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Managing Partners Update Social Media Fall, 2009


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Update on social media marketing for CPAs and CPA firms - requested by Maryland Managing Partners on October 23, 2009. This presentation features how CPA firms are using social media for niche marketing, thought leadership, and boosting Search Engine results (SEO).

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Managing Partners Update Social Media Fall, 2009

  1. CPAS & Social Media Social Media Briefing for Managing Partners October 22, 2009 Tom Hood, CPA.CITP Hood CPA CITP CEO & Executive Director Business Learning Institute Maryland Association of CPAs
  2. “A pioneer in using social media and Web 2.0 technologies in accounting, Hood (and his team at MACPA) has tapped his expertise to roll out one of the most extensive sets of resources in the country for helping CPAs handle the recession.” - Bill Carlino Editor Accounting Today Magazine Carlino, First featured in the Journal of Accountancy in June, 2008 and again in August, 2009 for our pioneering work in social media applications for CPAs. Tom & MACPA have been keynotes at numerous national conferences including AICPA Tech +, CCH User Conference, Interchange, and others.
  3. The New Math Social Networking (Old) + Social Media (New) = A change in the way we build  A change in the way we build relationships Source: Matt Goddard, CEO R2integrated 
  4. It s all about your Whuffie It’s all about your Whuffie Whuffie is the culmination of your reputation,  influence, bridging and bonding capital,  i fl b id i d b di i l current and potential access to ideas, talent  and resources, saved‐up favors, and  d d f d accomplishments. ‐ Tara Hunt “The Whuffie Factor”
  5. It’s about the Network Effect How big is  your  network? “In a sentence {to recognize a network} means ‘To discover how A, who is in touch with C, Is affected by the relation between B and C.” – Russ Eckel “Becoming the Eye of the Tiger”
  6. Whuffie Example
  7. Get found  Digital Footprints Get found – Digital Footprints
  8. Our Journey… • Share • Listen & Learn • Communicate • Connect
  9. Benefits of Social Media Benefits of Social Media • Share & discuss information • Increase ability to connect to more people I bilit t tt l • Increase ability to manage more relationships • Customer service & support Customer service & support • Tool for recruitment & retention • Information & knowledge management • Increased findability on web (SEO) • Brand management • Accelerate your strategy Accelerate your strategy • Did I say it’s cheap?
  10. Marketing Strategy 2.0 Website e‐mail Twitter T itt newsletters Social  Blog Networks
  11. Andrew Rose – Naden / Lean
  12. What is a blog? • A Web site of news and commentary that  allows readers to give feedback about what  allows readers to give feedback about what they are reading.
  13. What can a blog do for you? What can a blog do for you?  Establish your company as a thought leader Establish your company as a thought leader  Reinvent your marketing strategy  Build communities and improve customer  relations E h Enhance legislative advocacy l il i d  Expand your brand
  14. James Carroll, CPA James Carroll, CPA Website Facebook Twitter
  15. Last two stories Last two stories • Client contact via Client contact via  Facebook • Staff relations via  Facebook Leadership & Social Media  – panel of young professionals AICPA Leadership Academy Chicago, 2009
  16. Challenges • Social media requires  loosening the reins on  technology platforms and  access • Social media management  requires constant care and  feeding, as well as  feeding, as well as monitoring • Because social media is  MASS media, mistakes  di it k and missteps are  a p ed amplified 
  17. Social Notworking? Social Notworking? This is defined as “The  s s de ed as e practice of spending time  unproductively on social‐ networking websites,  k b especially when one should  be working, or When you  be working ” or “When you spend all days at your job on  social networking sites such  g as facebook,myspace and  twitter.”
  18. Research says… "One day at work they took away our tools, like One day at work they took away our tools, like  Facebook, Pandora, Bebo, NPR. Work is slow  now, cold and boring." —STEVE RESSLER, 27,  TAMPA, FLORIDA In a social environment based on networked individualism, the internet s internet’s capacity to maintain and cultivate social networks has real payoffs (in the workplace).”– “The Strength of Internet Ties” Report
  19. Sooooo…. Social Notworking is a  managerial problem, not a  technology problem. If a salesman spends his day  making personal phone calls  rather than phoning potential  customers, the solution is not  to take away the phone. The  solution is to make clear what  is and is not acceptable  i di t t bl behavior and… Discussion at AICPA Leadership Academy Discussion at AICPA Leadership Academy Chicago, July, 2009
  20. Risk Management • Educate & train your staff • S t Set security & usage policies it & li i • Restrict Access during certain  times (if you have to) • Monitor – using search &  g google alerts
  21. Educate yourself
  22. Next steps… 1. Educate yourself – 2. Create your digital footprint. Create  y g p profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and  Google.  3. Start listening. Use Google Reader or  Bloglines to begin reading thought to begin reading thought  leaders in your profession or areas of  interest.  4. Continue listening. Create your Twitter listening. Create your Twitter account and follow your profession and  areas of interest.  5. Start sharing. Create a blog and record  your thoughts.  h h 6. Share. Recognize and promote the  people you find interesting. 
  23. You can…Ignore it Fight it or Fight it or Harness it’s power
  24. Tom Hood, CPA.CITP CEO Maryland Association of CPAs Business Learning Institute (443) 632‐2301 E mail tom@macpa org E‐mail Web Blog
  25. Tools • CPA Social Media self‐directed learning tool – • Social Media Quick Start Program – • Social media articles – How are CPAs using social media‐are‐cpas‐using‐social‐media.html – How to leverage social networking How to leverage social networking – Tom’s interview with JofA htt // j l f t /M lti di /T H d ht • Leadership Development   I2A – Insights to Action – a strategic  thinking system – 9IASTS
  26. MACPA resources • CPA Success, our daily blog • CPA Spotlight, our weekly podcast • Other MACPA blogs: • www CPALegislativeInsider com • • • CPA Learning 2, a Web 2.0 playground by CPAs for CPAs 28
  27. CPAs and Social Media – Passing Fad or Valuable Tool? or Valuable Tool? Tom Hood, CPA.CITP CEO & Executive Director Maryland Association of CPAs t @ • Follow me on:  Twitter:  LinkedIn:  Facebook: http://www facebook com/thoodcpa Facebook:  Plaxo:  Slideshare:  Youtube:  Second Life avatar name: Rocky Maddaloni