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Social Media - How to Move People & Tip the Adoption Curve


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Presentation to major accounting & tax providers at AICPA CPA2Biz SaaS Roundtable in NYC on January 30, 2013. Covers three major themes: 1) Social Media adoption can be used to find and connect to early adopters/innovators; 2) A recent Deloitte/Sloan MIT study says business have three years to get "social"; 3) MACPA case study shows how to use social technologies to bend the adoption curve and establish your brand in a meaningful way.

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Social Media - How to Move People & Tip the Adoption Curve

  1. How  to  Succeed  Using  Social   Media  to  Interact  with  CPAs   AICPA  /  CPA2Biz  Cloud  in  Tax  &  AccounAng  ExecuAve  Roundtable   January  30,  2013   Tom  Hood,  CPA.CITP.CGMA   CEO   Maryland  AssociaAon  of  CPAs   Business  Learning  InsAtute  
  2. Tom  Hood   CEO  of  MACPA  &  BLI   •  Named  Fourth  Most  InfluenAal   Person  by  AccounAng  Today   •  Top  25  Influencers  in  Learning  &  HR   by  HR  Examiner  Tom Hood, CPA, CITP, CGMA •  Top  25  Public  AccounAng  Thought   CEOMACPA Leaders  by  CPA  PracAce  Adviser   •  Working  on    Learning  Management   with  AICPA/CPA2Biz,    Cloud  Business Learning Institute (BLI) Curriculum,  Performance   Management  /XBRL,  Leadership  &   GeneraAons   hYp://  
  3. Download  Today’s  Preso  on  hYp://   And  on  our  blog  at   hYp://  
  4. hYp://  What  would  happen  if  we  applied  social  tools  to  learning?    What  kind  of  impact  will  that  have  in  adopAon?    Wanna  play?  
  5. The  Tornado  Lives!  CPA  Vision  Story  Map  circa  2000  capturing  the  major  trends  facing  the  CPA  Profession  from  the  CPA  Vision  Project  2011  
  6. ROA!  
  7. We’re  all  in  the  Moving  Business!  
  8. Virtual  ConnecAons  –  Real  People  
  9. Can  We  Bend  the  AdopAon  Curve?   Informed Inner Circle Leaders Pragmatists Skeptics No-Nos Bought-in I support it I’ll wait & see Prove it to me I don’t like thisAdoption of almost everything happens along a bell curve according to Geoffrey Moore.Change and ideas are no different, the key is to tip the odds in your favor and pay attention to the numbers of people in each level of your organization and within each group.
  10. Finding  the  early  adopters…   On  the  Cover  of  a  Magazine?  •  BCG  &  Company  –  blogs,  twiYer  •  Naden/Lean  –  blogs,  twiYer  •  James  Carroll  –  facebook,  twiYer  •  Morris  &  D’Angelo  
  11. Use  Social  Media  to  turn  the  bullhorn   around  
  12. Three  authors  ReTweeted  this  blog  post  which  menAoned  their  books…   hYp://­‐top-­‐ten-­‐business-­‐books-­‐of-­‐2011.html    
  13. InnovaAon  adopAon  =  Social  Networks     “The  degree  to  which  an  individual  in  a  social  network  is   connected  to  other  individuals  in  the  network  (actor   centrality)  has  been  shown  to  have  a  major  influence  on   that  individual’s  adop>on  of  business  innova>ons.”                  –  Research  Report  by  AssociaAon  of  American   Medical  Colleges  
  14. Tipping  the  adopAon  curve?  
  15. Bill Tom #1 Tom & #2 Bill – Jan 2013 MACPA s Journey
  16. MACPA’s Social Media Map145,714 views 2,049 connections 571 connections80,568 views 4,966 followers 450 members Top Accounting Blogs – 2009, 2010, 2011, Top 50 Business Blogs - 2011 2012 34
  17. Five  Ways  to  Get  started…  1.  Create  your  digital   footprint  (Linked-­‐In,  Facebook,   Google  +,  TwiYer,  blog)  2.  Start  listening  (use  google   reader,  Flipboard,  Feedler  and  twiYer  to   start  listening)  3.  Make  friends  (build  your   network  and  follow  on  twiYer)  4.  Create  &  Share  (join  the   conversaAon  by  commenAng,   RetweeAng,  and  start  a  blog)  5.  Recognize  &   Reciprocate  (always  recognize   and  aYribute  other’s  work)  
  18. Content  is  king  and  Context  is  the   Kingdom!  Social  Media  ROI  from  ROA  -­‐  AICPA  FVS   Social  Media  &  CPAs  -­‐  gejng  an  ROI  Conference   from  your  ROA!  hYp://   hYp://       Slideshare  –  blog  –  twiYer   Linked-­‐in  -­‐  Facebook  
  19. The  conversaAon  conAnues…   hYp://    
  20. Top  10  Tweeters  –  AccounAng  Today   @rfchambers  /  @theiia   @taxgirl   @gregkyte   @gabrielleluoma   @retheauditors   @jenniferwarawa  /  @sage   @evananerd   @ACFE   @IRSNews    
  22. Case  Study  –  MACPA  Beach  Retreat  The  next  three  slides  show  the  way  you  can  use  social  media  to  engage  a  broader  audience  and  create  a  resource  for  parAcipants.      1.  Post  preso  on  2.  Embed  it  and  other   resources  and  links   in  your  blog  post  3.  Tweet  it  out  and  use   the  @name  of   people  menAoned  4.  Let  the  conversaAon   conAnue!  
  23. TwiYer  during  the  event,  slideshare  &  blog  post-­‐event  
  24. Tip  the  adopAon  curve  with  social   media  (the  MACPA  way!)   Social  Media  Metrics:  Amplifica>on    200,000      180,000      160,000      140,000      120,000      100,000      80,000      60,000      40,000      20,000      -­‐         California  Acct.  &  Bus.  Show   PSTECH   CCH  Listening  Event   MACPA  InnovaAon  Summit  
  25. SAll  not  convinced?   ROA  not  ROI   Top  #’s  for  last  2  weeks:   Reach  157,631   Impressions  133,151  
  26. Five  Ways  to  Get  started…  1.  Create  your  digital   footprint  (Linked-­‐In,  Facebook,   Google  +,  TwiYer,  blog)  2.  Start  listening  (use  google   reader  and  twiYer  to  start  listening)  3.  Make  friends  (build  your   network  and  follow  on  twiYer)  4.  Create  &  Share  (join  the   conversaAon  by  commenAng,   RetweeAng,  and  start  a  blog)  5.  Recognize  &   Reciprocate  (always  recognize   and  aYribute  other’s  work)  
  27. And  remember…  Tom’s  Top  two  rules  of  Social  Media:    Rule  #  1  –  It’s  not  about  you.    Rule  #2  –  Don’t  take  yourself  or  social  media  too  seriously  (Ben  Zander’s  Rule  #6)  
  28. What’s  Next?  Social  Business?   You  have  3  years  at  most!   hYp://  •  Cloud    •  Mobile  •  Social  •  Value-­‐added  •  CollaboraAve  •  Big  data   hYp://  
  29. Follow  me  on:  Tom  Hood,  CPA.CITP   ü   TwiYer:  hYp://  CEO   ü   LinkedIn:  hYp://  Maryland  Associa>on  of  CPAs  Business  Learning  Ins>tute   ü   Facebook:  hYp://  (443)  632-­‐2301   ü Plaxo:  hYp://  E-­‐mail  Web  hRp://   ü Slideshare:  hYp://  Blog  hRp://   ü Youtube:  hYp://  Blog  hRp://     ü Second  Life  avatar  name:  Rocky  Maddaloni    
  30. If  you  need  help   Let  Bill  Sheridan,  NaAonal  Thought   Leader  and  architect  of  MACPA’s  award-­‐ winning  social  media  strategy,  be  your   trusted  guide  to  help  you  jump  start   your  social  media  experAse.     In  seven  tele-­‐coaching  sessions,  Bill  will   guide  you  through  creaAng  a  social   strategy  and  hands-­‐on  coaching  to  get   you  up  and  running  fast!   BLI  program:  Social  Media  Strategy  &   Quick  Start:  Developing  and   ImplemenAng  a  Social  Media  Strategy   for  CPA  Firms  &  OrganizaAons     hYp://    
  31. Ten  things  to  know  about  Social  Media?  1.  Thought  Leadership  (Jody  Padar  example)  2.  Engagement  with  more  member/customers   and  shared  insights  (AICPA  Leadership  Academy)  3.  Real  Time  Focus  group  4.  CommunicaAon  and  connecAng  your   organizaAon  (MarrioY  Story  &  MACPA  CFO  Conference)  5.  MACPA  uses  of  social  media  6.  The  Power  of  Blogging  7.  Case  Studies  (ConnecAng  to  Thought  Leaders,  ConnecAng  to   Members  –  Books,  MACPA  Beach  Retreat  &  NE  CPE  Conference)  8.  Top  Ten  (Social)  Learning  Technologies  9.  Risk  Management  10. It  is  bigger  than  you  think  –  Social  Business  
  34. MACPA  Social  Media  Policy  •  Based  on  social   media  best   pracAces  •  Tied  to  MACPA   Vision,  Purpose,   and  Strategy  •  Includes  CPA  Code   of  Professional   Conduct     hYp://    
  35. Recommended  Reading   •  The  Corporate  Blogging  Book  by  Debbie   Weil   •  Crush-­‐It  by  Gary  Vaynerchuk   •  The  Whuffie  Factor  by  Tara  Hunt   •  Here  Comes  Everybody  by  Clay  Shirky   •  Social  Media  Strategies  for  Professionals   and  Their  Firms  by  Michelle  Golden