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Ten  things  to  know  about  Social  Media?  1.  Thought  Leadership  (Jody  Padar  example)  2.  Engagement  with  more  member/customers   and  shared  insights  (AICPA  Leadership  Academy)  3.  Real  Time  Focus  group  4.  CommunicaAon  and  connecAng  your   organizaAon  (MarrioY  Story  &  MACPA  CFO  Conference)  5.  MACPA  uses  of  social  media  6.  The  Power  of  Blogging  7.  Case  Studies  (ConnecAng  to  Thought  Leaders,  ConnecAng  to   Members  –  Books,  MACPA  Beach  Retreat  &  NE  CPE  Conference)  8.  Top  Ten  (Social)  Learning  Technologies  9.  Risk  Management  10. It  is  bigger  than  you  think  –  Social  Business  

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