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Learning in the Cloud - The Bounce & On-Demand Learning


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What is the future of talent development? The four C's: Competencies, Career Path, Curriculum, and CloudLearning. The changes in technology have ushered in a new era and opportunity to use learning as a strategic weapon in the war for talent.

Our Business Learning Institute has researched the Top Competencies for CPAs, mapped them to a career path model (The Bounce), and has a library of technical and success skill programs in multiple formats (live, webcast, on-demand, cloud).

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Learning in the Cloud - The Bounce & On-Demand Learning

  1. CloudLearning - JIT
  2. CloudLearning - JIT
  3. CloudLearning "We see this system as a key recruitment and retention tool, allowing us to offer our people many of the things that the largest firms do - competency–based curriculum, career paths, and just-in-time learning, and our own custom D&S learning center. ! ! ! ! !- Allen DeLeon, Managing Partner"