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If  you  need  help   Let  Bill  Sheridan,  NaAonal  Thought   Leader  and  architect  of  MACPA’s  award-­‐ winning  social  media  strategy,  be  your   trusted  guide  to  help  you  jump  start   your  social  media  experAse.     In  seven  tele-­‐coaching  sessions,  Bill  will   guide  you  through  creaAng  a  social   strategy  and  hands-­‐on  coaching  to  get   you  up  and  running  fast!   BLI  program:  Social  Media  Strategy  &   Quick  Start:  Developing  and   ImplemenAng  a  Social  Media  Strategy   for  CPA  Firms  &  OrganizaAons     hYp://    

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