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Resume jyothilingam


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Resume of Mr.Jyothilingam
Mining Consultancy

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Resume jyothilingam

  1. 1. Mining Engineer No.4, III Street Extension Venkatesware Nagar Thirunagar Vellore - 632 006 Tamil Nadu , India Phone:91-0416 – 2241580 Mobile:91-09994249366
  2. 2. Qualification Passed B.E. In Mining Engineering from College Of Engineering, Guindy (Presently Anna University) Madras university in the Year 1965
  3. 3. Technical Papers presented Presented the following papers in the international Cement seminar 1. Development of Mines 2. Limestone Scalping 3. Mass Blasting 4. Lignite driers for the use in cement plants
  4. 4. Membership Held the position of Vice Chairman, Tamil Nadu and Kerala Mine Safety Association  As member of Expert Sub- Committee on Raw Materials, Cement Manufacturers Association of India Approved as Registered Qualified person by Indian Bureau of Mines, Govt of India, and Nagpur.
  5. 5. WORK EXPERIENCE Mines Forman in Cowgule & Co Vasco-da-gama, Goa From January 1968 to January 1972 Description : During service period I was placed in- charge of the development of three different IRON ORE mines in southern Goa. The average production was 1000 mt per day Reported to Mine Superintendent Number of Persons working : 75
  6. 6. Work Experience ..continued Assistant Mines Manager from February 1972 to August 1974 Dalmia Cements ( Bharat) Ltd (IRON ORE) Hospet, Bellary Dist., Karnataka. Job Description: During the services at Dalmia Cements. I was in-charge of section or IRON ORE Mines and erection of Red Oxide plant. The average output was 10,000 T/dy including Overburden employing shovels dumpers and drills Reported to Mines Manager Number of persons working :300
  7. 7. Work Experience ..continued Assistant Mines Manager From September 1974 to September 1978 Description: During the services, initially, I was in charges for operations of crushers, mining equipments, mining and quality control of mines. I was in charge for the new cement (limestone) project near Cuddappa. I have made all initial works and selection of factory sites, alignment of railway sidings of railway siding, limestone deposits etc. Reported to President New Project Development
  8. 8. Work Experience ..continued  Mines Superintendent  Madras cements Ltd. Ramasamyraja Nagar, Ramnad Dist., Tamil Nadu  From October 1978 to April 1982  Job Description: During the course of my service with madras Cements, I had detailed study of raw material (LIME STONE), Performance of raw mill. and Kiln. I have re- worked the mines raw mill operations. Kiln operations to suit the LIMESTONE and coal. Output of Kiln is increased form 100 to 1275 tones per day. I introduced for first time in India hydraulic excavators (clamshell), 7 ½ c’Yd loaders and high speed wagon drills in the LIMESTONE mines. I developed a new system of beneficiating the LIMESTONE. The system is being adopted by other cement factories. I carried out the biggest LIMESTONE blast of 1, 00,00 tones in one blast. During my Services, I was responsible for erection of secondary LIMESTONE crushers of 350PH and other connected equipments. I was placed additional in charge of new (LIMESTONE) cement project near Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. I carried out entire preparatory works including preparation of LIMESTONE surveying, geological mapping, mine planning, factory layout layout drawing, alignment of railways side. I have been looking after the entire liaison work in connection with Power, coal, water, land, limestone and other relevant liaison works and permissions. I have been acting in a capacity of next to General Manger.
  9. 9. Work Experience ..continued Deputy General Manager (mines) India cements Ltd., Sankari west, Salem Dist., Tamil Nadu Job Description: I have been working in the capacity of Dy General Manger (Mines) amended latter as General Manager. I have been responsible for the entire LIMESTONE MINES factory, crusher, kiln, cement mill, packing house, Mining, labor, cost control, stores, sales and transport. The capacity of the Plant is 1800 tones cement per day and 5000 mt LIMESTONE per day, the total employment is 4500 persons. During the services, I have given a proposal to modify and convert from wet to dry process. Number of persons working: 3200
  10. 10. Work Experience ..continued General Manager Nircon Engineers & Consultants, NIRLON Group) 300, Mowbrays road, Madras – 600 018 From january 1983 to 1985 Description: I was in charge of LIMESTONE Mining & cement plants in our consultancy company. I was responsible for preparation of lay-out, limestone investigation, detailed project report, lay-out drawing, commissioning and training
  11. 11. Work Experience ..continued General Manager MIC Cements Ltd MIC Cements Ltd., Jewargi, Gulbarga Dist.Karnataka From January 1985 to April 1987 Job Description: I was in charge of the entire LIMESTONE mines and cement plant. Number of persons working : 300
  12. 12. Work Experience ..continued Mines Manager Balaji Produce Limited , Chikkanayakanhalli, Tumkur Dist Description : I was incharge of the IRON ORE mines Number of persons working: 260
  13. 13. Work Experience ..continued Mines Manager Maris Cements ( P) Ltd,Huliyar,Tumkur Dist. Description: I was in-charge of limestone and IRON ORE mines. Number of persons reporting: 400
  14. 14. Mining Consultancy From 2007, offering Mining Consultancy Services The services include preparation of mining plans, sections, reserve estimation, mine management charts, quality control planning, mineral sales planning, inventory planning, mine profitability estimation and finance planning, investment schedule, cash-flow statement and meetings with the government departments.