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Mom Industry Trend Report - Apps


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Mom Industry Trend Report - Apps

  1. 1. Looking to reach Moms? Let’s talk!<br />Mom Industry Trend Reports: <br />March 2011<br />C“app”acity: How many apps can one Mom handle?<br />Across the market, we have seen an explosion of apps, with hundreds of thousands of iPhone, smartphone, and iPad apps all vying for the attention of Moms and their kids. From children’s entertainment to branded recipe apps, how can marketers understand trending within Moms’ purchase and usage? Results of our omnibus below feature how Moms feel about this app deluge, and how much of it centers on their kids.               <br />Momnimbus Research: How many Apps can one mom handle?<br /> Moms rule the iPad (but kids get to play).62% of moms with an iPad in the household report that they use the iPad the most, while 15% say it’s their children, and 19% say their significant other has been the primary user. <br />Popularity: Let us entertain you<br />Most popular download categories among Moms: social networking (82%), games (80%) and entertainment (79%). For kids: games dominate (73%) with education coming in second at 50% and entertainment at 40%. <br />Smartphones exponentially on the rise for connected Moms<br />47% have only had one for less than a year. 43% say their primary influence factor is functionality, and 28% base their decision on a wireless carrier/phone plan.<br />Apps: Moms can’t download just one<br />Turns out the majority (51%) have downloaded over 16 apps to their smartphones. <br />Online review blogs and websites prove the best source of app referrals<br />When it comes to discovering new apps to download or purchase, 33% rely on review blogs or websites. 29% browse mobile app stores, and 22% rely primarily on suggestions from friends.  Online resources become even more important when it comes to purchasing apps for their children: with 39% relying on review blogs and websites.<br />“Can I play on your phone, Mom?” Smartphone apps for Kids<br />74% of Moms let their children regularly play on their phone, while another 14% do so but only rarely. In terms of downloaded apps: 14% of Moms report that 50% or more of the apps they download are just for their kids. Only 17% of Moms say they have downloaded no apps for their kids. <br />Cost means everything and free is best!The majority of Moms (59%) consider cost the most important factor in selecting an app. 39% of Moms report typically downloading free applications, while 28% want apps $.99 or less. Only 1% would pay over $5 for an application.<br />Mobile coupons: Moms say bring them on!43% of Moms have used a coupon from their smartphones and we expect to see this rise dramatically over the next year.<br />Downloaded, then discarded; Moms toss apps like Kleenex: Of their downloaded apps, 43% of Moms report having 3-5 apps they only used once. Win Mom over, and your app becomes her new best smartphone friend:47% of Moms reported using their favorite apps at least once a day on average.<br />© Mom Central Consulting, Inc. 2011<br />