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To get your passport in 24 hours please visit,

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renew passport

  1. 1. ==== ====How To Get A ====Need help with your US passport renewal? Easily follow these simple steps to get your traveldocument so you can set off for your enriching vacation. Fortunately, the renewal process is quiteeasy and has the least amount of steps compared to other passport procedures.You qualify for a USA passport renewal if:You are a resident of the United States and you can provide your old passport.Were over the age of 16 when you got the passport.It was issued in the last fifteen years.Either have the same name or documented proof of a name change such as an original marriagecertificate.You will also have to look at the condition of your old passport. Even though it is already expired,the US Department of State considers damaged passports to be invalid proof of identification.Unfortunately, if it is damaged then you will not be able to get a renewal. Instead, you will have togo through the process of replacing a damaged passport.Go to the US Department of State travel website and download the passport application forrenewal, also known as the DS-82 form. You can also choose to use the online application insteadof downloading a PDF.You will have to get a new photograph taken. This is a good thing for some people since first timepassport photographs are notoriously unattractive. Most people want a better looking, recentphoto.The cost of a passport renewal can vary depending on how fast you need it. The regularprocessing fee is $110. If you need it faster then you will need to pay an additional $60 to thepassport agency.You can then submit your application package for processing once you have the exact paymentamount, new photographs, your old passport and a completed application.If you apply by mail, it is best to use certified mail which will let you know that the passportapplication has been delivered. Also, thanks to the modern age of technology, you can easily trackthe progress of the processing online.It does not take long to receive your passport. On average it takes about 4 to 6 weeks. Plan aheadand start applying early just to be on the safe side. After all, you dont want to postpone the
  2. 2. vacation youve been looking forward to because you forgot to get your passport renewed.For anyone living overseas, the United States passport renewal rules are slightly different. To getit taken care of, visit your local embassy or consulate. The staff there will be more than happy toassist you. Make sure to plan ahead to avoid getting stuck trying to get your application processedin time for your trip.Are you looking for more on how to get your passport renewal?Get applications, requirements and passport expedite service reviews at http://Direct-PassportVisas.comArticle Source: ====How To Get A ====