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Leadership in the New Normal - MACPA Beach Retreat


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Take 25 CPAs - partners, CFOs, controllers, senior managers and facilitate a conversation about leadership in the new normal. We wrestled with the question is leadership changing, if so, how? and what does it mean to lead in the new normal?

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Leadership in the New Normal - MACPA Beach Retreat

  1. Insights to Action: Leadership in the New Normal MACPA Beach Retreat July 7, 2011 Clarion Inn Ocean City, MD Presented by: Tom Hood, CPA.CITP CEO Maryland Association of CPAs Business Learning Institute 1
  2. Is leadership changing? If so, how?
  3. What  has  gone  away  or  been  invented  since  you   have  been  born?  
  4. What does this mean to our organizations & our people?Will the pace of change increase or decrease? Will complexity increase or decrease?
  5. Welcome  to  the  Extreme  Future!  1.  Increased  speed  2.  Increased  complexity    3.  Increased  risk  4.  Faster  pace  of  change  5.  Surprises  everywhere  and  everyday   Dr. James Canton – author of The Extreme Future
  6. Why we are here? The tornado of changes from CPA Vision Project circa 2000
  7. What your getting from today: •  How to “think strategically” all the time •  How to develop leadership skills for turbulent times •  How to engage your network so that people will want to follow you •  How to share the insights when you go back home
  8. How  is  leadership  changing?  “What got you here won’t get you there.” – Emmanuel Gobillot - Leadershift
  9. Strategic Thinking & the ability to work across “boundaries”Wanted  –  people  who  can  cross   boundaries  
  10. Leadership  conInues  to  be  one  of   the  biggest  challenges  facing   business.   Source: IBM Global CHRO Study
  11. Workforce  &  Demographics  –  Are  you   ready  for  the  shiM  change?   Email Facebook Generation Generation •  5 Generations at work •  Work-life balance line •  The Digital divide
  12. Welcome  to  the  New  Normal!  The  Workplace   of  the  future  is  here   1.  Freedom  –  The  freedom  to  work  when   and  where  you  want   2.  CustomizaIon  –  My  job  my  life   3.  ScruIny  –  I  know  what  you  did  last  night   4.  Integrity  –  Be  a  good  company  to  work  for   5.  CollaboraIon  –  Teamwork   6.  Entertainment  –  Work  should  be  fun   7.  Speed  –  Let’s  make  things  happen  now!   8.  InnovaIon  –  Let  me  invent  “…when technology, demographics and global economics collide you are faced with acategory six (6) business revolution” – Don Tapscott & Anthony Williams - Wikinomics
  13. Leadership  is  DEAD  • DemocraIc  • ExperIse  • AYenIon  • Diverse  
  14. Leadership  is  sIll  about…  •  Engagement  •  Alignment  •  Accountability  •  Commitment  “First I get all of my men facing the same direction.” - Napoleon
  15. How Leadership gets it done is changing! From:  Command  &  Control       To:  Connect  &  Collaborate  
  16. Leader as facilitator of powerful questions The  four  most   important  words   for  organizaIons   are,  “what  do  you   think?”   -­‐  Tom  Peters  
  17. Five Qualities of Extraordinary Leaders 1.  Sight - Ability to see emerging patterns and shift perspectiveL≥C when necessary 2.  Insight - Ability to learn faster than the rate of change in your industry 3.  Create - Ability to think strategically and critically to gain insights that create new opportunities 4.  Communicate - Ability to collaborate inside and outside your organization and to build and sustain social networks of people engaged in the work 5.  Inspire – Ability to mobilize support and engage others to join you in ACTION
  18. I2a - A Strategic Thinking Framework
  19. Humans are fundamentally “sight” creatures We need longer sightlines during periods of rapid change And the power of making our thinking visible to others…
  20. Prepare  for  the  Future!  A  short  video  from  Future  Forums  
  21. I2a: Insights to Action a Strategic Thinking System
  22. Sight - Insight•  Look back•  Look around •  Look inside •  Look outside•  Look ahead
  23. Create – Communicate – Inspire! Engagement – AlignmentCommitment - Accountability
  24. The  Tortoise  was  right  Sometimes you have to go slow to go fast
  25. So#  is  Hard  Hard  is  So#  -­‐  Tom  Peters  “In  Search  of  Excellence”  
  26. Put  the  odds  in  your  favor   Leadership  =  MulIplicaIon  • 15  X  –  ROI  strategy  as   process  &  alignment  • 8  X  –  Engagement  &  Trust  • 3  X  –  PosiIvity  • 20X  –  Return  on  Culture  
  27. Turbulent  Imes  require  new  skills  and  new  thinking   Source:  Chief  Learning  Officer  magazine  
  28. Grant  Thornton  report  outlines    8  key   areas  for  CFOs  to  focus  on   1. Developing soft skills 2. Understanding and applying international accounting standards 3. Understanding complex accounting & auditing standards 4. Adapting to an evolving regulatory framework 5. Addressing new external reporting needs 6. Understanding ERP or IT systems & XBRL 7. Employing quantitative risk management techniques 8. Possessing specialized industry knowledge & companys non-financial business drivers
  29. Another way to think about leadership in the new normal Technical Skills What Soft Skills How Organization Strategy & Purpose Why
  30. Leadership in the new normal Three Critical Competencies Built on strengths Strengths- and positivity Future-minded Based and flexible mindset Self-awareness Leadership In the momentAbility to makeyour thinking Strategicvisible to others Thinking Collaborative and Engage your curious with the ability Network to ask powerful questions Boundary Crossing Capable of engaging and Inspiring peopleAICPA Leadership Academy – October 4-7, 2010 – Meeting summary by Business Learning Institute 31
  31. Strengths-­‐Based  Leadership   Self-­‐awareness  in  the  moment   Leadership  based  on  posiIvity,  that  seeks  to  build   on  individual  and  organizaIonal  strengths  and   collaborates  to  conInuously  learn.  It  is  constantly   considering  the  context  and  asking  powerful   quesIons,  learning,  reflecIng,  and  creaIng   pathways  to  the  future.      
  32. Strengths-­‐based  Leadership  
  33. Predictability: Continuity and the Art of Followership Followership is the necessary partner to leadership. There are two kinds of leadership: 1. Positional Power 2.  Personal Power is given to you by someone is conferred to you you do not lead. by those you lead.
  34. Shared values: Know the Forewarning characteristics : Given if not of your ideal in someone s client. best interests. Predictability Consideration: & Taking the consistency: needs of others Say what you into mean and consideration mean what you when taking say. action.Critical Components to Personal Power
  35. Peers Direct reports Clients Superiors Friends StrangersFollowers can be...
  36. ...Accessible* ...A source of hope and inspiration. Extraordinary " ...Creators of Network " opportunities for others to stretch theirLeaders are also... boundaries.
  37. The strength of weak ties can help keep L > C
  38. Engaging the Network + + =What I knew What I learned The wisdom of Freshcoming into while I was the crowd Perspective.the room. here. INSIGHTS!
  39. Leadership  Academy  
  40. “The  collaboraIon  curve  is  replacing  the  experience  curve.”      -­‐  John  Hagel  &  John  Seeley  Brown  
  41. Where  to  from  here?   The tornado of changes from CPA Vision Project circa 2000
  42. Elvis was wrong! What we need is a little more conversation!
  43. Turn  your  Flywheel  1.  Make  your  thinking  visible  to  others  2.  CollaboraIon  and  the  power  of  we  3.  Find  your  edge  –  know  your  strengths  4.  Focus  on  posiIve  (opportuniIes)    5.  Strategy  as  process  –  replicate  and  focus   on  stakeholders  
  44. What  do  leading  organizaIons  look  like?  
  45. Zappos  –  the  future  of  work  
  46. Zappos  –  the  future  of  work  
  47. Some closing thoughts“It is hard to plan for the long term future when you don’tknow what is going to happen five minutes from now.Today, a competitive edge is thin and temporary; the edgequickly becomes the margin. The ability to define the edge,and the ultimate competitive advantage, is found in thesmarts, heart and ingenuity of your people - thats yourpowerhouse. Tap that, train it, focus it and mobilize it; nowyouve engaged a network and inspired a sustainable shift.Insight to action, one without the other is either useless ordestructive.” -Tom Hood & Gretchen Pisano co-authors of the i2a: Insights to Action Strategic Thinking System
  48. CollaboraIon  &  the  wisdom  of  the  crowd  
  49. Insights  to  Go!  is a custom i2a application designed and developed by BLI and SBI • © 2011 “CPA Horizons 2025.” All rights reserved.
  50. The only question for leadersHave I madeyou feelstronger andmore capable?Source: Emmanuel Gobillot -LeaderShift
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