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Civils & Lintels - Civil Engineering Products


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Civils & Lintels offer a specialist range of Civils and Heavyside building products from stock, with over 50,000 steel and concrete lintels held in stock at any one time, we are the UK’s premier distributor of lintels. This is all serviced by a dedicated fleet of crane off load vehicles to ensure on time delivery across the UK.

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Civils & Lintels - Civil Engineering Products

  1. 1. Civils, Drainage,Heavyside,Ground Engineering& Lintels
  2. 2. 2 made its first plumbers merchanting acquisition in the UK in 1988, its first mortar plant acquisition in 1995and its first builders merchanting acquisition in 1996. Since then the group has grown through acquisition andorganic development to become one of the largest merchanting operations in the market and the leading mortarmanufacturer. The group’s turnover in 2010 exceeded €2bn.The group has developed over a number of years and is now the 4th largest builders merchanting and mortarmanufacturer in the UK. The group’s portfolio of business incorporates a number of market leading brands in eachbusiness sector.Leading UK BrandsAt Grafton we present clients with a seamless interface toall of our brands at group procurement level.We combine the strength of our market leading brands togive you a complete materials solution for all yourconstruction needs. This allows you to rationalise yoursupply chain and maximise your purchasing power to drivedown construction costs.The brand’s individual specialist sales team will work withyour procurement offices on material scheduling and valueengineering, enabling the brands to deliver a solution tosite, when and where it is needed.Transparent SolutionRe-Active andMaintenanceNew Build Commercial InfrastructureContractorHouse BuilderLA/HAGraftonPartneringTeamGrafton Merchanting GB Limited
  3. 3. Civils, Drainage, Heavyside, Ground Engineering & LintelsWelcome to Civils and LintelsA Grafton Group owned company, Civils and Lintels, supply a diverse and extensively stocked range ofproducts to the Civils, Heavyside and Ground Engineering and Lintels to the UK construction andhousebuilding industry.Established in 2006, by the amalgamation of A.R. Hendricks, Cooper Clarke, Willis Builders Merchants,Dunpark and Warrington Slate, today Civils & Lintels has almost doubled in size and currently trades from anational network of 19 branches, which includes the Hendricks Lovell depot in Hayes.From our National Sales office in Hayes we are able to provide customers, if required, a single point ofcontact for sales, tendering or technical help. This office also supports our dedicated Infrastructure andHouse Building teams which focus on supporting the major UK construction projects in conjunction with theother Grafton brands.Our depots carry large quantities of Civils, drainage, heavy side and ground engineering productsincluding our own Centurion range of access products for delivery or collections.A national brick matching service is available with thousands of facing bricks from all UK manufacturers.We are also the UK’s premier distributor of lintels with over 50,000 steel and concrete lintels in stock at anytime, enjoying in excess of 25% of the UK lintel market. We stock all the main manufacturers’ products andwork closely with our sister company “Harvey Lintels” for bespoke solutions at realistic prices. Our serviceoffer includes drawing take offs and plot call offs.Civils and Lintels operate a fleet in excess of 100 vehicles, all with crane off-load facilities to ensure thatdeliveries arrive on time across the UK.Our depot teams are able to provide expert in-depth knowledge and technical advice, as well as,comprehensive tendering and rapid material sourcing to our customers. We work closely with all the UK’sleading manufactures to offer cost effective solutions to all types of projects.The Civils and Lintels team are committed to providing the construction industry with exceptional service,high-quality and high-value branded products at competitive prices.About 3Concrete & Clay Drainage 4Castings & Line Drainage 5Water Management 6/7Pressure Pipes & Ductile 8Plastic Drainage 9Ducting 10Access Systems 11Ground Engineering 12/13Cements & Aggregates 14Mesh/Textiles 15Flag & Kerb 16Paving & Street Furniture 17Bricks & Blocks 18Brickwork Sundries & Chemicals 19Chemicals & Timber 20Insulation 21/22/23Lintels 24/25Our Service Offer 26Sustainable Development Framework 27Index
  4. 4. 4 & Clay DrainageWe stock a full range of Precast ConcreteDrainage Systems, including chamber rings,cover slabs and pipe. A full range ofinspection chambers and gully pots arealso stocked.• Chamber RingAvailable in both Solid & PerforatedSizes range from 900mm - 1800mm dia.Step rungs included (except 900mm)• Heavy Duty Cover slabsAvailable in all ring sizes with various openingsincluding 600x600 and 675x675mm• Concrete pipesSizes range from 300mm to 600mmRockers, Socket Butts and Junctions availablefor all sizes• Gully PotsSized include 450x900mm, 450x750mm,375x900mm and 375x750mm• Inspection ChambersAvailable in 600x450, 750x600, 1000x675and 1200x750mmStock in various depths including 150, 225and 300We also stock a full range of Clay Drainageincluding pipes, fittings, inspection chambersand accessories.• Clay pipeAvailable in sizes 100mm - 300mmChannel pipe also stocked in above sizes• Clay fittingsAll fittings including, couplings, bends, junctionsand gullies to suit• Inspection ChambersChambers, bases, raisers and covers, all stockedin 350mm and 475mm dia• Adaptors & AccessoriesAll adaptors to suit held in stockAccessories include gully grates, metalwork &lubricant
  5. 5. 5CENTURIONCastings & Drainage CoversEach Civils and Lintels branch stocks a fullrange of Castings, including manhole Covers,Hinged Gully Grates, and Steel covers.All stock is Kite marked andconforms to BS.Range includes:• D400 Manhole Covers600 x 600 x 100/150mm675 x 675 x 100/150mm1220 x 675 x 100/150mmAll available in either Plain or badged SW/FW• B125 Manhole Cover600 x 600 x 50mm• D400 Hinged Gully Grate430 x 370 x 100mmOther Stock available includes• Galvanised Steel Covers• Block Paving infill covers and frames• Surface Boxes• Elevata - Single fix solution for raising iron work• Full stock of Manhole Lifting KeysGrates & Sealing Plates• Sealed Plates & Frames REF 106• Gully Grid Square Dished REF 125• Gully Grid Square Dished REF 125• Gully Grid Rnd. Flat Straight Bar REF D127• Rnd. Gully Grt. & Frm. Hinged & Locking REF 172• Sq. Gully Grates & Frm. Hinged & Locking REF 173Bespoke FabricationBespoke fabrication to your ownrequirements/ specification.• Special Manhole CoversBespoke Manhole Ladders manufactured to yourown requirements/ specification.A supply and fix service availableon request.• Manhole LaddersManufactured under an ISO90001 Quality SystemManufactured under anISO90001 Quality System
  6. 6. Water ManagementCollectChannel DrainageBrick Slot • Raindrain • SlotdrainMultidrain • Roaddrain • KerbdrainParkdrain • Qmax6 And InfiltrationStormbrixFlow ControlVortex ValvesSeparators (Hydro Carbons)Q-Ceptor Oil SeparatorsClean
  7. 7. Stormwater,Infiltration andAttenuationStorm tanks offer the latest technology instormwater infiltration and attenuation. Thelightweight modular cell system is designed for usein a variety of applications, including car parking,commercial and residential developments.Available in a range of depths, storm tanks can beconfigured to suit the capacity required, soilcondition and land area available.Domestic Rainwaterharvesting systemsThe range of rainwater harvesting tanks aredesigned for two applications. The direct feedsystem features a pumped feed for connection todomestic appliances. The garden irrigationsystem is used for exterior use.Available in storage volumes ranging from1380 to 4120 litres, the tanks meet therequirements of a wide range of property sizesand rainfall volumes.All tanks are fitted with an integral filter andfittings and are designed in accordance with BSrainwater harvest systems code of practice.Water 7Storm Check Chamber/Vortex Flow ControlThe Storm Check Chamber allows precise controlof site discharge rates and when combined withour storage systems provides an industryrecognised flow attenuation system Factory fittedVortex Control Valve saves time and expense ofconstruction on site.
  8. 8. Pressure Pipes & Ductile8 Iron Pipes& FittingsPressure Pipe systems• MDPE Pipes & Fittings (blue, black and yellow)• Protectaline aluminium lined water pipe forcontaminated sites - 25mm and 32mm dia.• Plasson compression fittings, saddles & valvesWater Service PipeGas Service Pipe• MDPE• Barrier Pipe SystemSafe Transportation of potable waterthrough contaminated landResidential, construction and utilityapplicationsImpermeable BarrierFlexible ConstructionCost EffectiveCorrosion ResistantEngineered Joint FittingEase of Installation• MDPEO.D (mm) DESCRIPTION CODE20mm Blue m.d.p.e. 10bar (25, 50, 100 mtr coils) 20BX*25mm Blue m.d.p.e. 10bar (25, 50, 100 mtr coils) 25BX*32mm Blue m.d.p.e. 10bar (25, 50, 100 mtr coils) 32BX*50mm Blue m.d.p.e. 10bar (50, 100 mtr coils) 50BX*63mm Blue m.d.p.e. 10bar (50, 100 mtr coils or 6m straight lengths) 63BX*O.D (mm) DESCRIPTION CODE20mm Yellow m.d.p.e. 6bar (50 mtr coils) 20YX5025mm Yellow m.d.p.e. 6bar (50 mtr coils) 25YX5032mm Yellow m.d.p.e. 6bar (50 mtr coils) 32YX50*50mm Yellow m.d.p.e. 6bar (50 mtr coils) 63YX50* When ordering please use code plus coil length required eg. 20BX25Larger sizes available on requestPolypipe Compression/ Electro fusion fittingsavailable on request 20mm to 450mmElectro fusion couplings available on requestLarger sizes available on request• Potable Water to EN545• Foul Water to EN598• Inherent Strength• Excellent Impact Resistance• High Safety Margin• High Ring Stiffness• Flexible Joints• Corrosion Resistance• Resistance to Tuberculation• Superior Hydraulic Performance• Complete Range of fittings• Comprehensive Product Range• Consistent High Quality PerformancePolyguard
  9. 9. Plastic 9Plastic Drainage/Land DrainA full range of plastic drainage is stocked,ranging from standard sized undergrounddrainage to large sized twinwall pipesand fittings.• Underground DrainageAvailable in 100mm and 160mmPipes stocked in both 3 meter and 6 meterlengths, available in plain ended andsocketed.Excellent stock levels of all bends, junctions,gullies and fittings.All relevant adaptors to suit other ranges ofdrainage.• Polysewer DrainageRibbed underground drainage, available in150mm, 225mm and 300mm.Pipes stocked in both 3 meter and 6 meterlengths, available in plain ended andsocketed.All fittings including bends, junction andcoupling available from stock.• Ridgidrain/RidgisewerTwinwall drainage available from 300mm to750mm.All pipes available in 6m lengths.All relevant bends, junctions, couplings andfittings available.• Land DrainCoils available in 80mm, 100mm and160mm
  10. 10. 10 5mm thick smooth inner and outer wall duct.Supplied in 6 metre long sticks, available in orange,marked Street Lighting or Traffic Signal.Size’s 50/60mm 97/107mm.Twin WallA smooth inner bore and ribbed outer available inblack, orange, green, purple and brown.Size’s 50/63mm, 94/110mm 137/160mm150/178mmBends & Connectors Available.Flex-e-DuctAn extremely flexible product supplied in the form of acoil with a ribbed outer profile and smooth inner bore.The advantage of Flex-e-Duct is that it can be used inconfined areas and can be shaped around otherservices or to follow an uneven trench. It does notrequire any bends or adaptors and therefore speeds upthe installation process. The coils are available indiameters ranging from 50mm to 178mm and aresupplied complete with draw cord.CENTURIONCenturion Duct96/103mm smooth wall orange P.V.C. DuctingFor use in the Traffic Signal and Street Lighting industriesAvailable in 6m SticksCenturion Pole Housing UnitThe Centurion Pole Housing Unit is manufactured from amixture of Thermoset moulding compounds the unit isrobust yet lightweight. Designed for use in thetraffic signal industry, as well as with illuminated polesand signs this concept allows one unit to cover anumber of pole planting depths thus eliminatingmultiple stocking options.
  11. 11. 11Access SystemsCENTURIONFeatures:• No need for traditional galvanised or ductile frame support• No need for concrete thus eliminating cost and time during installation• Rebated chamber design enables B125 cover to fit flush with chamber• Decorative concrete, block paviors, slabs etc can be laid directly alongside thechamber creating a polished, surface level finish• Complete system manufactured from mixture of thermoset moulding compounds• Central removable beam where necessaryA freestanding, stackable chamber system complete with anintegral cover, 150mm deep sections, removing the need for acostly, traditional steel or ductile iron frame.Centurion Plus Chamber SystemAccess ChambersAnti-SlipComposite coversThe chambers are designed to comply with thehighways installation directive for a 450mmminimum clearance cover between the surfaceand ducting for applications in the footways and750mm for other carriageway applications.The chambers are manufactured by rotationalmoulding and contain a high percentage ofrecycled material making the product moreenvironmentally friendly than alternative systems.The usual benefits of rust proof and maintenancefree cover are now enhanced with an improvedskid resistance surface and the cover is suppliedcomplete with a standard lock facility to preventunauthorised chamber entry.Galvanised FramesGalvanised steel frames act as formers for the chamber, maintaining the clearopening size specified. The frames provide height and tilt adjustment atsurface level. For added security, Civils & Lintels supply the universal framelocked as standard. For installations in areas of block or tactile paving, framesare available with a recessed inner tray and a lowered edge that can bepaved up to, avoiding cuts. A dropped frame is also available for use with aCenturion composite cover in paved areas.PRODUCTCODECLEAROPENING SIZE(mm)UNITDEPTH (mm)9490030 290 x 275 3209490031 450 x 300 3209490033 450 x 450 3209490036 600 x 450 3209490039 600 x 600 320290 x 275 Traffic Signal/Street Lighting/Access450 x 300 Traffic Signal/Street Lighting/Access450 x 450 Traffic Signal/Street Lighting/Access600 x 450 Traffic Signal/Street Lighting/Access600 x 600 Traffic Signal/Street Lighting/ AccessSIZE (mm) USAGE
  12. 12. 12 EngineeringEcoblockThe Ecoblock porous paving systems provideeffective grass protection and gravel retention and hasbeen designed for long term use in a wide range of loadbearing applications, such as:• Pedestrian walkways• Service access roads• Permanent and overspill car parking• Emergency access lanes• Verge reinforcements• Light aircraft or helicopter landing pads• Golf buggy pathsPRS-NeowebPRS-Neoweb Cellular Confinement System permits theuse of common fill materials for even the mostdemanding load support and erosion controlapplications. A three dimensional honeycomb networkof perforated/textured cells increase the frictionalinterlock of the fill producing a semi rigid slab whichdistributes the load laterally This inner core strengthmeans that the depth of fill can potentially be reducedby as much as 50% when compared with traditionalload support methods.The heavy duty polyethylene(HDPE) strips are ultrasonically welded together toproduce a lightweight panel that can be easilytransported manually in less accessible areas - ideal forretaining walls, load support applications and a varietyof slope stabilisation requirements.Key benefits of the Ecoblock systems• Visually attractive• Suitable for a wide range of load bearing applications• Effective drainage of surface water• Manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE material• Tried and tested with a proven track record• Independently testedManufactured from fully UV stabilised,100% recycled, High Density Polyethylene(HDPE), which is chemically inert and canbe located in the ground without long termdamage to the surrounding soils.Ecoblock systems are also fade resistant,providing long lasting aestheticallypleasing solutions.Ecoblock has a load bearing capacity ofup to1850kN/m2 or 185 tonnes/m2Where access driveways or vehicle hard standing areas areplanned in areas adjacent to trees, Arboricultural Officers will normallyspecify a ‘no dig’ construction to eliminate the damage associated withnormal construction methods. With this method no removal of surface soilsis allowed. Instead, a permeable structural sub-base is laid directly ontothe existing ground level with permeable wearing course, such as grassreinforcement, low tack resin coated gravels or block paving, laid on top.‘No dig’ construction may be accommodated with the use ofperforated Treeguard in the sub-base layer. Treeguard reduces the overalldepth of construction by introducing a cellular structure which dissipatesdownward loads by a horizontal transfer through the cell structure. Thisprocess in conjunction with the perforated cell wall also imports structuralintegrity to free draining aggregates which would otherwise beunacceptable in road construction. Therefore, a robust, shallow andfree-draining sub-base is achieved, which allows vehicular access whilstallowing water and oxygen to permeate down to the tree roots.TreeguardG1 GEOTEXTILE BEDDING LAYER WEARING LAYERPRS-NEOWEB WITH INFILLG4 GEOTEXTILE
  13. 13. 13Ground EngineeringBridgdekCivils & Lintels has developed theBridgdek Drainage System, acomprehensive range of combined kerband drainage modules that can be usedin new build and refurbishmentapplications. Bridgdek is a patentedproduct.Green RoofUrban development over the last 50 years has led to the paving over oflarge areas of countryside with cities and supporting infrastructure. Inaddition, cities are increasingly impervious to water, reducing permeableground to absorb rainwater run-off leading to potential environmentalproblems such as flash flooding.Green roofs retain a very high percentage of rainwater and provide slow,controlled water run-off. They also improve air quality by attractingparticles to the vegetation and soil. These Plants also absorb airbornepollutants through the leaves, removing them from the environment.Green roofs can also improve theacoustics, thermal properties andaesthetic qualities, while alsoproviding additional space forrecreational and leisure purposes.They can significantly increase the lifeof the waterproofing membrane,protecting it from UV degradation andthe extremes of climatic conditions.Standard Bridgdek RangeBridgdek 1 Surface Water Drainage SystemBridgdek 2 Surface & Sub-Surface Drainage SystemBridgdek 3 Surface & Sub-Surface Drainage Systemfor use with Porous AsphaltUnigrateYou can see why a Centurion Unigrate grating has noscrap value simply by looking at it - so can a thief!Made of a high-strength, composite material, it won’tfetch a penny in the scrap yard... so it won’t be stolen.It’s tough enough to look after its self.Centurion Unigrate is available in two depths which areasily cut on-site. The Centurion Unigrate will thenmatch the size of the frame every time.Designed as an immediate solution for stolen iron work.Composite material has no scrap value, so the CenturionUnigrate is not a target for the thief.Fin Drain• SCRAP VALUE: they won’t be stolen.• PEACE OF MIND: no danger to thepublic involving uncovered gullies.• TOUGH: a tough composite thatwon’t crack in cold weather or underpressure.• QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION:cut to size ‘on site’.• COST EFFECTIVE: one man caninstall Centurion Unigrate in fiveminutes.• SAFER: easier to ‘make safe’ thuspreventing potential insurance claimsGeofin Geocomposite drainagesystems, offer a practical solutionto a range of groundwater andgas related problems.Applications for Geofin Drainageinclude• Retaining Walls• Abutment Drainage• Gas Dispersal & Collection• Erosion control• Sports Field Drainage• Basement WaterproofingRanges available includeGeofin Structural Drainage25mm x 450mm x 50mtr25mm x 900mm x 50mtrGeofin Shallow Drainage25mm x 150mm x 50mtrGeofin Gas Dispersal Drainage25mm x 450 x 50mtr25mm x 900 x 50mtr
  14. 14. 14 & AggregatesAlong with our extensive range ofbuilding products, a full range ofcements are held in stock, including,• General OP Cement• Mastercrete Cement• Premium Cement• Sulphurcrete Cement• High Strength• White Cement• PostcreteAll other cements available on a 2-3 daylead time.Also available from stock is a full rangeof aggregates and decorative stone.This stock is available in either bulkbags or 25kg poly bags.• Red Building Sand• Concreting/Grit/Sharp Sand• 6mm to dust Granite• MOT Type 1 Roadstone• 10mm/20mm Limestone• 10mm/20mm Pea Gravel• 10mm/20mm Ballast• Winter Grit/Rocksalt• 10mm/20mm Golden GravelCementsAggregates
  15. 15. Protech GM Super is a high performance proprietary reinforced gas barrier, thatincorporates an aluminium foil layer, for maximum protection against groundbornegases. This has been specifically designed to conform with the latest guidancedocuments. Due to its unique composition, the membrane is extremely robust andflexible and, therefore, easy to install on site. The membrane also provides protectionfrom damp and therefore there is no need to install a separate DPM.Protech GM Super (High Risk Applications) 15Mesh/TextilesWovenNon WovenMeshMain mm Cross mm Main mm Cross mm 2.4x4.8 3.6x2.0A142 200 200 6 6 Yes YesA193 200 200 7 7 Yes YesA252 200 200 8 8 Yes YesA393 200 200 10 10 Yes YesB503 100 200 8 8 Yes NoB785 100 200 10 8 Yes YesB385 100 200 7 5 Yes NoTYPES WIRE SPACING WIRE DIAMETER SHEET DIMENSIONS (m)GeotextileOur Non Woven range of Geotextile is used forboth the separation of stone into the underlyingsoil, and drainage/filtration.It is also used in any SUDS package.Available in 4.5 x 100 mtr RollsApplications for Non Woven use include• Roads• Drainage/Filtration• Car Parks• Site Preparation• Suds• River Bank Protection• Waste Disposal• Sports Pitches• Railways• Horse ArenasOur woven range of Geotextile is used for theseparation of stone into the underlying soil, and istypically used on access roads.Available in a roll size of 4.5x100mtrsApplications for Woven use include:• Road Construction• Site Access• Car Parks• Paved Areas• Drainage• Ground Stabilisation• Railways• ReinforcementGround ProtectionProtech GM+ (Low/Medium Risk Applications)Protech GM+ is a high performance proprietary reinforced gasbarrier that has been specifically designed to conform with the latestguidance documents. Due to its unique composition the membraneis extremely robust and flexible and therefore easy to install on site.The membrane also provides protection from damp and there is noneed to install a separate DPM.
  16. 16. 16 & KerbAs a specialist stockist of Marshalls hardlandscaping products, we can supply afull range of kerbs, slabs and edgingsin a variety of finishes, colours, stylesand shapes.• KerbsHalf battered, Bull nosed and Splayedkerb.125 x 150mm, 125 x 255mm and150 x 305mmavailable in standard 914mm Length.Internal and External Radius KerbsInternal/External AnglesInternal/External QuadrantsStandard Droppers and Transition kerbs• Conservation kerbs225 x 205mm & 145 x 225mmAvailable in Silver Grey, Harvest Buff& Charcoal• Dished Channel & BlockChannelSquare block channel - 125 x 150 &125 x 255mmDished Channel - 230 x 75mm & 125x 255mm• EdgingsFlat Top, Bull nosed, and Round top50 x 150mm, 50 x 200mm,50 x 250mm• Paving SlabsComprehensive stock of hydraulicallypressed slabs.Available in all standard sizesincluding 450 x 450mm, 600 x600mm & 900 x 600mmIn all available depthsColours stocked include Natural, Buffand RedOther Marshalls flag and kerbsavailable on a 2-3 day lead time.
  17. 17. 17Paving & Street FurnitureWe stock a full range of decorativepaving, including utility, block,permeable and tactile Paving.• Decorative PavingMarshalls - Pendle Riven, Saxon, HeritageUtility Paving 450 x 450 x 32mm Buff/Red600 x 600 x 38mm Buff/Red• Block PavingMarshalls - DrivesettTegula, Keyblock and Driveline50mm, 60mm and 80mm• Permeable PavingFormpave Aquapave 60mm and 80mmBrindle, Charcoal, Red and BuffMarshalls Priora Range 60mm and 80mm• Tactile PavingBlister, Hazard Warning, BarfaceVarious Sizes and ColoursOther Marshalls decorative products availableon a 2-3 day lead time.A Core Range of Street furniture is alsoavailable:• Stainless Steel Bollards• Galvanised Cycle Stands• Cast Iron & Timber Seating• Cast Iron Tree Protection• Galvanised Litter Bins• Picnic TablesPavingStreet Furniture
  18. 18. 18 & Blocks• Class A and Class B65mm and 73mm• Concrete Commons100m and 140mm Wide• Facing Bricks• Full national brick matching serviceavailable from all UK manufacturersAlso available from stock is a full range ofblocks, including lightweight, solid denseand trench.• Solid Dense 7N BlocksAvailable in sizes of 100mm and140mm• Lightweight BlocksAvailable in sizes 100mm and 140mm• Hi-Strength BlocksAvailable in sizes 100mm, 275mm and300mm• Paint Grade BlocksAvailable in sizes 100mm and 140mm• Hollow 7N BlockAvailable in 215mm• Aerated BlockAvailable in sizes 100mm to 300mm,in both 3.6N and 7N• Trench BlocksAvailable in sizes 100mm, 275mmand 300mmper pack
  19. 19. 19Brickwork Sundries & ChemicalsBrickwork AccessoriesAncon masonry Support Systems• OptimaA standard masonry support system. Includes a range of interchangeablebrackets to suit cavities from 60mm to 130mm.• Bracket Angle Support SystemSupport systems are designed to carry up to three storeys of externalbrickwork. The system provides an economical solution for supporting theouter leaf of brickwork.• Individual Bracket Support SystemCan be used to support curved brickwork and arches, and where the coursehas to be seen to be unsupported from below.• Staifix Standard TiesFull range of wall ties available, including starter, housing, general purposeand heavy duty. Universal wall starter systems all held in stock.WindpostsLateral support for large panelsof brickworkU type windpost shown fixed atthe base to concrete and at the topto the underside of a steel beamThe U Windpost is installed within the cavity and will normally spanbetween floor structures, the design leaves the inner leaf of the cavitywall undisturbed.The LP Windpost is designed to be built into the inner skin of thecavity wall and normally span between floor structures.U typewindpostLP typewindpostBrick MatchingWe have thousands of different facing bricks available for selection nationally; many areavailable for delivery next day. We sell all current manufactured bricks from Wienerberger,Ibstock, Hanson, Michelmersh and more. Whether you require 1 pack or full loads directto site; we have a knowledgeable and experienced sales team that will support you fromthe initial selection through to the delivery of your bricks.• We can visit site or your office to discuss your specific needs• We can take digital photographs of your existing brickwork to assist brick identification• Where possible we will take an existing brick away to ensure an accurate match• We can select stock panels from our in house comprehensive brick library• You can visit our comprehensive brick library and ‘pick your own’• After matching, we will provide free samples for your approval in 48 hours• Deliveries on our own self unload vehicles, offering flexibility to all sites big or smallTo discuss your requirements for our brick matching service or for any of our range offacing bricks including Wienerberger, Ibstock, Hanson, Michelmersh andothers call us now on 0845 602 6874 for adviceor an appointment.
  20. 20. • Hyload Housebuilder/Original DPCFor use in residential and commercialconstruction works. A high performancebarrier to moisture in brick and blockconstruction.• Hyload Insulated DPCFor use around windows and door openings,it is designed to restrict heat loss andeliminate cold bridging between the outerand inner brick /block construction.Chemicals & DPCA wide range of building chemicals are held instock, including:• Self levelling compound• Cement Colouring• Mortar Plasticiser• Hardener• Waterproofer• Bonding AgentChemicals & Timber20 packFormworkSheet TimberProduct Description DimensionsElliotis Pine FSC CE2 2440x1220x18mmPhenolic Film Faced Plywood 2440x1220x18mmAll our timber comes from sustainable sources.perpackA range of site pegs and edging timber availableCarcassing TimberPAR• 100x47mm (4.8mtr)• 100x75mm (4.8mtr)• 150x47mm (4.8mtr)• 150x100mm (4.8mtr)
  21. 21. 21InsulationRobust tongued and grooved jointing • Clear cavity maintainedNo exposure restrictions • Low emissivity foil facingsCavity Wall• Thin-R Sloped Roof InsulationEffective insulation of roof areaReduced insulation thicknessReduces thermal bridgingMinimizes intrusion into living area• Thin-R Partial Fill CavityWall InsulationRobust tongue & groove jointingClear cavity maintainedCorner & reveal panelsLow emissivity foil facings• Thin-R Sloped Roof InsulationEffective insulation of roof areaWidth VariableReduced fitting time.Minimizes intrusion into living area• Thin-R Insulation forDrylining WallsHigh thermal performanceDrylining & insulation in one fixShorter drying timeResponsive insulation system• Thin-R Flat Roof Thermal PlyInsulation & decking in one fixFor new & refurbishment roofs• Thin-R Under Floor InsulationExtra thermal performanceSuitable for under floor heatingReduced insulation thicknessHigh compressive strengthLENGTH 1200WIDTH 45025,30,35,40 (Square edge)40,50,60,65,70,75,80,100 (T&G)Dimensions
  22. 22. The new CavityTherm wall insulation system works within atraditional 100mm cavity using traditional building skills andmaterials to achieve U-values as low as 0.16W/m2K.Maintaining the standard overall wall width means no loss ofliving space internally nor an enlarged building footprint.Corner panels, top panels and riser panels availableP/C 290738422 XT/CW is manufactured underquality systems approved under EN ISO9001: 2000 and it’s use is covered byBBA Certificate 07/4407.CuttingXtratherm Thin-R Boards can be readily cutusing a sharp knife or fine toothed saw.DurabilityXtratherm Thin-R is stable, rot proof anddurable. It will remain an effective insulantfor the life of the building.Health & SafetyAll Xtratherm products are safe to use andchemically inert. A Health & Safetyinformation sheet is available from theXtratherm Technical Support DepartmentElectrical ServicesWhen running electric cables withininsulation, advice given in the BREpublication “Thermal insulation: avoidingrisks” and BS 7671: 2001 shouldbe followed.Partial Fill Cavity InsulationXtratherm Thin-R/CW(T&G) is the best solution whendesigners/regulations demand additional thermalinsulation in external masonry walls. Xtratherm Thin-Rboards achieve high standards of insulation whilstmaintaining a residual cavity to prevent moisturepenetration, without a substantial increase in the widthof the cavity and of the overall wall thicknessInsulationCavityThermBuilt-in Full Fill Wall Insulation
  23. 23. 23InsulationEarthwool® DriThermCavity SlabsFor masonry cavity wallsEarthwool DriTherm 37 Standard150 0.037 4.05 1200 455 8 4.37125 0.037 3.35 1200 455 10 5.46100 0.037 2.70 1200 455 12 6.5585 0.037 2.25 1200 455 16 8.7475 0.037 2.00 1200 455 16 8.7465 0.037 1.75 1200 455 16 8.7450 0.035 1.40 1200 455 16 8.74Earthwool DriTherm 34 Super150 0.034 4.40 1200 455 5 2.73125 0.034 3.65 1200 455 6 3.28100 0.034 2.90 1200 455 8 4.3785 0.034 2.50 1200 455 8 4.3775 0.034 2.20 1200 455 10 5.4665 0.034 1.90 1200 455 12 6.55Earthwool DriTherm 32 Ultimate125 0.032 3.90 1200 455 6 3.28100 0.032 3.10 1200 455 6 3.2885 0.032 2.65 1200 455 8 4.3775 0.032 2.30 1200 455 8 4.3765 0.032 2.00 1200 455 10 5.4650 0.032 1.55 1200 455 14 7.64Thickness Thermal conductivity Thermal resistance Length Width Slabs Area per pack(mm) (W/mK) (m2K/W) (m) (mm) per pack (m2)per packEasy to handleClaymaster is manufactured from expandedpolystyrene (EPS), and is lightweight and easyto handle. The use of Claymaster satisfies therecommendations of the Building ResearchEstablishment (BRE), and the National HouseBuilding Council (NHBC) in using compressiblematerials to relieve clay-heave pressure.DimensionsStandard size: 1200 x 2400mm,and 600 x 2400mm.Thickness: 50, 75, 100, 150 and 200mm.Additional widths (eg, 400, 450 and500mm) are also available.GradeClaymaster is a special low-density expandedpolystyrene. It is coloured pink for ease ofidentification.PermanentClaymaster is rot-proof and durable and willwithstand the conditions encountered belowground. It will not degrade in the presence ofhigh levels of ground water or precipitation.ClaymasterClaymaster is an EPS compressible-fill material which can be used to prevent potential problems infoundations due to moisture movement in soils which contain a large proportion of mineralparticles below 0.002mm (‘clay heave’). The material can be used as permanent shuttering for castin-situ reinforced concrete, reducing pressure on ground beams in piled foundations, and on thesides of trench fills.Earthwool DriTherm Cavity Slabs are semi-rigid or rigid slabs of non-combustible,water repellent, glass mineral wool. Theyare 4 45mm wide to suit standard verticalwall tie spacings, ensuring a closed jointwith adjacent slabs.
  24. 24. Lintels24 UK’s largest steel lintel distributorservicing the construction industry. Over50,000 steel lintels in stock• Cavity Wall LintelsFor Cavities from 50mm - 150mm• Eaves LintelsFor Closed Eaves applications• Timber Frame LintelsFor Cavities from 50mm - 150mm• Internal Wall LintelsFor load bearing walls• Solid external Wall LintelsFor 2 separate leaves of brick and or block• Single Leaf LintelsDesigned for meter boxes• Heavy Duty LintelsFor Cavities from 50mm - 150mmHeavy Duty/Extreme loads• Lintel AccessoriesFull range of lintel accessoriesSteel LintelsSpecialist LintelsAll shapes and sizes, all types of finishes• Curved• Angled• Stepped• Stainless• Pre & Post Galvanised• Powder Coated• Red Oxide• Black Bitumen
  25. 25. 25LintelsConcrete Lintels• Economy RangeAn ideal budget solution lintel.Designed to be fully reversible. This lintelrange will meet most domestic applicationsand some lighter use in civil applications• Hi-Spec RangeHigh load carrying capacity.30 minutes Fire RatingNot designed to be left exposed• Fair Faced RangeSmooth Type C FinishPencil round arrisesDesigned to be left exposed or painted• PadstonesLarge range of Standard Padstonesizes ex stockBespoke sizes also available• Fire-Spec RangeEnhanced Fire ResistanceUp to 2 hrs dependent on sectionNot designed to be left exposed• Faced Fire RangeEnhanced Fire ResistanceSame appearance as FairFaced RangeRoof Windows• Centre PivotThe Keylite CP roof window can be installed in any sloping roof with a pitch 15º 90ºmaking it a simple and cost effective way of bringing natural light into your roof space.• Top HungOpening outward, the Keylite TH roof window allows natural daylight and warmth toenter a room without encroaching on valuable floor space.It is available for low pitch roofs, where a wide and unobstructed view is desired.• Integral Blind Roof WindowPermanently sealed within the double glazing unit. Requires NO CLEANINGAlways appears new as it is protected from damage.Provides enhanced sun-shadingIs factory-fitted. Available for entire window rangeIs magnetically or electrically operated.
  26. 26. Our Service Offer26• National Sales Office• We can offer single point of contact for sales and tendering enquiries• Support for our National Infrastructure and Housebuilder Customers• Manage and monitor customers specific Key Performance Indicators• Customer Portal• Customers can manage their account online • View Statements, deliveries POD’s• Request quotes, raise orders• E-Commerce• Consolidated Invoicing • Electronic Invoicing • Electronic Invoicing• Track Invoice 24 hours a day • Credit Card Security• Computer Hub (enabling customers access to our computer platform)• WebsiteA User friendly website with:• Product info • Branch locator • Latest News • And Access to all our literature• Knowledgeable StaffWhether it be basic product information or specialist/technical advise you are seeking,our staff have vast in-depth knowledge to ensure that all your questions are answered.We offer:• A plan take off service across the full product range • Full tendering/estimating service• Plot banding of lintels • Pre-picked customer collectionsWorking in conjunction with our suppliers we can offer design and value engineeringsolutions to Civil’s projects.• TransportWith a commercial fleet of over 100 vehicles ranging from Pick ups to Artics complete withmechanical off load facilities we are able to offer a nationwide 48 hour delivery service onex yard material throughout the UK.• StockA total ex yard stock commitment of over £10 million stock. With a stockholding in excess of50,000 steel lintels and a further 5,000 pre-stressed concrete lintels, we are the biggest linteldistributor in the UK• Brick Matching• We can visit site or your office to discuss your specific needs• We can take digital photographs of your existing brickwork to assist brick identification• Where possible we will take an existing brick away to ensure an accurate match• Literature• A full range of product literature is available from depots and the internet includinginstallation guides and case studies
  27. 27. 27Sustainable Development FrameworkSustainable Development PolicySustainable Development Policy means: increasing focus on the balanced consideration of economic, social and environmental issues in makingbusiness decisions on all activities, products supplied and services carried out by Grafton Merchanting GB Ltd.Grafton Merchanting GB is committed to delivering its vision for Sustainable Development throughout its branches. This requires that all ourPolicies, Plans, Service and Products should be considered for their impacts upon the environment and how they will contribute to a moresustainable environment. Listed below are the main Policies and Plans that set out our Sustainable Development Framework. Policies include:Environmental PolicyGrafton Merchanting GB Environmental Policy sets out how we will manage our environmental impacts and improve our environmentalperformance. The Policy shows our main priorities with regard to environmental issues, and demonstrates our intention for continuous improvementwithin areas such as:• Transport management • Carbon reduction (CO2)• Energy consumption reduction • Reducing, reusing and recycling waste• Working towards ISO 14001Corporate Procurement PolicyGrafton Merchanting GB will continue to develop Corporate Procurement Strategy that incorporates processes and contractual obligations to:• Ensure sustainable development is a consideration at every stage of the procurement process where it is relevant• Work with suppliers to develop and improve the environmental efficiency by which goods and services are provided throughout the business• Use suppliers that are or working towards ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems where possible• Work with suppliers to develop and introduce sustainable product ranges for the future• Ensure that natural timber products continue to be FSC/PEFC accredited• Ensure all our current and future suppliers conform to ethical trading standards where applicableHealth and Safety PolicyGrafton Merchanting GB considers Health and Safety to be an important element in the overall management of our business. We are committedto doing all we can to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the Health and Safety of our customers and employees.Charity and CommunityWe also recognise our responsibility as a member of communities where our branches are located and where we do business. We are committedto developing close relationships with those communities through local management supporting a range of initiatives. We also support a range ofcharitable causes, by giving donations made possible by fund raising schemes which involve all employees and their ideas.The Code for Sustainable HomesWorking in conjunction with all our manufacturers, we help our customers achieve the required ratings within the Code of Sustainable Homes.The key design categories incorporated within the code are:• Energy/CO2 – Operational Energy and the resulting emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.• Water – The consumption of potable water from the public supply systems or other ground water resources.• Materials – The embodied environmental impacts of construction materials for key construction elements• Surface Water Runoff – The change in surface water runoff patterns as a result of the development.• Waste – Waste generated as a result of the construction process and facilities encouraging recycling of domestic waste in the home.• Pollution – Pollution resulting from the operation of the dwelling.• Health and Wellbeing – The effect that the dwellings design and indoor environment has on its occupants.• Management – Steps that have been taken to allow good management of environmental impacts in the construction and operationof the home.
  28. 28. & Lintels and PDM are trading divisions of Grafton Merchanting GB Ltd,Gemini One, 5520 Oxford Business Park South, Cowley, Oxford, OX4 2LL. Tel: 01865 871680Member of Grafton Group plcM1M40M4M5M25M62M11M3M6M52M42OLDHAMBILSTONWESTBURYHUTHWAITEFARNWORTHTHETFORDBRAINTREEWARRINGTONCRAMLINGTONEXETERABERFANYORKNEWCASTLE UNDER LYMERUISLIPHAYESEDINBURGHGLASGOWINVERNESSKIRKCALDYEAST KILBRIDEKILMARNOCKBROXBURNABERDEENFAREHAMOLNEYCivils, Drainage, Heavyside, Ground Engineering & LintelsNATIONAL SALES OFFICETel: 0845 602 CIVILS & LINTELS - ABERFANPant Glas, Aberfan, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. CF48 4QHTel: 01443 690221 Fax: 01443 CIVILS & LINTELS - BILSTONAnchor Lane, Bilston, West Midlands. WV14 9NETel: 01902 491111 Fax: 01902 CIVILS - BRAINTREE3 Tamdown Way, Springwood Industrial Estate,Braintree, Essex. CM7 2QLTel: 01376 550550 Fax: 01376 CIVILS & LINTELS - CRAMLINGTONDTS International Freight Depot, Nelson Way,Cramlington, Northumberland. NE23 1WGTel: 01670 717887 Fax: 01670 CIVILS & LINTELS - ERITHViking Way, Church Manorway Ind. Est.,Erith, Kent. DA8 1EWTel: 01322 446200 Fax: 01322 CIVILS & LINTELS - EXETERUnit S, Matford Park, Marsh Barton Trading Estate,Exeter. EX2 8LBTel: 01392 455899 Fax: 01392 CIVILS & LINTELS - FAREHAMPegham Industrial Park, Lavys Lane,off Fontley Road, Fareham. PO15 6SDTel: 01329 840250 Fax: 01329 CLARKE CIVILS & LINTELS - FARNWORTHBloomfield Road, Farnworth, Bolton. BL4 9LPTel: 01204 862222 Fax: 01204 CIVILS & LINTELS - HUTHWAITENunn Brook Rd, County Industrial Est,Huthwaite, Notts. NG17 2HUTel: 01623 440330 Fax: 01623 CIVILS & LINTELS -NEWCASTLE UNDER LYMEBeechville Building Centre, Brampton SidingsIndustrial Estate, Brampton Sidings,Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffs. ST5 0SRTel: 01782 617354 Fax: 01782 CIVILS & LINTELS - OLDHAMStock Lane, Chadderton, Oldham. OL9 9EYTel: 0161 627 0888 Fax: 0161 627 CIVILS & LINTELS - OLNEY1 Stilebrook Road, Olney Industrial Estate,Olney, Buckinghamshire. MK46 5EATel: 01234 717300 Fax: 01234 CIVILS & LINTELS - THETFORDWyatt Way, Thetford, Norfolk. IP24 1HBTel: 01842 821200 Fax: 01842 CIVILS & LINTELS - WARRINGTONWilson Patten Street, Warrington. WA1 1HNTel: 01925 255700 Fax: 01925 CIVILS - WESTBURYBroadway North, West Wilts Trading Est,Westbury, Wilts. BA13 4JXTel: 01373 823537 Fax: 01373 CIVILS & LINTELS - YORKCharlotte Street, via James Street, York. YO10 3WWTel: 01904 436630 Fax: 01904 ONLY DEPOTSHENDRICKS LINTELS - RUISLIPGoods Yard, West Ruislip Station, Middlesex. HA4 7DYTel: 01895 675002 Fax: 01895 LINTELS - WESTBURYChemical Road, West Wilts Trading Est.Westbury, Wilts. BA13 4JNTel: 01373 827275 Fax: 01373 LOVELLHENDRICKS LOVELL - HAYESAppin House, Stewart Quay, Printing House Lane,Hayes, Middlesex. UB3 1APTel: 0208 573 1000 Fax: 0208 573