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  1. 1. Welcome to the Presentation on FENI
  2. 2. Feni Presentation by • Primary Information Services • •
  3. 3. Feni Fenny or Feni is a Goan liquor made from either coconut or the juice of the cashew apple. Coconut feni – it is prepared with the help of toddy plant's juice. Around 65% of coconut feni is made in South Goa and the remaining 35% in North Goa.
  4. 4. FENI GOA
  5. 5. The Feni is prepared in a distillery called 'soreachi bhatti'. Coconut Feni is distilled twice. The first product, which has 15% alcohol content, is known as 'mollop'. It is then mixed with toddy in 4:1 ratio and distilled again. Feni preparation
  6. 6. Project Database Feni Distillery
  7. 7. Feni Industry Cashew feni is seasonal; distilled only from late February to mid- May. It is highly dependent on the fruiting of the season. The price of cashew feni is also speculated on the fruiting season. Coconut feni is produced throughout the year as coconut trees are tapped year round. During the monsoon months, the coconut palms produce more toddy than the drier months. Toddy tapping is very labour- intensive and so is not an appealing profession. This has led to the dramatic decline in production of coconut feni.
  8. 8. QUESTIONS?