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Investment options: Real estate vs gold


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Investment options: Real estate vs gold

  1. 1. Welcome to the presentation on Real estate vs Gold INVESTMENT STRATEGY
  2. 2. Amount of Investment Real Estate vs Gold Real Estate Investment size is huge Lump sum amount to pay Gold • Investment can be very Low • Buy as low as 1 gram of gold. • Invest in gold coins or gold bullion • Gold jewellery : Not desirable
  3. 3. DURATION OF INVESTMENT You can hold gold for short as well as long- term. However, investing in gold for long-term can give a higher rate of return. Real estate investment is ideal for a long-term investment.
  4. 4. RETURN ON INVESTMENT Real estate can offer • Regular monthly income • can be used to pay the mortgage. Gold price vary with time The returns fluctuate with the market
  5. 5. Gold attracts capital gains tax. Additionally, any profit made in the case of gold deposit certificates is fully exempted from taxation.
  6. 6. Questions? P R I M A RY I N F OR M AT I ON S E RV I CE S W W W.P R I M A RYI N F O.C OM M A I LTO:P R I M A RYI N F O@ G M A I L .C OM