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MACPA 2013 Innovation Summit - Press Conference


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Innovation - Collaboration - Inspiration are the themes of this year's 2013 Innovation Summit. This special briefing highlights the Top 5 Platinum Sponsors - Simplified Innovations, CCH, Sage, CPA2Biz, Ziptr.

Three special technologies will be featured that will help participants connect and collaborate with our major sponsors and each other during the conference.

The three technologies are, Flybits, and ThinkTank.

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MACPA 2013 Innovation Summit - Press Conference

  1. Tom Hood, CPA, CITP, CGMA!CEO!MACPA & the Business LearningInstitute!MACPA 2013 Innovation Summit!Press Conference!
  2. The$collaboration curve$is$replacing$the$experience$curve$The organizations that willbecome the household names ofthis century will be renowned forsustained, large-scale, efficientinnovation.The key to that capability isneither company loyalty nor free-agent autonomy but, rather, astrong collaborative community.HBR, July-August 2011
  3. v$
  4. Agenda$•  Context$–  The$CPA$Profession’s$Vision$for$Future$–  Trends$•  L>C$•  Learning$&$Competencies$•  Connect$&$Collaborate$–  CPA$Community$–  Sponsors$&$Vendors$–  Social$#MDSUMMIT$•  Engagement$–  Conferences.IO$$–  Flybits$$
  5. • Change$• Complexity$• Compliance$• Convergence$• CompeJJon$2.$MANAGING$THE$SEA$CHANGE$
  6. “In$a$period$of$rapid$change$and$increasing$complexity,$the$winners$are$going$to$be$the$people$who$can$LEARN$faster$than$the$rate$of$CHANGE$and$faster$than$their$COMPETITION.”$S$Tom$Hood,$CPA.CITP.CGMA$
  7. #MDSUMMIT13$$InnovaJon$thru$CollaboraJon$13$Top$Thought$Leaders$25$Top$technology$&$SoWware$Vendors$Terri$ Polley,$ Gail$ Perry,$ Teresa$MacKintosh,$ Jennifer$ Warawa,$Donny$ Shimamoto,$ Byron$Patrick,$ Clarke$ Price,$ Erik$Asgeirsson,$ Tom$ Hood,$ Ron$Baker,$ $Jody$Padar,$Joel$Sinkin,$Reggie$Henry$and$more…$CollaboraJon$Technologies$
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  9. •  Full$Outsourced/Cloud$Infrastructure$Service$Provider$•  Full$Outsource$IT$Support$Team$•  Day$to$Day$Technical$Support$•  All$SoWware$Maintenance,$Patches$and$Upgrades$•  Primarily$Focused$on$CPA$Firm’s$•  Unique$ApplicaJon$Sets$•  Unique$Workloads$•  Unique$Support$Needs$•  Major$Benefits$•  Scalability$in$both$Infrastructure$and$Staff$Needs$•  Extremely$Secure$•  Access$from$any$Preferred$Device$•  All$the$Benefits$of$the$Cloud$•  Always$On$•  Remote$Access/Portability$•  Advanced$Backup$and$Data$ConJnuity$Procedures$
  10. •  Byron$K$Patrick,$CPA.CITP,$CGMA,$MCSE$•  CEO/CoFounder$of$Simplified$InnovaJons$•  Started$my$career$in$the$Public$AccounJng$arena$and$merged$it$with$Technology$9$years$ago$•  Incoming$Chair$of$the$MACPA$•  Member$of$Board$of$Directors$since$2009$•  Member$of$MACPA$Technology$Commifee$•  Frequent$speaker$on$Technology$Topics$for$MACPA,$AICPA$and$other$CPA$AssociaJons$•  Past$Member$of$AICPA$InformaJon$Technology$ExecuJve$Commifee$•  Member$of$AICPA$Council$•  Recipient$of$CPA$PracJce$Advisor’s$40$under$40$for$the$last$4$years$
  11. Media2Update2MACPA2Summit220132
  12. Digital2DisrupBon2in2AccounBng2232Megatrends2that2MaGer—2•  DigiBzaBon2–  From$Paper$to$Paperless$–  Cloud&Compu)ng&–  Overcoming$barriers$of$producJvity$•  VirtualizaBon2–  From$Physically$Present$to$Digitally$Present$–  Systems&of&Engagement&–  Overcoming$barriers$of$market$reach$•  TransformaBon2–  From$compliance$vendor$to$trusted$advisor$–  Business&Intelligence&–  Overcoming$barriers$of$value$
  13. AccounBng2Services:2A2New2Century2A2Roadmap2to2Success2!  A$model$for$evolving$$AccounJng$Services$as$a$pracJce$!  A$guide2to$the$technology$investments$required$!  A$strategy$for$change$management$
  14. CPA2PracBce2Assessment2Tool22•  What’s$the$right$strategy$for$offering$cloudSbased$accounJng$services?$$•  Help$CPA$firms$gauge$where$they$fall$on$the$spectrum$of$technology$adopJon$•  Offer$smart$suggesJons$for$moving$to$the$next$level.$•  The$app$asks$a$series$of$quesJons$and$uses$the$results$to$calculate$a$firm’s$“pracJce$maturity$level”$when$it$comes$to$embracing$innovaJon.$Specific$opJons$on$adopJng$cloud$soluJons$are$offered$based$on$that$assessment,$so$firms$can$begin$moving$ahead$at$their$own$preferred$pace.$$Client2Assessment2Tool$•  Crossing&the&Chasm&Assessment&Tool,$poses$similar$quesJons$for$businesses$in$general,$and$serves$as$a$useful$filter$for$CPAs$to$use$with$clients$when$discussing$cloud$soluJons.$$$•  Both$apps$are$free$and$available$for$iOs$and$Android$devices.$The$apps,$first$introduced$at$the$Digital$CPA$Conference$last$year,$have$already$been$downloaded$thousands$of$Jmes.$$Driving2Engagement2
  15. Ziptr$–$Making$Secure$ESCommunicaJon$Easy$
  16. Solve$the$User$Dilemma$•  Make2it2easy2to2use2•  Secure$communicaJon$as$a$service$•  UserSfriendly,$conversaJonSbased$design$•  One$place$to$PROTECT$and$SHARE$$•  Automate2the2protecBon2•  EndStoSend$256$bit$AES$encrypJon$•  Safeguards$data$at$rest$&$in$moJon$•  CloudSbased$with$local$redundancy$•  Give2them2access2anywhere2•  Encrypted$synchronizaJon$•  Windows$/$Mac$desktop$app$•  MobileSopJmized$web$version$•  Outlook$integraJon$
  17. 20At the Center of the Firm in$
  18. MACPA Innovation Summit- Innovating the Way Sage Participates•  We recognize cloud and mobility are important advancements that are changingthe way CPAs do business and we are excited to be sharing some of Sage slatest cloud and mobile solutions at the Innovation Summit.•  However, technology is just one piece of the puzzle. At the end of the day, howCPAs engage with their clients and the overall value they bring plays an evenmore critical role in their success.•  Our involvement in the MACPA Innovation Summit is focused on those two pillars:engagement and value, and we will be focused on those topics in our booth andduring all of our speaking slots.•  Sage is also proud to be the social media sponsor of the Summit and we ll bebringing some of Sage s leading social media gurus to engage with attendees( Tweet Treats are coming to reward some of the most active tweeters at theconference!). For anyone that isn t up and running yet, we ll be helping get youthere through our two Twitter sessions, Twitter 101 and 201, as well as throughhands-on one-on-one workshops.•  As the profession changes to position themselves for success in the changingbusiness environment, Sage will ensure we re changing as well to support thembecause we truly believe CPAs play an important role in a businesses success.
  19. InnovaJon$adopJon$=$Social$Networks$&“The&degree&to&which&an&individual&in&a&social&network&is&connected&to&other&individuals&in&the&network&(actor&centrality)&has&been&shown&to&have&a&major&influence&on&that&individual’s&adop)on&of&business&innova)ons.”$$$$$$$$$–$Research$Report$by$AssociaJon$of$American$Medical$Colleges$
  20. Tom2Hood,2CPA.CITP2CEO2Maryland2AssociaBon2of2CPAs2Business2Learning2InsBtute2(443)2632X23012EXmail2tom@macpa.org2Web2hGp://www.macpa.org2Blog2hGp://www.cpasuccess.com2Blog2hGp://www.bizlearningblog.com222Follow$me$on:$" $Twifer:$hfp://$" $LinkedIn:$hfp://$" $Facebook:$hfp://$" Slideshare:$hfp://$" Youtube:$hfp://$" Second$Life$avatar$name:$Rocky$Maddaloni$
  21. Audience Participation Made EasyYour audience needs to participateduring your event, not just listen.We make it easy.Conferences.IO
  22. Real-Time Interaction•Ask questions• Respond to Polls• Feedback SurveysExtended Engagement• 24/7 Access• Engage before and after eventsWeb Based•Any mobile deviceConferences.IO Advantages
  23. Social Q&A Feature1.Attendees ask questions2.Attendees vote for the questions that they wantanswered.3.The most popular questions automagically rise tothe top.4.When its time for Q&A, the moderator knows whatquestions the audience has, and which are mostimportant to address.
  24. Real Time PollingNo more expensive equipment, or hassling with hardware devices.Multiple Choice Open-Ended
  25. Additional FeaturesSession Evaluations Data Reports
  26. Contact UsJohn
  27. What if mobile devicescould “sense” who we are,where we are, and whatwas important to us?Imagine if they coulddeliver personalized andrelevant information tous based on our location,needs, and interests, whileprotecting our privacy.Now that solution exists!CUSTOMER USINGFLYBITSUSER WITHOUTFLYBITSEMPLOYEE USINGFLYBITSWHAT IS FLYBITS?
  28. ZONE NAME*50 CHARACTER MAX.DESCRIPTION1000 CHARACTER MAX.HERE’S HOW IT WORKSZone Administrator.Management ConsoleZones.1Toronto City SquareA popular site for events, promotions,and live outdoor performances.LARGE IMAGE*MUST BE AT LEAST960 x 540PIXELSCHOOSE FILEUPLOAD A FILE
  29. ServicesZones Friends Messagessearch for your zones, services, and friends...Map StatisticsServicesONLINE USERS0TOTAL VIEWS0NO RATINGActivities Reviews0Your zone doesn’t have any services associatedto it yet. Why don’t you create some?By adding services, your zone will come to life –instantly delivering personalized mobile content andinformation to visitors of your space. From photos andvideos to websites, existing apps to your favorite socialmedia, services allow you to put your signature stampon every zone you own. And if you want friends to comeback for more, you’ll definitely make an impactwith services.CREATE ASERVICEConnecting people and places to possibilities Jane SmithThe city’s most visitedcommercial junction andpublic square.Jane Smith created the Toronto City Square zone.TODAY | WEDNESDAY JANUARY 30, 2013Bike Event PromoToronto City Square
  30. Map StatisticsServicesONLINE USERS0TOTAL VIEWS0Activities ReviewsNO RATINGFlybits Video ServiceCHOOSE FILEUPLOAD A FILEORBROWSE YOUTUBE enter keywords to search for videos...Associate Roles TimestampsService DetailsDELETE SERVICEAVERAGEVIEWING TIME-TOTAL VIEWS-NO RATINGAUTO LAUNCH PUBLISHToronto City SquareToronto City SquareBike Event PromoA quick video that showsyou clips of performancesand events happeningthis summer.Bike Event PromoBike Event Promo Metro Station FinderCity SquareEvent Listings@TorontoSquare @CityTourism Past EventsMovies in the Square City Street Style City Square DogathonThe city’s most visitedcommercial junction andpublic square.Jane Smith created a Video service.TODAY | WEDNESDAY JANUARY 30, 2013Jane Smith created a Twitter service.TODAY | WEDNESDAY JANUARY 30, 2013Jane Smith created a Speed Dial service.TODAY | WEDNESDAY JANUARY 30, 2013Jane Smith created an Album service.TODAY | WEDNESDAY JANUARY 30, 2013Jane Smith created a Website service.
  31. Service 1:14 PMBackService 1:14 PMZone DiscoveryService 1:14 PMZone Discovery2THE USER EXPERIENCETORONTOCITYSQUAREZONEZone Discovery.Pasta PalaceCoffee ‘n’ Music CafeToronto City SquareToronto City SquareBike Event PromoCity SquareEvent ListingsCityTourismMetro StationFinder@TorontoSquarePast EventsToronto City Squareclick to launch servicetap-and-hold
  32. FEEDBACK ANDADMINISTRATION VIA THEMANAGEMENT CONSOLE3Zones Friends Messagessearch for your zones, services, and friends...Map StatisticsServicesONLINE USERSTOTAL VIEWSActivities Reviews174.5 RATINGConnecting people and places to possibilitiesToronto City SquareBike Event Promo Metro Station FinderCity SquareEvent ListingsThe city’s most visitedcommercial junction andpublic square.20,0481,920,958Damyan Petkov launched the Video service.TODAY | WEDNESDAY MAY 5, 2013Dianna Chu launched the Twitter service.Jane SmithZones Friends Messagessearch for your zones, services, and friends...MapList of Zones0Connecting people and places to possibilities Jane SmithToronto City SquareMount Pleasant MallVictoria Metro Station
  33. Freeing ideas from the egos of humanitycreating moments that transformindividuals into teamsand dreamsinto collective actionThinkTank™ revolutionizes how groups generate, refine, and executebreakthrough ideas.From single workshops to enterprise-wide deployment, this critically acclaimedcollaboration software enables participants in the same room, and even those atremote locations around the world to problem solve together. By utilizing theircollective wisdom, ThinkTank™ turns any group into a powerful crowdsourcingand crowd-computing resource.ThinkTank™ structured collaboration employs a combination of methodologyand technology to obtain reliable results from any group, ensuring fast, accurate,and ultimately successful decisions based on the best information.ELITE COLLABORATION™AND THINKTANK™
  34. WORKSHOP TO ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONSSuperior crowdsourcing with ThinkTank™Brainstorm. Generate more quality ideas in afraction of the time with our award-winninginnovation platform.ThinkTank™ presentations allow real-time, slide-by-slide feedback from the audience, capturingimportant ideas as they occur.ThinkTank™ PictureThis allows you toimmediately photo-document whiteboards,flip charts and other external group memoryfor comment and analysis.Capture the wisdom of the crowd with powerfulvoting and assessment tools, from simple ballotsto complex multi-criteria analyses, in seconds.Real-time display of voting results providesstandard deviations, and visual representations inthe form of heat maps and bar charts to quicklyidentify topics that require further discussion.Save hundreds of hours with one-touchreporting. Generate professional Word, HTML,and/or Excel reports that document the groupprocess at every stage of the session.Engage more people in the solution, acceleratethe process, increase quality, and enhancecommitment. Arrive at better decisions, faster.Enterprise deployment significantlyaccelerates core organizational processes,reducing cycle times, increasing productivity andcost savings.
  35. THINKTANK™BENEFITS• Anonymous contributions separate ideas from egos, ensuring that allvoices are heard.• Mine the wisdom of the crowd.• The superior ideation and consensus building capabilities of ThinkTank™maximizes group innovation.• Effective simultaneous contributions functionality enables hyper-efficient useof the group’s time.• Increased efficiency minimizes the time demands on key personnel.• Superior engagement of the group stimulates stronger commitment to theoutcomes.• Areas of consensus and contention are rapidly identified, allowing thegroup to focus its attention on the issues that require more work, reducingprocess time.• Intuitive design and functionality allows for productive asynchronouscollaboration. Regardless of scheduling or geography, groups can worktogether without having to convene at the same time.• ThinkTank™ enhances alignment on outcomes, ensuring maximum buy-in forexecution and achievement of the team’s goals.USE CASESThinkTank™ has been utilized to create constitutions of nations, address the H1N1pandemic, redefine the mission of NATO, assess the space shuttle Columbiadisaster, and create billions of dollars of value in Fortune 500 companiesthrough strategy, product, and process improvements.Common uses include:• Requirements Gathering• Risk Assessment• Innovation• Process Improvement• Six Sigma• Marketing and Branding• Strategic Planning• Large Group Facilitation• Enterprise Transformation• Option Analysis• Training and Education• Finance and Accounting• Organizational Change/Change Management• Project Management/Review Meetings• HR and Culture• Technology Selection• And many more
  36. At it’s simplest, ThinkTank™ is used in workshops as a powerfulcrowdsourcing, crowd-computing, and group decision supportplatform that wows participants, significantly accelerating andenhancing outcomes, creating a profound collective experiencefor participants. Deployed across the enterprise, ThinkTank™ transformsorganizational productivity and agility by structuring the wayteams work on core processes, accelerating decisions, maximiz-ing innovation, and creating a culture of opennessand engagement.ABOUT THINKTANK™North America: +1 800.368.6338 | South Africa: +27 10 500 9078 | Sweden: +46 84 030 9910 | Australia: +61 737 031 051 | Mexico: +52 554 7411413 | www.ThinkTank.netCollaborative Process Software