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how do we improve the marketing of food products industry?

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Food cluster

  1. 1. Linking Clusters to Markets : Farmers Perspective at Food and Agri Processors Conclave organized by Assocham at Dr. Borlaug Wheat Auditorium, PAU, Ludhiana on 16 Dec, 2011 Pavitar Pal Singh Pangli President PAU Kisan Club, Ludhiana
  2. 2. • Indian has 600 million farmers, 1200 million consumers and 500 million traders • We incurred a lot of losses in mandi system which is 5% of the value in transportation, 10% in broker commission and 10% in quality parameters • The general thumb rule of price rice from farmer to consumer is in perishable commodities such as food and vegetables :: 1:2:3:4 • What farmer sells at Rs. 1 is sold at local mandi at Rs. 2 and cost rises to Rs. 3 a consumption level and 4 by the time it reaches the consumer • Commission agents play major role under the agricultural produce market committee act of each state limit to the number of licences issued to traders which basically encourages collusions
  3. 3. • India has a history of Mugal maharajas followed by the British rule for 200 years in the country which resulted establishment of canal system in North-West plain zone, Indian railways, post and telegraph system which are Foreign Ruler gifts for our Nation • The share of organized retail to total retail trade in India is hardly 5% against 66% in Japan, 30% in Indonesia and 28% in China
  4. 4. Need of hour • To improve world class system in processing marketing and understanding behaviour of consumer • Processing food is the body requirement of consumers and its behaviour is very important which is very fast changing • Isolation do no grow without competition and innovation in food industry is very important. • It is the responsibility of the processors to create market and deliver in required quality and quantity
  5. 5. • Nutritional security is the need of research. Rice has the lowest iron concentration. Its urgent need to enrich the amount of iron which is essential to good health • Minimum four times the current cereal varieties • Zinc is also another micronutrient at essential for good health, yet billion of people are at risk of zinc deficiency
  6. 6. • To access the global agri business systems and cater the common platform of consumers we can innovate, we can adopt and bring technologies to upgrade the basic requirements • Center of excellence for providing food processing projects at state agricultural universities required • Agri business ventures can be linked to clusters for catering markets by pushing small self help groups of farmers
  7. 7. • PAU Kisan club members has taken initiative by setting a small scale processing and value addition of soyabean, honey, fresh vegetable vending, ready to cook eatables by Fapro, waxing of kinnows and value addition of agri produce. • PAU can play important role by providing center of excellence by adopting these groups with commercial projects reports and assistance at nominal charges
  8. 8. • This would help growers to receive a large percentage of selling price and shorten chain from farm to folk in India making agriculture a remunerative profession.
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