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The Future Ready CFO - Leading in Disruptive Times


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CFOs are being asked to take on a more strategic role in their organizations. No longer is the role of steward and historian enough. To stay relevant they must learn how to be proactive and future ready. Future ready Is the capacity to be anticipatory (aware, predictive and adaptive) of emerging technology and trends in business, demographics, and the social environment impacting your organization and industry.

The future ready CFO must be able to wide the waves of change.

The new mantra is disrupt yourself before someone else does. The five steps to be future ready are:
1. Initiate change on your terms;
2. Go digital - lead the digital transformation in your companies;
3. Elevate kills for you and your team;
4. Protect the core purpose and values of your organization.
5. Enjoy the ride - it is a journey and stop and learn along the way.

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The Future Ready CFO - Leading in Disruptive Times

  1. The Future Ready CFO