4589-2 – High Oxygen IndexCertifire approved(third party accreditation)BS476 Part 20:1987Benefits.“Low smoke andtoxicity index andup to 2 hours fire protec-tion.”Extensive testprogramme. No CF 465Safety. Reliability. Ingenuity.Tel: +44 (0)191 490 1547Fax: +44 (0)191 477 5371Email: northernsales@thorneandderrick.co.ukWebsite: www.cablejoints.co.ukwww.thorneanderrick.co.uk
  11. 11. csdsealingsystems.co.uk18 19Where the depth of wall is less than 150mm, or in areas where cablesare regularly ran or re-routed, the ACTIFOAM Firestop system with frame,which is bolted to the face of the wall or floor, is the ideal flexible and aestheticsolution.ACTIFOAM Firestop System with Frames.Test standards Fire resistance integrity Fire resistance insulationBSEN1366-3 2 hrs 2 hrsTest standards Fire resistance integrity Fire resistance insulationBSEN1366-3 2 hrs 2 hrsInnovativetechnology.Where cables are in trunking, ACTIFOAM is used to fill any availablevoids around cable bundles and trunking. Where cables run throughon tray, ACTIFOAM is applied in between cables. Cable separationto correspond with cable diameter (small cables can be bundled toa max bundle of 35mm).ACTIFOAM Firestop System.A FIWA (or NOFIRNO)sealant layer is applied(minimum 10mm) ifa high level of waterand gas tightness isto be achieved. Forsmoke and fire tightonly applications, aFIWA sealant layeris not required.Minimum depthof seal 150mmNo CF 465Safety. Reliability. Ingenuity.
  12. 12. csdsealingsystems.co.uk20 21Installation.ACTIFOAM Firestop System.Step 1If the walls inside the conduit open-ing exhibit large irregularities, theyshould be locally smoothed withFIWA (or NOFIRNO) fireproofsealant, otherwise insufficientsmoke tightness will be obtained.Step 2The cables can be ductedthrough the conduit openingin random order. It is importantthat they are not pulled tootight in order not to hampertheir separation.Step 3ACTIFOAM rubber sheets arecut into strips fitting to the sizeof the walls inside the conduitopening. For this purposeACTIFOAM sheets with athickness of 25mm are used.Step 4The ACTIFOAM rubber sheetsshould fit snuggly in the conduitopening to ensure a tight fitagainst the walls. This is importantto avoid smoke penetrating be-tween the sheets and the wall.Step 5An ACTIFOAM rubber sheet mustalso be placed in the conduit open-ing underneath the layer of cables.A band is placed around the cablebundle to lift the bundle of cables.Step 6A slightly oversized strip of ACTI-FOAM rubber with athickness of 25mm is placed insidethe conduit opening underneaththe cables. The sheet will be com-pressed by the weight ofthe cables.Step 7One layer of cables is spreadout on the ACTIFOAM rubber sheetat the bottom of the conduit open-ing. The other cables arelifted to make room for further fin-ishing to the first layer.Step 8For proper cable separation,square profiles are torn off thepre-slit ACTIFOAM rubber sheets.The sizes of the profiles shouldbe equivalent to the cable diame-ters.Step 9Profiles are slit in sizes of 10x10,15x15, 20x20 and 25x25mm.This enables an easy fit for corre-sponding cable sizes.Cables larger than 25mm shouldbe separated by a minimumof 25mm.Safety. Reliability. Ingenuity.Tel: +44 (0)191 490 1547Fax: +44 (0)191 477 5371Email: northernsales@thorneandderrick.co.ukWebsite: www.cablejoints.co.ukwww.thorneanderrick.co.uk
  13. 13. csdsealingsystems.co.uk22 23…continued.ACTIFOAM Firestop System.Step 13In the same way as with thefirst layer of cables, the cablesare separated with the ACTIFOAMpre-slit profiles and levelled withone or more ACTIFOAM sheets.Step 14The remaining space is filledwith one or more ACTIFOAMsheets. All sheets should fit tightlyin the conduit opening to obtaina fair degree of smoke tightness.Step 15Due to better sliding of greasedrubber on rubber and for finalfinishing, an ACTIFOAM sheetmust be inserted between thetop layers of ACTIFOAM sheets.Step 16Compression of the filling is neces-sary to obtain stability.For this purpose it is easier to in-sert a couple of strips insteadof sheets. The strips are greasedall around with CSD lubricant.Step 17The first strip is inserted into theopening between the layers byhand. For a wall thickness of150mm, it is advisable to cutthree strips 50mm wide toenable easier insertion.Step 18A piece of wood is used to pushthe strips tightly into the openingbetween the ACTIFOAM rubbersheets. The use of strips insteadof sheets makes this mucheasier to do.Step 19The finished ACTIFOAM multi-cable penetration. Officially firetested according to BSEN 1366-3(NEN 6069) for 2 hoursin an aerated concrete wall150mm thick.Step 20In case the penetration has to benot only fire safe but also gas andwater tight, the ACTIFOAM foamrubber filling can be covered witha layer of FIWA (or NOFIRNO)sealant in a minimum thicknessof 10mm.Step 21It is not necessary to interruptthe cable tray. ACTIFOAM allows,if required, the tray to be passedthrough the conduit opening. ACTI-FOAM sheets are placed aroundthe cable tray.Step 10Adjacent to the first layer ofcables and profiles, one or moreextra sheets of ACTIFOAM rubberis fitted to create a level layer forfurther filling the conduit opening.Step 11An intermediate ACTIFOAM rubbersheet is inserted in the conduitopening on top of the levelledfirst layer. The thickness of the in-termediate layer is dependenton the maximum cable diameter.Step 12The next layer of cables isspread out on the ACTIFOAM inter-mediate rubber sheet.As indicated before, the cablesshould not be pulled too tightto enable this.Safety. Reliability. Ingenuity.
  14. 14. 25Step 7Position the attachment bracketon the casing against the wall andmark off the attachment holes. Ifnecessary, the holes in the upperparts of the gasket can also beused for this purpose.Step 8After drilling, position the anchoringbolts and the attachment bracket.Do not tighten the bracket firmly,in order to facilitate insertion of thetop layer of rubber pads later duringinstallation.Step 9In case of larger amounts of cables,a band is placed around the cablebundle to lift the bundle of cables.ACTIFOAM rubberpads are placed in the FIRESTOPunderneath the layer of cables.Step 10A layer of cables is spread out.For proper cable separation,square profiles are torn off thepre-slit ACTIFOAM rubber sheets.The sizes of the profiles shouldbe equivalent to the cable diame-ters.Step 11Profiles are slit in sizes of 10x10,15x15, 20x20 and 25x25mm.This enables an easy fit for corre-sponding cable sizes. Cables largerthan 25mm should be separated bya minimum of 25mm.Step 12Adjacent to the first layer of cablesand profiles, one or more extrasheets of ACTIFOAM rubber is fit-ted to create a level layer for furtherfilling the FIRESTOP.Installation.ACTIFOAM Firestop System (with frames).Step 1The conduit opening has to be25mm smaller all around than theinner dimensions of the FIRESTOP.This will keep the rubber padsagainst the walls inside theFIRESTOP in place during fire ex-posure.Step 2If the wall around the conduit open-ing exhibits large irregularities, theyshould be locally smoothed withFIWA (or NOFIRNO) fire safesealant. This is to prevent smokeemission between the FIRESTOPand the wall.csdsealingsystems.co.uk24Step 3Remove the attachment bracketand the cover of the FIRESTOP.Remove all ACTIFOAM rubberpads with the exception of the bot-tom layer and the layers against theside walls of the casing.Step 4The casing is used as a template tomark off the attachment holes. TheACTIFOAM rubber pads againstthe inside walls of the FIRESTOPare 25mm thick and should beflush with the conduit opening.Step 5Then drill the holes for the anchor-ing bolts. After the bolts have beenpositioned, push all parts of the fireresistant FRR/HF gasket over theanchoring bolts and lay themagainst the wall.Step 6The casing containing thebottom layer of ACTIFOAMrubber pads and the rubber padsagainst the side walls, is pushedover the anchoring bolts againstthe wall and firmly tightened.Safety. Reliability. Ingenuity.
  15. 15. Sheets and pre-slit sheetsare delivered in sizes:Foam rubber is supplied in sheets witha thickness from 10 up to 25mm.Sheets are delivered in sizes:They can easily be cut to size with a sharp knife.27Step 19Tighten the attachment boltsfirmly. With respect to mechanicalstability and tightness, it is very im-portant to check if the overfillis sufficient to obtain an optimumcompressibility.Step 20Place rings and nuts on allthe remaining anchor bolts andtighten the attachment bolts ofthe attachment bracket firmly.csdsealingsystems.co.uk26…continued.ACTIFOAM Firestop System (with frames).Step 13A layer of intermediate ACTIFOAMrubber pads is inserted in theFIRESTOP on top of the levelledfirst layer. The thickness of the in-termediate layer is dependenton the maximum cable diameter.Step 14The next layer of cables isspread out on the layer ofACTIFOAM intermediate rubberpads. It is most important thatthe cables are not pulled tootight to enable this.Step 15In the same way as with thefirst layer of cables, the cablesare separated with the ACTIFOAMpre-slit profiles and levelled withone or more ACTIFOAM sheets.Take care for a tight fit.Step 16The remaining space is filledwith layers of ACTIFOAM pads.The filling should be flush withthe top side of the FIRESTOPcasing. For this purpose thepads are available 10, 15, 20and 25mm thick.Step 17On top of the filling overfill padsof minimum 10mm should beplaced. They are pushed belowthe attachment bracket. Thebracket has not been tightenedfirmly yet, in order to leavesufficient play.Step 18Place the cover on the FIRESTOPcasing and fit the attachmentbolts in the holes. The attachmentbolts are long enough to put thenuts on easily despite the overfillof 10mm inside the FIRESTOP.500x500x10mm500x500x15mm500x500x20mm500x500x25mm1000x500x15mm1000x500x20mm1000x500x25mm300x100x10mm300x100x15mm300x100x20mm300x100x25mm600x100x10mm600x100x15mm600x100x20mm600x100x25mm300x150x10mm300x150x15mm300x150x20mm300x150x25mm600x150x10mm600x150x15mm600x150x20mm600x150x25mm300x200x10mm300x200x15mm300x200x20mm300x200x25mm600x200x10mm600x200x15mm600x200x20mm600x200x25mm300x250x10mm300x250x15mm300x250x20mm300x250x25mm600x250x10mm600x250x15mm600x250x20mm600x250x25mmThe 10mm thick sheets have 30 (60) pre-cut profiles 10x10mm.The 15mm thick sheets have 20 (40) pre-cut profiles 15x15mm.The 20mm thick sheets have 15 (30) pre-cut profiles 20x20mm.The 25mm thick sheets have 12 (24) pre-cut profiles 25x25mm.The profiles can easily be torn off.Safety. Reliability. Ingenuity.
  16. 16. New generation sealsSLIPSIL is the new generation sealingplug from CSD. It combines simpleinstallation with effective sealing per-formance. It is designed to seal pipesand cables against the ingress of fire,gas and water at pressuresin excess of 2.5 bar, and is resistantagainst fire for up to 2 hours. Ina range of sizes to suit services be-tween 5mm and 520mm in diameter,the plug will cope witha much larger tolerance than the tra-ditional CSD Sealing Plugs.Simple installation,outstanding performanceCSD Sealing Plugs consist of twoequal parts that allows them to be in-serted after all pipes or cablesin a conduit are installed.The flange of the sealing plugprevents the sealing plug being in-serted too far and is labelled with sizeinformation to ease identification andinspection. The profiling of the sealingplug makes it easy to push into theopening, but will create an extremelyeffective long-term seal with guaran-teed performance.“CSD Sealing Plugs consist oftwo equal parts that allows themto be inserted after all pipes orcables in a conduit are installed.”Features.Seals for Cable and Pipe Entries.29csdsealingsystems.co.uk28 Safety. Reliability. Ingenuity.
  17. 17. 31csdsealingsystems.co.uk30Benefits. Extensivepressure testing.SLIPSIL sealing plugs have gonethrough three pressure tests at nomi-nal dimensions to determinethe pressure ratings for plugs withsmallest, medium and largest ofopenings.Each plug size is then also pressuretested at each of the possible toler-ance limits from the largest allowableconduit dimension withthe smallest allowable servicepipe dimension, through to the oppo-site limits.This creates a total of twelve pres-sure tests for each series to deter-mine the operational tolerances andease of installation.Lloyds Register Witnessed– 2.5 bar pressure testTNO Laboratory – Age Testing to 50 yearsBSEN1366-3 European Fire Test– 2 hour fire protectionNES711 – Low Smoke IndexNES713 – Low Toxicity IndexISO 4589-3 – High Temperature IndexISO 4589-2 – High Oxygen IndexSafety. Reliability. Ingenuity.Tested under severeconditions, suitable forwide ranging industriesand for use in theharshest environmentsAllows the shortestpossible conduitlength for fire ratedpenetrationsCan be used for alltypes of metallic andplastic pipesDoes not requirebolting or any othermechanical outfittingLow maintenanceCan be exposed tohigh pressure loadsdirectly after installation“Fastand simpleto install.”Can be installed in minutes
  18. 18. 33csdsealingsystems.co.uk32Test standards Fire resistance integrity Fire resistance insulationBSEN1366-3 2 hrs 2 hrsBSEN13501-2:2003 2 hrs 2 hrsInnovativetechnology.Seal fitted either side to correspondto service OD and conduit IDMinimum depthof seal 180mmSpecialist conduit frames are available. Alternatively, SLIPSIL plugs can be inserted into core drilled holes.Installation.Step 1Before starting the installation,any dirt or oil residues shouldbe removed from the conduitopening.Step 2The inside wall should then betreated with CSD lubricant alonga distance which approximatelycorresponds with the length ofthe sealing plug.Step 3The inside surfaces of bothsegments of the sealing plugneed to then be covered withCSD lubricant.Safety. Reliability. Ingenuity.Tel: +44 (0)191 490 1547Fax: +44 (0)191 477 5371Email: northernsales@thorneandderrick.co.ukWebsite: www.cablejoints.co.ukwww.thorneanderrick.co.uk
  19. 19. 35csdsealingsystems.co.uk34Step 4The segments of the sealingplug need to be treated withCSD lubricant on the outside.Ensure all surfaces arewell lubricated.Step 5Place both segments of thesealing plug around the ductedpipe and then push into theconduit opening as far asthe first serration.Step 6Push both segments of thesealing plug evenly by hand,serration by serration, furtherinto the conduit opening. Forsome plugs at extreme tolerance,a wooden section and malletmay be required.Step 7To satisfy certification requirementsa plug should be installed at eachend of the penetration (flangededge flush against the frame).When installing the second plug,air can become trapped insidethe penetration. Use a lubricatedscrewdriver and carefully insert theend between the 2 plug segmentsto release the air. Repeat process ifrequired until all air is released andthe second plug is fully inserted.…continued.Step 8For plastic pipes, you must usean 80mm wide wrap of RISEFRR/EHF rubber between theSLIPSIL plugs. A pre-formedsleeve can be used for pipe sizesup to 44mm and wrap in 1m or3m lengths for sizes above.Step 9Once the wrap is inserted into the centre of the penetration,the second SLIPSIL plug canbe installed as before. This willcreate your fully certified plasticpipe SLIPSIL penetration.Plastic pipes (additional steps)STEP 1 STEP 2BS (NB) ASTM (NB) MM SERIES 35 SERIES 53 SERIES 78 SERIES 103 SERIES 128 SERIES 154 SERIES 207(Suits 5-20mm) (Suits 10-34mm) (Suits 22-50mm) (Suits 40-75mm) (Suits 60-92mm) (Suits 88-125mm) (Suits 110-168mm)6 35/5-68 35/8-910 35/10-12 53/10-1212 35/12-14 53/12-141/4" 1/4" 13 35/12-14 53/12-1415 35/14-16 53/14-163/8" 3/8" 17 35/16-18 53/16-1818 35/18-20 53/18-2020 53/20-2221 53/20-2222 53/22/-2425 53/24-263/4" 3/4" 26 53/26-2828 53/28-30 78/28-3030 53/30-31 78/30-321" 1" 33 53/33-34 78/32-3435 78/34-3638 78/38-4040 78/40-421 1/4" 1 1/4" 42 78/42-44 103/42-4444 78/44-46 103/44-461 1/2" 1 1/2" 48 78/48-50 103/48-5050 78/50 103/50-5253 103/52-5454 103/54-562" 2" 60 103/60-62 128/60-6263 103/62-63 128/62-6467 103/66-68 128/66-682 1/2" 73 103/72-74 128/72-742 1/2" 76 128/76-783" 3" 88 128/88-90 154/88-90108 154/108-1104" 4" 114 154/114-1166" 6" 168 207/168STEP 3NB 1 1/4" 2" 3" 4" 5" 6" 8"OD & Wall Thickness (mm) 42.2 x 3.56 60.3 x 3.6 88.9 x 5.49 114.3 x 5.6 139.7 x 5.6 168.3 x 7.11 219.1 x 6.3Inside Diameter (mm) 35.08 53.1 77.92 103.1 128.5 154.08 206.5Allowable Tolerance on ID (mm) 34.5-35.7 52-53.7 77-78.7 102-103.7 127-128.7 153-154.7 206-207.7Suggested Steel Specification API 5L Grade B ST.52 DIN 1629 API 5L Grade B API 5L Grade B ST.52 DIN 1629 API 5L Grade B API 5L Grade BMinimum Frame Length (mm) 120 120 160 160 160 160 160SLIPSIL selection table formetallic and GRP pipework.STEP 1: Select the outside diameterof the service pipe from the table.STEP 2: Read along the row to selectthe correct plug size and type.STEP 3: Read down the column toselect the correct penetration sleeve.The internal diameter of the chosen sleeve is crit-ical to ensure a water tight seal. The ID must bewithin the tolerance indicated in the table.Penetration sleeves are available direct fromCSD, sized to suit and with a bevel applied to theinside edge to aid insertion of the SLIPSIL plugs.Mild steel is supplied as standard and canbe coated to your specification if required. Alu-minium, Stainless Steel and GRP sleevesare also available.The above is not a complete listing of plugs avail-able, but does cover the majority of require-ments. If it does not cover yours, please requesta complete listing of available sizes.Note: New plug series are added to the rangeon a regular basis. Please contact our sales de-partment when there is a need for a new seriesnot listed above.Safety. Reliability. Ingenuity.
  20. 20. Plastic pipes which pass throughfire-rated walls and floors as partof, for example, sanitation systems,create serious problems in caseof fire.Most plastic pipes start to softenat a temperature of about 75˚C andignite at a temperature of about140˚C. This means that, should afire occur, a hole will be formed bythe softened or combusted plasticpipe, allowing fumes and flamesto spread freely.To meet this problem, the SLIPSILPlug System and RISE Ultra hasbeen developed.To avoid smoke and fire spreadRISE rubber is used; type FRR-EHF(fire resistant rubber – expanding,halogen free). This rubber is placedbetween SLIPSIL Sealing Plugsmade of NOFIRNO rubber.When exposed to temperaturesabove 200˚C or flames, RISE rubberwill expand vigorously to morethan ten times its original volumewith such a force that even a thin wallaluminium pipe will be crushed.This means that in case of a fire,no opening will be left in theconduit for the passage of smokeand flames.The cavity between both SLIPSILplugs needs to be partly filled withRISE rubber strips or sleeves. Otherthan with PE/ALU pipes, the timeto close off the opening left by theburned or softened plastic pipe isvery short. If the reaction is too late, achimney effect will occur, causing thepipe at the unexposed sideto melt.RISE rubber will expand as soonas the conduit sleeve is subjectedto heat, and as a result it will sealoff the opening created by the soft-ened or combusted plasticpipe in a very short time.The expanded RISE rubber pos-sesses good thermal insulation prop-erties, ensuring that the softenedpipe will re-hardenafter compression.NOFIRNO rubber will form a char atthe front exposed side of the SLIPSILplug and will slightly expand.In this way, the RISE rubber isfully enclosed and can only expandin the direction of the softened plasticpipe.The SLIPSIL plug at the unexposedside will keep the penetration smoketight during the fire. The SLIPSIL plugsystem is a push-in systemand requires no complicated installa-tion work.It is fireproof, gastight and watertight.This is accredited to EN13501-2:2003 in accordance BSEN1366-3.csdsealingsystems.co.uk36 37Plastic pipes.SLIPSIL Sealing Plugs and RISE Ultra.RISE Ultra plastic pipe penetrationsare a newly developed versionof Beele Engineering and CSD’sCRUSHER technology used inall our RISE products. It uses acombination of adhesion followedby rapid and extreme expansion,resulting in a solid, stable fillingof the conduit opening, closingoff any gaps left by the meltingplastic pipe.The RISE Ultra’s effectivenesscomes from its reaction at two dif-ferent temperature levels.Firstly, the rubber becomes veryadhesive, bonding itself to theducted pipe and then followingthe initial stage of expansion,bonding itself to the inside wallof the conduit opening. The nextstage of the reaction as the tem-peratures increase further is a hugeexpansion of material whichcrushes the softening plastic pipequickly and prevents any smokeor fire breakthrough. The resultingrubber mass is then extremely sta-ble and will withstand extended ex-posure to fire.RISE UltraInstallation layout.L2L1L2Safety. Reliability. Ingenuity.Plastic pipe penetrationwalls and floorsL1: 250mmL2: 80mm wide strips of RISE strip to be wrappedaround the ducted pipe to a minimum thickness of1/4xD, rounded up to the nearest +/-5mm. For pipesizes up to 42mm, a pre-formed sleeve of therequired thickness is available. Available sizes are:Pipe OD RISE Sleeve15 35/1616 35/1620 39/2022 46/2225 46/2630 46/3032 52/3240 64/4050 2.5mm wrap - minimum 4 layers63 2.5mm wrap - minimum 6 layers75 2.5mm wrap - minimum 6 layers90 2.5mm wrap - minimum 8 layers110 2.5mm wrap - minimum 10 layers160 2.5mm wrap - minimum 16 layersID of conduit sleeve to be within the tolerancesdetailed on page 35.SLIPSIL sealing plugs to be inserted both sides of the con-duit (either core drilled concrete or ducting are suitable).STEP 1 Plastic Service Pipe Sizes STEP 2 Slipsil Plug to suit service pipeMM SERIES 35 SERIES 53 SERIES 78 SERIES 103 SERIES 128 SERIES 154 SERIES 207(Suits 15-16mm) (Suits 15-32mm) (Suits 22-50mm) (Suits 40-63mm) (Suits 62-75mm) (Suits 90mm) (Suits 110-160mm)15 35/15-16 53/14-1616 35/16-18 53/16-181/2" 20 53/20-2222 53/22-24 78/22-243/4" 25 53/24-26 78/24-2630 53/30-31 78/30-321" 32 53/32-33 78/32-341 1/4" 40 78/40-42 103/40-421 1/2" 50 78/50 103/50-522" 63 103/62-64 128/62-642 1/2" 75 128/74-763" 90 154/90-924" 110 207/1106" 160 207/160STEP 3NB 1 1/4" 2" 3" 4" 5" 6" 8"OD & Wall Thickness (mm) 42.2 x 3.56 60.3 x 3.6 88.9 x 5.49 114.3 x 5.6 139.7 x 5.6 168.3 x 7.11 219.1 x 6.3Inside Diameter (mm) 35.08 53.1 77.92 103.1 128.5 154.08 206.5Allowable Tolerance on ID (mm) 34.5-35.7 52-53.7 77-78.7 102-103.7 127-128.7 153-154.7 206-207.7Suggested Steel Specification API 5L Grade B ST.52 DIN 1629 API 5L Grade B API 5L Grade B ST.52 DIN 1629 API 5L Grade B API 5L Grade BMinimum Frame Length (mm) 200 200 200 200 200 250 250CSD Part Number FRAME35X200 FRAME53X200 FRAME78X200 FRAME103X200 FRAME128X200 FRAME154X160 FRAME207X160L1
  21. 21. 39csdsealingsystems.co.uk38Simple and cost effectiveNOFIRNO coated mineral woolboards are designed for the fireproofducting of cables in building and in-dustrial applications.It is coupled with a NOFIRNO fire-re-sistant sealant based on a singlecomponent silicone compound that ispaste like and simple to use.For wall and floor openings thatare oversized, the combination ofNOFIRNO sealant and NOFIRNOcoated mineral wool boards havebeen developed to provide a cost-ef-fective fire stopping solution.NOFIRNO exhibits excellent fire stop-ping, coupled with very low smokeand toxicity properties.NOFIRNO mineral wool boardsare supplied measuring 1000mm x600mm with a 1.2-1.5 mm thick layerof coating on one or both sides.The NOFIRNO mineral wool boardsare 60mm thick and have a densityof 152 kg/m3. The boards can beeasily cut to size at site.In the event of fire, the NOFIRNOcoating will form a ceramic protectivelayer at the exposed side whichalso acts as a thermal barrier, andprevents moisture from escapingfrom the inside of the mineral woolboard. This in turn prevents shrinkageduring fire exposure.For mechanical stability, it is of the ut-most importance that the boardsfit snugly in the conduit opening andthat the boards are sealed all aroundwith NOFIRNO sealant.NOFIRNO is a fire-resistant sealantbased on a single component siliconecompound. NOFIRNOis also water repellent with highbonding strength UV and is alsoozone resistant.The numerous fire tests we have car-ried out with NOFIRNO sealant haveshown that the sealant is able to with-stand fire and thermal loads withoutshowing any dramatic colour changeor carbonization at the unexposedside. At the exposed side, the sealantwill not be consumedby fire due to the protective layerand char formed. NOFIRNO sealantis halogen free, does not harden dur-ing service life, has outstandingweathering properties, does notshrink during fire exposure, has anoxygen index of 45% (>30% is flameretardant) and a low smoke index.NOFIRNO sealant can be used ina very wide temperature range.Features.Fire-Stopping for Cable and Pipe Entries.“Simple application,cost-effective system,yet still meets CSD’shigh levels of qualityand fire protection”Safety. Reliability. Ingenuity.
  22. 22. Simple solution foroversized conduitsEasy access forextensionsOptimized fire andsmoke barrierHigh thermalinsulation propertiesCost-effectiveWaterproof coatingSuitable foroutdoor environmentsExtensively TestedNOFIRNO boards have been testedin accordance with the Europeanfire classification, BSEN1366-3:2004and approved for 2 hours fire protec-tion. It has also received the classifi-cation of up to E120, testedin accordance with classificationBSEN13501-2:2003.Smoke Tight(when used with Nofirno Sealant)TNO Laboratory – Age Testing to 50 yearsBSEN1366-3 European Fire Test– 2 hours fire protectionNES711 – Low Smoke IndexNES713 – Low Toxicity IndexISO 4589-3 – High Temperature IndexISO 4589-2 – High Oxygen Index41csdsealingsystems.co.uk40Benefits.Extensive testprogramme.EI90 (Integrity, sta-bility and insula-tion –90 minutes)E120 (Integrity,stability –120 minutes)Testing in accor-dancewith BSEN1366-3EI60 (Integrity, sta-bility and insula-tion –60 minutes)Testing in accor-dancewith BSEN1366-3Installation Layout.Conditions of approval• Suitable for use in an aeratedconcrete wall, minimum depth150mm.• Maximum unsupported open-ing size 600mmx600mm. Forlarger openings structuralsupports must be used, suchas Unistrut.• NOFIRNO coated Rockwoolboards are of a minimumdepth of 60mm and150kg/m3 density.• Suitable for all types of cableand cable trays as specifiedwithin BSEN1366-3.Minimum 150mm Minimum 150mmNOFIRNOcoatedboardNOFIRNOsealant is ap-plied betweencablesNOFIRNOcoatedboardNOFIRNOsealant is ap-plied betweencablesSafety. Reliability. Ingenuity.
  23. 23. Installation instructions43csdsealingsystems.co.uk42Step 4On top of the cable set, anotherlayer of NOFIRNO sealant isapplied to obtain optimum tight-ness between each ofthe cables and between the ca-bles and the NOFIRNO boards.This also improves mechanicalstability of the penetration seal.Step 5The top NOFIRNO board is cutto size and tightly inserted intothe open space of the conduit.The NOFIRNO board shouldbe a bit oversized and can beforced into the opening usinga wooden section and mallet.Step 6Finally, all seams around theNOFIRNO boards are sealed withNOFIRNO sealant. The NOFIRNOsealant can be smoothed byhand. Wet the hand with soapand water to avoid sealantsticking to the hand.Step 1For smaller sized conduit open-ings or for penetrationswith a low cable fill, a NOFIRNO‘solo’ board system can be ap-plied. Use is made of NOFIRNOcoated boards and NOFIRNOsealant. In this case, moresealant is needed to obtain suffi-cient mechanical stability.Step 2A NOFIRNO board is placedinside the penetration on topof the layer of NOFIRNOsealant. A layer of NOFIRNOsealant is also applied on topof the board as well, in orderto assure effective stabilityand smoke tightness.Step 3Then the cables are spread outon the NOFIRNO board insertedat the bottom of the conduit open-ing. Care has to be takenthat sufficient NOFIRNO sealantis applied in between the cables.Seperation of the cables prefer-ably about 5-10mm.…continued. Recent projects.Safety. Reliability. Ingenuity.Power Generation& DistributionEDF EnergyOlympic Park Primary substationand infrastructureLeatherhead 132 Kv substationReading University substationNorth Sevenoaks substationRokerby substationBow substationWhitstable Primary substationStonemarket substationNational Grid (SEESA)Hackney substationBarking substationScottish Power DistributionChapelcross 33 Kv substationDouglas Water substationScottish Hydro Transmission– Kintyre to Hunterston substationScottish & Southern EnergyHeathrow Terminal 5 substationsNewcastle Great Park substationShalfleet substationSlough substationSt Cross, Winchester substationSouthgate substationWestern PowerBridgend substationSeabank Power StationE.on Central NetworksCastle Road substationCE ElectricOlympia & Selby substationImmingham substationMilford Haven CCGT PlantCruachan Power StationWind FarmsE.on UKRobin Rigg offshore wind farmGreat Eppleton onshore wind farmCentrica and Dong EnergyBarrow offshore wind farmScottish Power RenewablesWhitelees onshore wind farmScottish & Southern RenewablesToddleburn onshore wind farmYour EnergyPates Hill wind farmMilton Keynes wind farmESBWest Durham onshore wind farmRWE Npower RenewablesLlyn Alaw onshore wind farmCarno onshore wind farmWind ProspectLong Park wind farmNovera EnergyLissett wind farmA7 EnergyLochhead Wind farmWater IndustryThames Water – DSEAR programacross all sites and included withinspecification, Beckton, BeddingtonCrossness & Ashford Common STWScottish Water – Various WWTW– DSEAR program to ensure compli-ance across sitesSouthern Water – RISE duct seal in-cluded within specification onall projectsWessex Water – Weymouth &Wyke STWNorthumbrian Water – BarnardCastle, West Cornforth, Belford& Marske STWYorkshire Water - Toll House,Malton WWTWAnglian Water – Morcott WWTWSevern Trent Water – MinworthSTW, Melton Mowbray WWTWWelsh Water – Various STWUnited Utilities – Penrith,Orton STW & Uston STW,thorpe WWTWBournemouth & WestHampshire WaterGeneral ConstructionHeathrow Terminal 5Wembley City DevelopmentKendrew Quadrangle – Oxford Uni-versityReading UniversityGuys Hospital – LondonJohn Radcliffe Hospital – OxfordMedical Research Institute– EdinburghPollock Halls of Residence– EdinburghHMNB Clyde - FaslaneMOD NorthwoodAWE AldermastonRAF Wittering – AmmunitionStorage AreaGCHQ NAP ProjectHSBC IT Data Centre – WakefieldHSBC World Headquarters – LondonOrange – Data Centre – BristolCap Gemini – LondonGlobal Switch – LondonRegents Quarter – LondonDairy Crest – WrexhamPfizer – SandwichGSK Research Institute– StevenageOil Refinery &Gas StorageTotal – Pembroke Oil RefineryTexaco – Pembroke Oil refineryHumbly Grove gas storage facilityEasington gas receiving facilityon Langeled pipelineFelindre Gas TerminalDragon LNG TerminalAldbrough Gas StorageMotorway InfrastructureM1 MotorwayM62 Jct 22 to Jct 25M6 Jct with M55A465 Trunk RoadM25 Bell Common Tunnel Refurbish-mentTelecommunicationSitesVirgin Media - Leeds Hub stationBT Openreach – Across UK networkERH Communications – Bristol– Transmitter Stations
  24. 24. csdsealingsystems.co.uk44 Safety. Reliability. Ingenuity.
  25. 25. CSD Sealing SystemsUnit 6Easter ParkNelson Park WestCramlingtonNE23 1WQTel: 01670 739970Fax: 01670 716548Sales: sales@csdsealingsystems.co.ukInformation: info@csdsealingsystems.co.ukTechnical Support: technical@csdsealingsystems.co.ukTel: +44 (0)191 490 1547Fax: +44 (0)191 477 5371Email: northernsales@thorneandderrick.co.ukWebsite: www.cablejoints.co.ukwww.thorneanderrick.co.ukholroydcomponents.comcal Datasheeteramic fibre thermal insulation containedlon coated polyester give the jacket a durablecro fixing strips and a moveable flap for easee HIJD jacket the most convenient way towarm.a:1100 deitex texturised NylonPolyurethane coatedGlass filament blanketVelcro Fixing:kets are manufactured to conform to the EECMC directives and CE marked accordingly.afety:ets are manufactured to conform to the EECC directives and CE marked accordingly.